Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life Is So BUSY!

 Teaching, coaching, UAPHERD board, playing soccer, and camp meeting have kept me super busy. Last weekend I didn't have any down time. Slowly these different responsibilities I have are winding up and I am getting pieces of my life back!

Last weekend was the UAPHERD conference. I was on the board for the past two years. It is not too bad except when it is conference time. Our main job is to plan the annual PE, health, dance, and recreation conference. It would not have been so crazy if I was not coaching at the same time. But it is over. It was successful. I am not on the board anymore:)

Track finishes on Wednesday. I am really excited about that. It has been good but I am tired. I just want to come home from work at 3:30. Most of our meets were cold this year.
That meant you dressed for a snowstorm because you are outside for 5-6 hours.This year winter seemed extra long which kind of makes track drag on because it is chilly and I don't want to be outside.

I have had a little Andrew time. Not lots but a little. I just love how cute this little guy is.

 I have had tons of Moki time. She keeps me super busy. We run, walk or hike every single day. One day she finally noticed the deer on the Y trail. I see them almost every time we hike the Y, which is 2-3 times a week, but Moki is not so good at noticing them. Of course then she wanted to chase them.
Taking Moki out is so fun because everyone loves her. She is so cute and has such a good temperament. She gets tons of attention. She does not seem to mind that.

At home she has mastered catching food in the air. It is a fun trick. We practice most days after school.
And she got shaved, so maybe she won't get so much attention now. Not the best look ever, or as Erica said she got tore up! I was a little frustrated because the groomer didn't listen to me. Like I specifically said do not shave her face. They always shave right between her eyes. UGLY! I have learned how to cut her face and I like how I do it better. Obviously they just ignored that.
  She looks really bad in this picture. It isn't quite so terrible. I had to do it though because as it has gotten hotter she is a panting machine. I felt bad because we do so much ans she is always so hot so I will probably keep it short through the summer.

Spring finally arrived this weekend in Utah. It has been so nice. All the trees are blossoming and you can wear shorts!
I enjoyed a very nice bike ride yesterday but it completely wiped me out for the day. I think it was the sun more than the biking. Crazy, but it felt so good.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break Edition

 So surprising everyone was really fun. I just can't resist going to California to visit family. I always think, it's expensive, it takes a lot if time, but in the end I know I will never regret the time I choose to spend with my family.

 It is hard to be so cute! Oh wait, that tongue out during sacrament meeting isn't so cute.

Ben and Katie had the Easter bunny come during Olivia's nap time which was so great. We got up in the morning and got ready for church and didn't have to worry about all the Easter bunny hype.

Olivia is at the age where she gets so excited and so holidays are much more fun. I loved getting a chance to decorate Easter eggs with her. It was frustrating at some times but she loved watching the eggs change colors.
I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days in Fort Bragg with Ben and Katie. It was really nice, except that Katie was really sick. I just can't get enough of Olivia and Braxton. Olivia came to the beach with me every morning to search for sand dollars.  I am happy to report that we found four whole sand dollars!!! I walked her little feet off. Poor girl was exhausted from walking so much. She always wanted me to carry her but instead I gave her my modified you can do hard things speech. I am sure she was inspired!
 It was cloudy and rainy everyday I was in Fort Bragg. Kind of a bummer but I still loved being there.

Moki and I went on a really long run. Like over 6 miles run. We were given some misinformation. We were out in the dark which is never good but we did see a beautiful sunset.
 We walked in the door when we finished and Moki layed down for the rest of the night. She was exhausted. I on the other hand just could not move the next day.

Ben joined us for a beach afternoon.
 Braxton is just so adorable. His little face and cuteness melts my heart.
 One afternoon I took Olivia, Braxton, and Moki to the park. That was an adventure. I had Braxton on my stomach in the baby holder, Moki on the leash in one hand and Olivia in my other hand. Right as we walked into the park I realized I didn't bring one single thing for the kids. No diapers, snacks, change of clothes....nothing. Obviously I am not used to packing for children. Luckily we made it for a good three hours before heading home due to hunger.

One morning Olivia and I did the beach, the park and some hot chocolate all before 10am. This was the day I headed back to my parents. I hate saying goodbye to this girl.
A few more pictures from the three days I spent in Fort Bragg.

 It was nice to spend a little time at my parents as well. Moki loves their house because their yard has endless things she can explore. It was also raining in Oroville. LAME!!!! It was great to spend time with family and friends

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break

 Spring break happened. It was glorious.
 I surprised my family. It worked.
I got to see some of my best friends.
And then it ended. I am exhausted. Work was rough. I won't lie I woke up with energy, ran the dog, felt great about life. Then on the way to work all energy was sapped out of my body. I have loads of pictures to post and stories to write. Just ain't happening today!


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