Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Girls Trip

Erica had a birthday and her husband planned a girls trip. I am so glad!!!! It was great timing and a much needed break. 
It has been a lot of years since we have all been together. There was shopping, good food and a concert, but my favorite was just staying up late and talking and laughing. These girls have been my friends for so long and we can always just catch up where we left off. 
It is crazy how life has led us all down our own paths but we all started in little Oroville.
I love these girls. Thanks for the laughs.


Every so often I have to make a trek to Salt Lake to see my nephews. They just enrich my life so much. I can't go too long without seeing them. 

One Saturday the weather was kind of rainy and so I couldn't do a long exercise session outside so I took Andrew to the flight exhibit at the Leonardo. We had a really fun time.
Inside the fighter plane!
Building a robot together
 Making tube routes for the marbles
Experimenting with switches. I wasn't very good at this. We had a fun afternoon just the two of us!

One Sunday we walked to visit Nancy. We took the stairs. He did so good walking up four flights of stairs. Isn't he the cutest in his BYU jersey?
 Little Emerson was so funny this evening. He was so mad Moki kept taking his sticks. We put him on the table for a break and then he kept dropping his sticks down the center hole. He was SO MAD he couldn't reach his sticks through the hole. It was a traumatic day for him.
Andrew playing the game I sent him for his birthday!!! Can't wait to play it with him.
It is so crazy that this adorable boy is four years old. It has been a huge blessing to live so close to him.

Fall Hiking

Fall in Utah is amazing. The weather starts to cool down and the leaves change. It is really fun to live somewhere that has four seasons. I have loved getting out after school and hiking with Moki and different friends. We have done stewart falls, the Y, and rock canyon. We have done all of them multiple times. Hiking with Moki is the best because she gets so much exercise. 
This was on the Bonneville shoreline trail. It was a beautiful evening.
 Stewart falls
Rock Canyon
Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Shoreline Trail again, this one is so close to my house!
The rattle snake he should have bit Moki on a hike up Rock Canyon. We saw two on the same trail in two weeks, yikes!!!!
Sometime we run on the Provo River trail. It is also beautiful in the fall.
The Y. It's been an active fall, which has been so nice. I feel like I am getting some of my fitness back. Last year was so emotionally hard and the summer was spent sitting way more than I ever had. Fall has been good to me. I have loved being out in nature so much.

Random Fall

Aaron finished the deck at my parents house. It looks amazing. I was just home this weekend and it works great. He did an awesome job. I know he and Jacklynn sacrificed a lot to make that happen. I am so grateful for their willingness to help.
I tried to copy Erica and put up a gallery wall. It is not perfect but I am enjoying it.
 Sariah was in Utah for a couple of days and I got to see her one evening. So fun. Love this girl. This was let at night and it shows:)
Traditional general conference breakfast. It was so delicious. It was only Dan, Nancy and me this year, we still made the most of it.
Mikila lost her mom suddenly this fall. It was horrible to hear that news. I am heartbroken for their family. I loved Nancy. She was one of the nicest people and I spent a lot of time at their house as a teenager. I was blessed to associate with her. It is hard to believe that we are old enough to deal with this kind of loss. It just seems way too hard.
I wrote a grant and got $1000 worth of fitness equipment for my classroom. I am so excited to use the new equipment. 

Wonder Woman

Amber and I signed up to do a century ride in September. Wonder Woman was a great option. It started out in Payson and went as far South as Mona. We lucked out and had gorgeous biking weather. 
I ended up only riding around 76 miles. I was not in good shape this summer and my body was DONE!!! That was really disappointing but it was still great to be out and participating in something I love.
Next year hopefully I will have a better biking season but I am glad I got in another long ride before biking season closes out.


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