Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well I am fired as far as blogging goes. I have done some fun things in the past three weeks but I have not had my camera with me so there are no pictures to show for it. I must admit that sometimes I feel in a rut. It is like my weeks are the exact same. Work, rest, some sports, working out, church, hanging out with friends and then repeat.

I did enjoy our fall break last week. It was so nice to sleep in, catch up on some house work, pursue a couple of hobbies, rollerblade, go shopping (during the day, I know exciting), and just relax. I was sure sad when Sunday night rolled around and I knew I had to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I have been obsessed with the movie North and South, not about the Civil War. It is so good. Michelle Rotar introduced it to me years ago but I fear I did not fully appreciate it until recently. I just finished the book which was also very good. I may just have to purchase the movie soon.

Other then that I am enjoying my last couple of weeks of freedom before basketball starts. Can you believe it is that time already? Oh and first term ends next week so crazy.

I will say I am so proud of one of my seventh grade classes, every student in the class has an A- or better. In all my MANY years of teaching I have yet to have class do that. I am so excited for them. They have one more test and I totally promised them all doughnuts if they all get an A on their reports card (great PE teacher right). I know nothing like extrinsic motivation, but seriously they are so great. It is a class of 26 students and they are just so sweet and try so hard. Love them! And I want to say that they have all the same assignments as my other 7th grade classes they are just a small class and work so hard. So there is my life recently in a nutshell.


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