Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Grandpa Brown

 My Grandpa Brown passed away this afternoon after a long battle with alzheimer's. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to watch the disease take over his mind the past few years. But I will always remember him as a people person. He loved to joke around and loved to give hugs. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. I believe my cousin Cody took it.
My grandma has been amazing through the entire disease. She is stalwart and faithful. She has sacrificed everything to be at his side and show her love to him even when he could not give her anything back. She is an excellent example of marriage and the commitment that you make to your spouse.
 My dad is a lot like his dad in so many ways, but also very different in a lot of ways as well. I love this picture of them watching my brothers and cousins play horse shoes at my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Notice the shoes they both love their Velcro shoes:-)
 My dad learned his knack for fixing things from his dad. I love love this picture of my dad, his dad, and Caleb. Unfortunately I don't think they ever were able to fix this car. But I am sure they bonded in the process.
It is times like this that I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and the knowledge that families can be together forever. I am so thankful that Jesus Christ made it possible that we can all live again. That because of  the atonement we can be with our families forever!!! I am grateful that he had some people he loved by his side when he passed and I know that there were many spirits waiting to welcome him home.

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

 I finally bought a bed frame!!!! Yes, it is very exciting. I really like it. It is just an IKEA frame but it has drawers under it. 4 huge drawers that fit half of the clothes that were in my closet in them. So nice. Amanda an Dan were nice enough to help me set it up. Sam watched the basketball game on my computer and answered all of our cell phones...whatever. I was not going to put it up until after I painted and after girls camp but I am really glad I did. There is a headboard with it as well but that did not get set-up yet. Don't mind how tall it is you really aren't supposed to have a box spring with it but I don't know what to do with mine. Anyone need a queen size box spring?
I realize that I re-arrange my bedroom every summer. I guess I like a little change. In the past my bed has moved back and forth between two spots but this year I tried something completely different. So far I like it so we will see.

In other news today was quite possibly the worst biking day ever. This week has not been great. I have had a record number of flat tires. So annoying! I rarely get flats, knock on wood, in the past two weeks I have had seven. That is more flats than I have had on my bike since I have owned it. I got new tires in the middle of the flats and 30 minutes after the new tires were on I ran over a nail. A big long one.

So the flat stunk but whatever. I was biking to Jana's to visit because I was feeling lonely with all my friends being at work and all. Right as I am turning onto her street I see some water running on the road. I slow down as I make my turn. Next thing I know I am sliding on the ground. I wiped out. It hurt a little, but I was ticked. Really really ticked. I have not been that mad in a long time. I had to sit in Jana's yard and stretch so I could calm down. It was not fun. My poor ankle is looking like a softball because it took the brunt of the fall. I also have some road rash on my shin, knee, hip, and elbow. It will be a lovely next couple of days. I am too old for scraped body parts.
I realize my ankle does not look that swollen here but I have extremely bony ankles. It is swollen!!!! And my biking sandal tan line is awesome.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing and I have been loving it. My first week off I wanted to try to bike 500 miles. That didn't happen because I quickly felt swamped with all the girls camp stuff I needed to do. I did bike around 250 miles and got lots of camp stuff done so that was great. 
  Michelle's wedding was the first Friday in June. I was lucky enough to have Raeanne and Brittany stay at my house the weekend of the wedding. It was so much fun to have them. Michelle's reception was really nice. I loved seeing so many Oroville people and so many people from my ward back in the day when Michelle and I lived together.  
The second week of summer I spent in Oroville. Jana and I drove out together with her 5 kids. It was actually quite pleasant and I must say her kids are great travelers. Although I did learn what it looks like when you throw-up milk. Not a lesson I was prepared for. SICK, is all I have to sat about that.

Monday my uncle Lou and I biked around Lake Tahoe. It was AMAZING! I loved the entire ride. It was 72 miles and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was rolling hills the entire way with two longer climbs, one of them quite steep. The temperature was great and the scenery was beautiful. I need to take my kayaks to Lake Tahoe.
On Tuesday it was my Grandma Brown's birthday. My parents and I, Ben, Katie, and Olivia, Jan and Lou, and Virginia and Cody were all able to meet in Williams and have a picnic. It was great to be able to spend time with my extended family!
That evening Ben, Katie, and Olivia along with Aaron and Caleb met us in Oroville. We went to Round Table and played Settlers. All in all a fun day with family.

Wednesday I was able to surprise my Mom and take her to Wicked! So fun, it was a late night but definitely worth it. The show was just as good as it was in Chicago. I just love the music, story, and all the special effects. It was great to hang out with just my mom it seems like that never happens.
Thursday Angelee and I traveled down to visit Erica. We got to visit with Erica and Jana and check out Erica's house and neighborhood. It was really fun to visit with great friends.
Friday was an Oroville day. I wish I had my camera because I saw a lot of Oroville friends that day. It was nice to just relax and hang out. Thanks Becky Hancock for opening your backyard to all of us. That was really nice! The rest of the day was spent with my parents and siblings.
Caleb and I took Olivia swimming. She was being a little stinker because she was soooo tired but she loved it when we threw her back and forth.
I tried to get her to float on her back but she was not quite ready for that one.
I just love this little girl she is such a crack up. She calls me Nell and it melts my heart. She loves to lick or at least she loved to lick me and she loves to knock down anything you build up. She does not just knock it down she waits until you are looking and then gives the innocent face before she destroys whatever it was you built. Too funny!
 Saturday was the dreaded drive home. I loved my visit. I always forget how stink'n' hot it is in the summer there but you just know you will sweat all day everyday. I biked about 110 miles for the week. Not as many as I wanted. I got two flat tires....I was ready to throw my bike in the bushes. However, I did have a hole in my back tire so I controlled my anger.

And looked who shaved today. I didn't see him before he headed to church at 8:45 because I slept until 10:37. Apparently I missed my bed. But look how young he looks. So not fair. And he looks so much like my dad. Weird.

 The above picture of my Dad is one of my favorites. Since it is Fathers Day I will just say I love my Dad. He is an excellent example of hard work and dedication to his family. I always knew he loved me and that he would keep me safe. I wish his life could be easier and that he could just be healthy but that does not seem to be in his cards right now. I love that even though he hurts he gets up early and works in the yard and does his garden. My Dad is also an example of someone that will do things for others. The hard things that no one else wants to do: help people move, coach soccer for a billion years in a row, re roof houses....he does the hard stuff. He is definitely a mans man! Love you Dad.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

100 miles

 100 miles in a long way!! But not quite as annoying as trying to organize your pictures on blogger. I want to kill someone, it should not be so complicated.

Saturday was the 25th annual Little Red Riding Hood Century in Cache Valley. The weather was amazing as was the ride.

Me and Amber ready to roll! Notice all those threatening clouds in the background.

At the rest stops they served Oreos with peanut butter on them. I tried one. A little to rich for me but people seemed to love it.

 Amber tried it out as well. We both only ate one of those.
I felt great the entire ride. I was happy with my speed. The views are amazing and it is always fun to be out biking with 3600 other women. 

It was Hippie themed, a little weird but fun. I wanted a picture of the finish line and this random family ended up in it, kind of funny.
Here is my I am so tired picture. I took it to mock Anthony. My butt is a little sore from being in the saddle but other than that I feel really good. We will see how I feel on my bike tomorrow.
 Little Red is a fun ride. This was my third time participating and I have enjoyed it each year. It really is fun to just meet people while biking and to hear their stories. It is not a race by any means.

Amber and I happy to be done. I feel like the random lady that took the picture should have said how about you un-tuck your jersey and zip it up a little bit. Oh well it was really hot but look at the cool bike decorated with flowers instead!


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