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Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

I wanted to post about Christmas before the year ended. Nothing like waiting until the last moments to get it done! Christmas break was really nice. The weather in California was amazing. It was a great balance for me as far as seeing friends and family. I always wish there was more time for both but I am very grateful for the time I got. I did most my shopping on amazon and so I didn't have any last minute stuff to get. That was really nice. I could just wrap presents and enjoy my time off of my normal schedule.

Nancy, Moki, and I made the trek to California together. We caravaned  with Sam, Amanda, and Andrew. Moki only tried to climb in the front once. She is sneaky about it but once she was rejected she curled up in a ball and chilled in the back.
It was so fun to have Andrew for Christmas. Kids are what make Christmas so I felt so lucky that he was at my parents house. It was crowded and crazy but so worth it.

We don't do a lot of presents but when there is one or two for so many people it sure looks like a lot. I stayed up late on Christmas even cleaning and getting everything ready for Christmas morning.
 When I went to bed I decided I really wanted to make breakfast in the morning so my mom could have a break. (Amanda was the real breakfast cooking champ on all the other days!) I knew my mom would do lots of other cooking on Christmas. I had breakfast done before everyone woke up. So we actually ate before we opened presents. Andrew didn't know the difference this year.
 He did a good job opening his presents. Like I said so fun to have him around.
Christmas was really low key. We hung out, played with Andrew, Skyped with Caleb, skyped with Dan and Anthony. It was a nice day. Andrew is obsessed with Peter Pan right now. He loves the song following the leader. He sings it and gets everyone to follow him around. He is lucky he has so many adults to dote on him!
We also went up to the dam on Christmas day. I think I rollerbladed 7 miles while everyone else walked. It felt great to get some exercise.
We got to hang out with lots of family on the 26th. Ben and Katie and company came to town as well as my Dad's siblings and my grandma. I love my extended family and am always grateful when they come visit when we are in town. It is so fun to catch up with everyone.

We watched the kids open their presents. My parents and I got Olivia a skate set. She has been wanting one for a while. We will see how quickly she learns. She practiced a lot and was really excited. Man I love her!
 We took all the kids to the park in the afternoon. It is so nice to let them have an outlet for all their energy.

When we came back Braxton and Andrew watched Mickey Mouse together. Seriously these two are so cute. Andrew had seen it before so he had to explain some things.
 So serious.
 Good times with cousins.
 We got Tong Fong Low take out and ended the night playing games. This picture of Andrew demonstrates exactly how I felt.
On Saturday we headed to Ben and Katies to hang out. Some people left early and went to the zoo. I was in the later group. We had a yummy lunch and then all the adults except me and Amanda went to watch the Hobbit. I had no interest in seeing that movie so I stayed behind to babysit. We fed the kids and played outside while everyone was gone.
 It was a beautiful evening. Braxton and I took a bunch of selfies while the girls were playing.
 This kid is too cute!
 He can be sweet occasionally.
 He is a trouble maker though. You have to watch him at all times!
It was a fun evening.

Moki and I went walk/running everyday in California. The weather was perfect so we took advantage. I think I was starting to get sick or just eating to much garbage because I did not feel like running very much. I did lots of walking. Moki on the other hand was able to be off leash in the field across from my parents and she went crazy.
 Moki loves the water.
 She was so dirty by the time our trip ended. I didn't even take her home she went straight to the groomers to get a bath.
 Unfortunately she has a brown tint to her fur now. That darn red California dirt!
 She was in doggie heaven. This was a great way to wear her out everyday.
I love letting her be off leash. She chased rabbits and squirrels, smelled lots of garbage, and just ran way faster then I could ever run.

Sunday the Ben and Katie crew came down for some more family time. We went to the park and played games. We kept it pretty low key. The two little boys were bonding over media again.
 Sometimes you must pick your nose and eat it!
 At one point Andrew put his arm around Braxton while they watched a movie. Seriously so cute!

Nancy and I headed home on Monday. We had a great trip until Wells. At that point we started to hit icy and snowy roads. Sam and Amanda were an hour ahead of us and said that the roads between Wendover and Salt Lake were pretty ugly. Nancy and I weren't in a huge hurry so we got a hotel in Wendover. Moki and I walked to the gas station for some treats and exercise. It was freezing.
We made it home Tuesday afternoon. It is cold in Utah. Man it took winter a while to show up but it came in full force last week. I am excited that it is supposed to warm up to the 40's later this week. I am not a fan of the 20's. It is so hard to be out in that kind of cold.

We did make it out to snowshoe this afternoon. We just did a 2.7 mile loop up south fork. It was a beautiful but cold day in the mountains.
 Moki loves the snow. She was so happy and she has seriously slept all day since we got home. It was cold enough that I had to bust out the actual beanie. The ear warmers wouldn't cut it.
 Poor puppy always has to wait for me.
 Luckily there hasn't been too much traffic on this route yet so we still had some good snow.
I ended up putting away Christmas this afternoon. It is always sad to put away all the decorations. I had a wonderful holiday season and I hate to have it end.

2014 was a great year. Can't wait to see what's in store for 2015.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Break

It's Christmas Break!!!!!! Yay! This year has been great at work but it is always nice to make it to the break. I am desiring some serious down time. I just want a book and some relaxation. Hopefully I can get some. It might not be until after California but my fingers are crossed that it will happen before I head back to work.

This Christmas season I wanted to be part of the #sharethegift campaign. I wanted to do something more fun then just me holding up a sign and I wanted it to be funny! If you saw this on Facebook or Instagram I hope you laughed. If not I failed miserably. My gift was to serve others and Moki wanted to give comfort by letting others pet her and to  not steal food. It was not easy getting a picture that would work.
 MOki consumed a lot of cookie dough in order to get her to look at the camera. Anthony was kind enough to take the pictures.
 We wore our matching clothes one more time. This one of her by herself is pretty cute. She really is a great dog when she isn't being crazy.
I wanted to post a few of the outtakes as well. Cookie dough was too high here.
 Trying to hide her gift??????
 Trying to get her to turn around and face the camera.
 It's hard work getting a dog to do what you want.
 Why aren't you looking at the camera???
 The I am sick of this and my dog is dumb picture.
I was able to send a little care package to my favorite missionary in Arizona. He comes home in 6 months...crazy!
 Me pretending to win a wrestling match against Anthony. Really celebrating no more school.
Andrew just looking so cute.
Last night all the Utah people gathered at my house. We had a delicious dinner, watched Andrew open presents, Skyped with lots of other people, and relaxed. It was a wonderful evening. I am so grateful that these people live so close to me. I love my family and I love getting to spend time with them.
 Even if my house ends up being a complete disaster! Can't wait to head to California tomorrow and see the rest of my family. I am so grateful for this beautiful time of year and all the good things in my life!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mostly for the pictures

Here is a post dedicated to pictures I want printed in my blog book. It did snow once so far this year. Here is the proof. It didn't stop us from hiking the Y!
 I did my hair curly one day...doing my hair is a good reason to document.
 An early Saturday morning at the temple. Love this place.
 Moki and I chilling after work. I could get use to this view.
The weather has still been so amazing. We have had lots of great evening hikes.
 One day I left Moki out tied to the banister while I went to work. She chewed through the leash and I came home to this....
 I am only putting up pictures of two of the five places she left a mark.
Back in the crate while I am at work for her. PUNK!

Me and Moki like to match sometimes.
Sunday dinners are always fun with these people.
Is this little guy not the cutest thing you have ever seen?
 Moki is obsessed with the train when it is moving.
 Magformers are always a favorite. Look at that concentration.
I really enjoy this view.
 The picture above shows the amazing quilt my Aunt Virginia made me. The picture below shows the wall hanging my grandma Brown made me. I am seriously loving both of them.
 I hosted a Wassail party for the Relief Society. Seriously so fun. We had lots of chocolate options.
 Some cookies and mandarins. I never got a picture of the wassail, I didn't make it but it was delicious.
 Monday night me and some co-workers went and visited another co-worker who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Seriously so crappy.
It was a great visit but last week was full of rough news. A 30 year old dad in my ward was diagnosed with colon cancer. Then my co-worker age 35, 3 kids, with stage 4 brain cancer. It really starts to put life into perspective. My thoughts and prayers have been with their families.

Tonight Moki and I got out on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. We ran down and then turned around and got to look at the most amazing sunset our jog back to the car.
 So Beautiful
 Moki has a billion stickers as we I type because she wasn't on the trail much at all.
 Look how obedient she is sometimes.
I am loving this warm weather!


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