Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, June 30, 2013


These pictures really need no explanation other than there are some CRAZY boys in my family. I love it when we all get a chance to be together. It isn't always easy but I am so happy everyone makes the effort. I love all of these pictures I am not sure why it is so difficult to just be normal and smile.

 This is pretty normal
 What are you doing, definitely not normal
 I guess I can join in
 The next two are my favorites. The surprise look
 Classic Ben look
 What are they all thinking


 Here are some of the family shots we got. I am sure I will put more up. The more people you have the trickier it is to get one good photo.
My Parents
The boys doing the chicken dance. It was quite funny even for someone who does not watch arrested development.
 My cousin Cody took the pictures I am posting today. Maybe some other day I will post the ones from my camera.

 At the family reunion we played some home run derby.......obviously I won.
 Kidding, I could not even get it over the fence. LAME!!!!

We all got together for my Grandma's birthday. Here she is with all of her kids
 The whole group attempting a normal shot
 And then the goofy shot......good times.

Friday, June 28, 2013

I wasn't prepared

 I was not prepared for google reader to be done.....what the heck! I knew it was happening sometime but not so soon. DANG!

 I was also not adequately prepared for the vigorous high school basketball summer coaching schedule. Oh my! Baptism by fire and I even missed a week and a half in June. This week we have been at the South Town Expo Center playing games all day. When I say all day I mean 10-15 hour days. It has been insane. We mean coaching a minimum  of 6 games a day. Exhausting! I will say it is awesome to see so many kids playing basketball. There are 25 courts set up. It is crazy.

I love seeing are athletes grow and get better. You can't play 8 to 12 games per player and not get better. So there were lots of pros I am just tired. Yesterday I think I got dehydrated. I started to have a really bad headache at around 8:30 pm. Driving home at 10:30 I started to wonder if I could make it home. I made it and fell into the LUV sac. Layed there for a little while while I realized that once I stood up I was going to throw-up. Finally I just stood up, ran to the bathroom, threw up twice, drank tons of water, took a shower, got some IB profen and went to bed. I slept as long as I could and somehow functioned today aware that I need to drink more. So Yeah it has been a long week. One more day to go.

I have not posted any pictures really from my trip. Here is round 1, well 2 because I did post about Caleb's setting apart. These are not in order because I am not feeling like that is necessary.

My cousin Cody and I woke up super early Sunday and hiked black butte. It was a moderate hike with great views. It felt good to just get out and move a little after being on vacation and eating way too much.
 Braxton and Andrew both loved playing in the water. These two boys are so cute and so happy. I love these pictures. They make me smile!
Moki's hair was a little bit of a nightmare in California.  I love taking her to my parents because she can play outside and go crazy but I seriously was picking 100 stickers a day off of her. Finally I just got her groomed and I was really happy with the result.
My dad likes Moki.

These two boys in the swing were so cute.
 We spent a few days at a cabin in McCloud. All of my Dad's siblings and children were there. It was really fun. Beautiful views, a little cooler weather, good food, and good times. We were really close to Mt. Shasta.
 It's on my bucket list to hike some day. Anyone interested.....anyone?

Olivia is such a stinker she refused to give me good smiles. I love this girl but she can be SASSY!
 Remember that I went hiking Sunday morning. Well prior to this trip I called all my brothers and told them to bring their suits so we could get a family picture. No biggie right?????? Wrong, it was wailing and gnashing of teeth, but in the end they all came through. Well I happened to forget Anthony was leaving town early Sunday and went hiking before the picture. It almost didn't happen. Let me tell you that would have been BAD! And I wouldn't have gotten this little gem.
 I love love love those boys.

Aaron and I tore it up at Wits, Wagers, and Family. It is a really fun game Samanda got my parents for Christmas.
 Sometimes I am a bad aunt and buy treats before dinner. I just can't resist this cutie.
 And Andrews little front teeth kill me.
 Saying goodbye to Caleb. See you in two years buddy!
 We played some softball and I thought I would post the picture Dan should have used as his profile picture. I made it way cooler.
 Saying goodbyes are always the hardest.
 More to come later. My good camera died and I forgot to charge the battery. I know you can't wait!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Caleb's A Missionary

 Caleb was set apart last night as a missionary for the church. It was an amazing experience.
 We were super excited that President Stutznegger was asked to set him apart. Our family loves him and he really brought the spirit into the meeting.
I have only been to my own setting apart and Caleb's and they are very special meetings. I remember when we were driving to my setting apart my brothers were complaining that they were going to have to tell me why I would be a good missionary. They had all been through that with Dan and it wasn't their favorite.

I am guessing they didn't love it because it is an emotional thing. I will say I treasured the things they told me and still remember some of the things said to me but I will always remember the feelings I felt as my siblings told me why they thought I would be a good missionary.

Last night we had the opportunity to do that with Caleb and it was a really special meeting. This might come as a surprise but we are not great at sharing our feelings in the Brown family and opportunities like this don't happen very often. The spirit was so sweet as we each took an opportunity to offer advice, share experiences, and bear testimonies. We are all excited to have another missionary in the family. It is so fun to watch the growth of the individual as well as recognize the blessings the Lord bestows on those left at home. I am excited for all of the experiences Caleb will have!

School Ended

Moki joined me the last day of school. As you can see my students loved her.
It's summer!!!! I love summer but this one started out super busy. I like busy but I still feel like I haven't caught up on my sleep. The reasons: 1. I am coaching JV Basketball next year and so I have been doing basketball all summer 2. I want to attempt to do a half ironman and so I have been training 3. Outside of all my training I am still trying to get my puppy some exercise. YIKES, it has been busy. At some point I must plan girls camp.
 Moki is actually usually behind me when we rollerblade but here I let her pass me. I was trying to capture all the cotton in the air but I failed.

I did make a Costco run and buy these amazing bowls. They are stack-able and they don't slide. really nice. Dan had a set and when he moved out I needed my own.
 Moki's ears were feeling really fat. Her breed is prone to ear infections and so I was worried. I went to the vet and it turns out she just had some major mattes. I now have a comb so I can solve the problem on my own. All this hair was off of her ears. nasty!
 Sometimes you are just so tuckered out.
 And sometimes it is good to feel the wind in your face, especially if you a re a dog.
 I hit up seven peaks with Samanda. It was fun to play with Andrew.

I raided the closet at the high school and found some sweet shorts to wear.
I am excited to be coaching at the high school I have already loved working with older and more skilled athletes. It will be a different time commitment but I am excited. Summer started off busy but I am loving it.


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