Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Monday, January 17, 2011


That describes how I have felt the last week. Seriously why do I always get sick when there is no possible way I can miss work. LAME!! I was really sick in fact finally Friday night I slept 13 hours and then took a 3 hour nap and then went to bed by 10 and by Sunday I felt like I had officially turned the corner. Last week was just really long. It is hard to be patient and nice normally, but it is extra hard when I feel terrible. The semester ended Friday, I believe mercy was administered in all cases, and tomorrow I get 300 new students.

But the title of this post comes from the one activity I did on Saturday that made me leave the couch. Unclog the drain in my bathroom. Let's be honest it has been draining ever so slowly for quite some time but I just strategically used as little water as possible so as to not back it up. Finally Saturday I realized it was barely draining and that I needed to tackle the project. Mental note: don't tackle nasty projects while feeling ill.

It was much easier then anticipated. It probably took a total of 5 minutes but what I found blocking my pipes was seriously NASTY!

The black and white thing pictured above are the parts I removed. The glob of nastiness is what was in the pipe. Yea hair and lots of other things all stuck together. I was seriously trying not to gag. Luckily I was wearing gloves and my nose was stuffed up but wow that was gross. Moral of the story cleaning the pipe in the bathroom was easy that is a job I don't need to put off next time. Here is to a week with less nastiness.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Life As A Dream

As the new year has begun I have reflected on 2010 and I feel as Jacob did in The Book of Mormon:

"Our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream." Jacob 7:26

I continually wonder where the last year has gone. It came and went so fast. I am grateful for time spent with family and friends. I am especially grateful for good health and that my family members enjoyed good health in 2010. I am so grateful everyone in my family was able to have a job in 2010. I was blessed with the opportunity to do lots of new things and had a great year. I just can't believe we are a week into 2011.

I have not even finalized my new years resolutions. I know that is bad but I feel like 2011 snuck up on me and before I knew it I was back at work. Well I know two for sure that I will post here in hopes of being held accountable 1) get my car paid off by June, I am hoping for April but June is more realistic. 2) Actually keep track of my money in the back of my checkbook. This will be hard for me but I believe it will benefit me (don't worry I have not started yet, but I am going to do it this year)! Oh and a goal for my married siblings, make me an aunt again! (Dan says you can't set goals for others but seriously when have I let him tell me what to do. Never!)

I have felt impressed to find ways to serve this year but I have not finalized what I should do. I know service will make me happy and be a blessing to me I just need to figure out what I want to undertake (not that I am not happy because I am but it could possibly make me more happy). I will be honest I am afraid of more commitments, yet from past experience I know that I personally use my time more wisely when I am engaged it lots of good activities.

This month has been filled with lots and lots of basketball. The team I coach is playing so great right now. I have to tell myself to calm down because I get frustrated and then I am like wait we are winning by 20. Calm down!! The girls are great and they really are talented. They are 13 and 2 so hopefully they can keep the win streak alive.

I have also been playing on a city league basketball and soccer team. I love still being able to play the sports I love. As I am now a year into my thirties I have noticed a decline in my level of play but I still love it. I also open my gym two evenings a week for others to come and play. I figure if you have to exercise, which I do (still have not mastered much self-control when it comes to food), you might as well do the things you love. I love that I still get to play with Jana and that we both hate to lose. It has been a lot of years running but we can still compete with most people, in lower divisions:)

I can't believe Anthony is going to be home from his mission next month. Two years, that has passed as a dream for me. Probably not for him but seriously has it been 2 years? Can't wait to see that kid. Not sure when I will see him but I am excited. I love how missions change individuals. I love that you come back better. It is so fun to witness that as a family member.

Well that was quite possibly my longest post ever. 2011 is here. There are some changes in store for me (more on that later). But seriously I am excited for the new year. I hope that I can draw closer to Christ and become a better person in 2011.


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