Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January . . . . . BLAH!

 January is my least favorite month. I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. It is FREEZING in Utah. There aren't any super holidays to look forward to. It is the tail end of basketball and I am tired and my team is tired. It always seems so long!

The good things are my nephew and my dog. It makes me happy when I get cute little pictures of Andrew texted to me.

I do need to get my Andrew time in. Now he interacts so much more and he sometimes even lets me hold him.
 Did you know I had the cutest dog ever?
 Did I mention that every year in January there is also an inversion? This is days on end with bad air quality. Similar to smog for all you city folk. I despise the inversions. One Saturday Amber and I snowshoed the alpine loop. It was above the inversion. 4 miles uphill, 8 miles round trip, I was just in my t-shirt. Luv'n the blue sky and the warm sun!

 My dog loves the snow! She loves running and she loves me. Moki is pretty much AWESOME, except for her rare moments when she has a memory lapse of the house rules.

More Andrew time.
 Aaron came to visit. It was a really short visit but it was fun to do dinner on Saturday and hang out on Sunday. We were able to catch up and visit. He was very good to Moki and Andrew. Both seemed to like him ok.
 I have been practicing the panorama setting on my phone. I love that I have it but I have not mastered it. These are from snowshoeing. It really was beautiful.

And these are from a Sunday dinner and game night at Nancy's. Notice how talented Dan is, he made his face all blurry:)

Dan and I sporting our Christmas sweaters!
This post is out of order and random but finding time to blog just hasn't been happening so I am just leaving it. This was a good post for me because I realized I have seen the people the matter the most and pursued some hobbies this month despite how gloomy it may feel at times.

I will say having my dog has helped me get outside more then I normally do in January. She loves to run and we walk or run every single day. I will also say that I have eaten more junk than ever. Seriously I need to stop. January just end!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year

 The New Year started and I was not quite ready. I threw up and was sick leading up to it, felt sick the day of, and have not quite recovered since. BLAH! Let me tell you teaching and coaching and feeling sick don't go well together. I set one New Years resolution and have already totally slacked off because I have been sick and tired. Which is an excuse but it is kind of valid.

Because I was sick I almost didn't do anything on New Years but then at the last minute decided what the heck. I am sure glad I went to Loralie's. It was a family get together, low key, but perfect for me. Got to see Andrew from a distance I didn't want to breathe on the poor kid.
I even made it to midnight which was shocking (while losing to Loralie at Ticket to Ride which was also shocking.)

 Since then I just have not had any energy. I teach, coach, walk/run my dog , and lay in the love sac. This week I finally played some sports and didn't feel too off but I still have a crazy cough.

Remember how I got a dog. I love her. She is super cute and cuddly and crazy. Definitely a puppy. We have figured out a routine that works well. She hasn't had an accident in my house this year (knock on wood). Loves to run, play fetch, and she loves the snow. I have run more this year than ever before in my life. We do 3-5 miles a day. Right now they are walk/run miles because she gets distracted and tired, I obviously never get tired:)

Tonight we did 5 miles in 5 inches of fresh snow while it was snowing. It was awesome. She loved it and I loved it. The snow just sticks to her crazy fur. So funny!
You can't just pull them off because they form around individual hairs.

I am hoping to get some rest this weekend and feel even better next week!


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