Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Longest week ever

Anytime you go from vacation to work it is pretty much terrible. I must be getting old because my daily routine is exhausting. Last week was rough. It was long. I was tired and the students were tired. It was an adjustment. This week has been much better, knock on wood.

While I was away fall came to Provo. I love that Utah truly has all four seasons. One of the bonuses to living here.
 Yes I snapped that little gem while driving.

So many beautiful colors. The weather has been amazing. Chilly in the morning, definitely need a sweatshirt, and shorts and a t-shirt in the afternoon. Moki and I are still hiking the Y any chance we get. Love that it is so close.

One of the most dissapointing things about this summer was how little I biked. I hate to think about it. With basketball every day in the morning I just did not go as often as I usually do. This week I got back on my bike. I LOVE TO BIKE. It is easy on my joints. I can go for a long time and burn lots of calories. I love the different routes here in Provo.
 I was pretty tired after my ride Saturday. It has been too long and I had late soccer the night before. It pretty much excused me from having to do any housework or grocery shopping. Which meant I had to do it on Monday, but still. I also rode this evening after work. Barely made it home before dark but my legs felt great today!

Moki loves to sleep on my bed. She starts on the floor and then hops up at some point. I usually don't even notice when she comes up. She usually stays to herself but once in a while she gets up in my grill.
 News flash I can't sleep with your hot body touching me or your hot breath, back up. Love her but seriously.

Today is little Andrews birthday. I can't believe he is only one. I love this kid so much. It is so fun to have him in Utah and to be able to see him. These pictures are from Sunday dinner. He is opening the presents my parents sent. Well more like playing with the presents they sent.
 He seemed to enjoy all the new toys. Can't wait to celebrate with this little dude!
Basketball goes on break this week. Two weeks that I can't practice. I plan on living it up before the season starts!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Coming back to real life was BRUTAL! But I am a survivor and am here to write about my trip, which was freaking awesome by the way.

The trip started on Saturday afternoon. It was not my traditional start to a trip but it worked out great. Many months ago Nancy bought tickets to go see Bill Cosby in Wendover. It just happened to fall on this weekend and so I didn't leave Provo until 1pm because first we needed to go see Bill. His show was really funny. He is in his 70's and he has still got it. After the show Moki and I headed to California. Luckily Dan posted our whereabouts on Facebook and my cousin Muriel reminded me that she lived in Reno and I am always welcome to stay. Originally the plan was to drive until I go tired and then get a hotel but this was way better. I got to Reno at 1:00am Utah time and crashed at her place. So so nice. I am so glad I was able to do that. Moki and I went on an hour long walk on this beautiful trail by her house the next morning and then we started driving when the Sunday morning conference session started. It was great!

Sunday was a family hang out day. It is so weird that family hang out in Oroville is now just my parents and Aaron. We played games, visited, and then Mikila joined us for more games. I went to bed early. One of my main goals for this trip was to actually get rest. I have been tired and stressed and I really felt like I needed rest. There was so much I was tempted to do but instead I kept this trip low key, for me at least.

Monday I went to the doctor with my Dad. I watched him verbally abuse those poor nurses:) and I told them the truth when he stretched it. Quite an enjoyable experience. Afterwards we went to work on the barn. I didn't realize what I was getting in to with this one. Whenever I go home I bring one or two nicer outfits and then mainly clothes I don't care about. I was wearing the one pair of jeans I brought when we headed to the barn. I asked innocently enough as we passed the trailer with all my clothes if I needed to change. His response was that I should not. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! We were tearing down the roof. I did eventually go put on a different shirt. Crazy man! After two days of working on the barn it now looks like this. Aaron had previously done a lot with my Dad but we made really good progress for two days of work.
After working my face looked like this. YUCK!
 I always forget that I don't mind manual labor. It felt good to work hard. I was reminded of how weak I am but it was good to work my muscles and I was sore for a couple of days after.

Tuesday I got to sneak in lunch with these two. Always super fun. And then Angelee and I hit up Costco. I think she only invites me when she needs 50lb bags loaded into her cart. (I won't disclose what she buys in that massive bulk.)
Tuesday night when Aaron was off work he and I headed to Willits to my Uncle Lou and Aunt Jan's. Aaron and I reminisced that we head not been on a road trip together with just us since before his mission. It was great to let someone else drive and to have some one on one time to talk about life. His more than mine:)

Wednesday we headed to Fort Bragg. The weather is amazing in October and it didn't disappoint this year. It was so nice. Ben also took two days off of work which was super nice. Wednesday we were all tired so we really only got out to go see the tide pools.
 The water was seriously so blue!
 This kid is a crack up.
And Olivia is a picture stinker these days.
We wrapped up the night by me winning Settlers twice in a row!!!

Thursday we got out a little more. I love love love running on the trail in Fort Bragg that runs parallel to the ocean. It is 5 miles round trip and a great run with an amazing backdrop. Kid and pet friendly so naturally we hit it up. I came bearing warm-up suits as gifts. These two looked absolutely adorable in them, especially when they were running.
 After the trail Bubba needed a nap so Katie and he went home while Ben, Aaron, Olivia, and I hit up the beach. My favorite is Sand Dollar beach, which is not really the name but we have always called it that. It was a great beach day!
 We brought lots to do but ran out of time way too fast. Olivia had to get back for ballet.

 Really the weather was so perfect.
 Moki loved being around Braxton and Olivia. Everytime we were in the car she snuggled right up to Olivia.

 One reason I love this beach is that Moki can be off leash and really just be a dog. She loves to run. I made Aaron chase her he is way faster than me and has a lot more energy!

It was such a fun time.
While Olivia was at Ballet we hit up the amazing ice cream shop. I love their black forest so it is pretty much required that I visit every time I go.
 A few more random pictures because I took over 300 and they need to be documented somewhere!
Olivia's birthday is at the end of the month so I brought her presents on my trip and wanted to celebrate early. Nothing major and very unofficial. Jana recently made the cutest cupcakes for Rose's birthday. So I copied her. Mine were not nearly as cute but it was fun to do. Olivia helped the entire time and loved the outcome.
It looks cute enough here but the frosting I bought was too thin and melted immediately. So not as cute an hour later when some repair work had to be done. However there was still one happy girl which was the point!
And one happy little boy!
I love these kids so much!
 Braxton loved Moki so much he would not leave her alone. I actually had to put her in her cage so she could nap uninterrupted. So funny.
 I think I am going to get Braxton a dog cage for Christmas. He loved that thing.
 Uncle Aaron is always a hit with the kids.

Friday morning we woke up at 5am to go play basketball at Ben's school. That was crazy. It is also crazy that Ben is also a PE teacher and coach. He loves it. I see him being much more fun. I wish I could be as laid back as him. That was early and kind of made us lazy the rest of the day. Aaron and I finally did take the kids to the park before we headed back to Oroville. Those kids love the park so it is always super fun to go with them.

On the way home I read the entire time. That is so rude of me. I finished this book:
 I really enjoyed it. It feels weird saying that. I can't imagine what she went through but I guess what I enjoyed is that she overcame it. It was amazing to read about how she coped and how she has healed. What an amazing woman.

So sorry Aaron I had to read. Once we got home we payed some games. We played lots of Settlers, some ticket to ride, and quirkle. It was a great gaming week for me!

My dad loves this dog and he totally spoils her.
Moki and I were able to run most days and just enjoy life. Saturday we hit up Tong Fong Low's and played more games. A great way to end my trip.

Sunday I drove all day. Moki road in the front like a boss.

I re-listened to most of conference which was really nice and was just grateful to be back in my bed. The dog got a bath, I got a bath, and my clothes all got washed. It was back to the grind at 5:30am for basketball this morning. That was BRUTAL, but my vacation was totally worth it!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Looking Forward

Sometimes I get so excited for something that the week I am in just seems to slow down. I can't tell if this week is long because I am headed to California next week or if this week is long because I have been gone 12-15 hours every single day. Either way I am super pumped tomorrow is Friday.

Since school has started every weekend has been jammed packed. This last weekend was no exception. Friday was Sam's birthday so He, Amanda, and Andrew came to Provo. Normally I would have been more prepared. Had my house cleaned, had a present, made a treat. No not this year. Sorry Sam I still love you. He got none of the above because my life is too busy, someone make it stop. I did get to watch Andrew while they went to the BYU football game. Nothing in life is better then a sweet little baby falling asleep in your arms. I sure love this little boy.
Friday night I also had a double header for soccer. We played at 9:55 and 11:25. Yes I am too old to play soccer so the double header was a KILLER. Especially because we played a man down the entire game, oh except for those five minutes when one of our players got a bloody nose and we played two players down. That was a lot of running. Luckily we had one sub for the 2nd game, but my legs were dead. I was not moving so great on Saturday. I went to run Moki and ended up doing a short walk, too painful.

 Saturday my siblings went to lunch and played, what did I do all day? Basketball fundraiser. BOO! But I really just had to show up our awesome parents did so much work. They are pretty much amazing. It was a concert in the football stadium. We have a really sweet set-up, it is beautiful!
 Unfortunatley the football team wins about as much as my high school football team did. It can be rough in high school sometimes.

The major downer was that I missed the Relief Society broadcast. I love the broadcast and I was bummed, luckily there is this thing called the internet and so I watched it on Sunday. president Monson is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Love him!

 I bought bacon for the 1st time. I needed it for some potato soup. The soup turned out quite yummy.
 Do you ever feel like food would taste better if you had not spent all the time making it? That is how I felt about the potato soup.

For mutual we made super cute maxi skirts. Well the leaders supervised and helped a little the girls really did it and they turned out really cute. 3 hours to a new skirt, not bad. 
 Monday I got my hair done. My hair takes forever. Like 2-3 hours forever. I tried a new look, swoopy bangs. So far they are great.

 I was educated by one of my players this week on why you should never have straight bangs in the summer. They just get all sweaty and gross. That is disgusting and not cute. Alright mental note taken. I seriously love working with high school athletes they make me

This summer we coached a lot of basketball. Maybe if you live close to me you have heard me talk about it. This week I got to pick out a pair of basketball shoes for all of the time I put in. These are the most expensive shoes I have ever owned and I kind of am in love with the color. They are the new Lebron's. I am pretty much guaranteed to play like him now I will let you know how that works out for me.
 Last night I had a soccer game at 9:10. HELLO people I need to go to bed before 11 on school nights. That is not ok. My hamstring was been doing so well but it has felt a little off all day. Maybe it is just the change in weather. All of a sudden we decided to skip fall and jump straight into winter. It was 42 degrees when I left the high school soccer game at 6pm. That is ridiculous.

I have been playing with this new photo app on my phone called after focus. My brother Anthony can do all these neat little tricks. I have not done too much but I like how easy it is to turn some things black and white.
 Look at the screen on my front window.
There was an incident. I came home from work and there was a note on my door and I thought that is weird. Well the note was from a random neighbor telling me she was walking by and saw my dog half way out the window. She let me know she closed the window and that she hoped that was alright. Mondays are a little tricky right now. I have basketball at 5:30am and so Moki does not get exercise in the morning. If she is left home to her own devices sometimes she gets bored. I am trying to figure out a better plan. The best plan would be NO MORNING PRACTICE but that isn't in the cards right now.

Well this little post turned out quite long. Oh and I am on day three with no treats. It has been a binge lately so I am trying to remind myself that I do posses some self control. Can't wait to have a week off!


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