Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colorado Anyone?

Three day weekends are the best! And this weekend was no exception. I headed out to Denver with my cousin Melissa and her three daughters. They visited some friends they knew when they lived there and I visited a friend as well. it was busy and super fun. Funny moments on the way there: 1. Talking with Cadence while she was eating her dinner. I made her laugh and she spit Cheetos all over me. Hilarious when the person spitting is a 4 year old (not 3). 2. Reagan asking if we were going to die every time my tires hit the warning track on the side of the road. We were in a construction zone and I had no choice I promise. 3. Emery spitting water all over the window at the restaurant because she was laughing so hard. 4. Listening to the Cosby show. It turns out you don't even have to be watching the show to get a good laugh . . . just listen it is hilarious. 5. Every time a Disney song came on I was asked "Can I see the picture." Seriously so fun. The three girls were great travelers and I was grateful I didn't have to make the trek alone.

This was my first time in Colorado and it was really fun. What a beautiful state. I stayed in Denver and Sam and I started Saturday off by going to the aquarium.

The aquarium was really fun. They even had tigers. Not sure that they belong in an aquarium but whatever. My favorite were the turtles. So cute!

That evening we went to Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D. Fun movie. It did not disappoint, although I think I like the first one better.

We ate lots of good food everyday on the trip. Why don't I take more pictures? Silly me. We even ate at a restaurant that was featured on Man vs Food. Jack and Grill but I didn't document it. LAME! All I will say about that is that the portion sizes were ginormous and the food was good.

Sunday we went to church and then headed up for a drive in the mountains. We drove on the highest highway in the world. It takes you to the top of Mount Evans at a little above 14,000 feet. The drive was amazing. Unfortunately we could not go all the way to the top because of the snow so we had to settle for the lake that was just over 13,000 feet.

Mt. Evans

What we could see on top of the world in Colorado.

Sam took all the panoramic shots. Very cool!

Proof that we were both there.

The weekend was so fun. The drive on Highway 70 was pretty amazing as well. The canyon from Grand Junction to Denver was absolutely amazing. I feel like I could have a lot of fun hiking, biking, and kayaking in that canyon. The mountains were beautiful!

And then to end the weekend perfectly I came home to these

The weekend was already really good. Sam has sent them before we knew we were going to meet up. I love them. And I have probably posted way too much on this blog. Maybe I should go private. Who knows who reads this thing?

Friday, May 27, 2011


One of my 7th graders brings me a note this morning saying her soccer coach said she can't do PE today because she is participating in the Utah state soccer tournament tomorrow. Here was my response, "Um your soccer coach can't excuse you from participating in my class and I am going to tell you what my basketball coach used to tell me. If you can't do PE and play in a basketball game all in the same day you are not a very good athlete!"

That seemed to work. I remember trying to get out of the mile because we ran the mile every single Thursday my freshman year and we always had basketball games on Thursdays. But seriously a note from your coach. Coaches are crazy!

I have officially lost most of my patience. This year has been one of my best as far as teaching and coaching goes. After six years I feel like I may be figuring a few things out. But it is definitely time for summer. I repeat in my head multiple times a day, "just walk away, don't say anything." In the end it won't be worth it. I love my job but I am so ready for summer!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Isn't my new apron adorable.

It is the first apron I have owned. Watch out world I might start cooking . . . let's be honest probably not. (I would cook more if it wasn't just for me....that is sooooo boring). I got the apron at Thanksgiving point when my parents were here and I just think it is really fun. I busted it out today to make brownies. As a side not I have no problem cooking treats!

School is almost out. Two weeks. I can't wait. I have not really started to count down because I feel like that makes time pass really slowly.

I have stayed busy playing basketball, soccer, and softball (when there is not rain). I wish I could say I have been biking but seriously the weather has been LAME! The days just pass so slowly when I am stuck in the gym all day.

I am also working my way through The Lord of The Rings series. I have really enjoyed reading them. I actually started with The Hobbit and an now on the first book of The Lord of the Rings. Maybe I will actually make it through the movies after I finish reading them all:)

Yesterday I did more yard work then I have done in years. Our stake went up to temple square and pulled out all the flowers. It was sad to pull out all the beautiful tulips but apparently it is necessary. It was a really fun service project and I am glad I went. Afterwards I went to Nancy's and did a little weeding and lawn mowing. I forgot how tiring it is to work in the yard, especially when the sun is actually out (maybe that is why I despised the work as a child). I was exhausted by bed time.

(I stole this picture off google pics. It is an example of all the tulips we destroyed).

Church was really good today. A member of the stake presidency was visiting and he bore his testimony about temples. He was talking about the importance of going to the temple frequently and consistently. He said "When we go to the temple periodically we don't train our ears to hear the word of the Lord." It was a good reminder for me to really make the temple a priority especially since I live so close. He was talking about a training the stake presidency recently had with Elder Bateman and that he talked about the importance for young single adults to attend the temple regularly. I am not sure I am still young but I am single. I feel like my temple attendance is either really good or really bad. I am rarely in between. I know my life is better when it is good. I know the Lord blesses me each time attend the temple. I have a strong testimony of the importance of the temple and the sacred covenants we make there. I am really going to try to make this time period in my life a temple attending one.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

GyM ShOrTs!

What would you consider to be an excess of gym shorts?

For some odd reason I decided to count all of my gym shorts today while organizing them in their little closet space. I consider myself pretty down to earth, I don't NEED a lot of things, but apparently I have purchased a number of gym shorts over the years. In my defense, over half of the shorts I have I got from Lakeridge Junior High or BYU free of charge, but seriously why so many. The sad thing is even after acknowledging that I may have more than I need I still didn't pull any out to get rid of. I mean they all seem to have a really good purpose. There are soccer shorts, shorts to run in, basketball shorts, shorts to teach in, and so on and so on. I think I have a problem. The funny thing is that some people think I own too many pairs of shoes. I can report that I own more gym shorts than shoes. PATHETIC! Jana come over and steal some shorts and anyone else in the area for that matter.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I finally got some kayak racks for my car. Yay! I am not going all summer without kayaking this year. After multiple trips to REI I think I found some keepers. I have not tested them on the freeway but Amber and I did take them out last Saturday. The weather was so nice I couldn't resist even though there were a bazillion other things I should have been doing.

Here is the big bopper (my car) all loaded up.

Me and Amber posing for the first adventure of the new year. We only stay in touch when there are adventures to be had.

Me out on the lake. I love how the mountain is covered in snow but I am out there kayaking.

Overall last Saturday was great. Some biking, kayaking, cleaning, and some lesson planning, so there are no complaints here (ok maybe one that I refuse to blog about). And the great thing is that the weather looks good for this weekend. Go have some fun I am sure I will:)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I love mothers day. Probably because my Mom is awesome and there are tons of great women in my life. To my Mom: I think you are the best and I hope that one day I will be as good as a mom as you have been. I am sorry you had so many sons. A trial only you could bare, but at least I came first and lightened the burden:) Just kidding. I think my Mom is so great and she has so many good qualities. I hope I pick a few of those up!

My Grandma Brown is an amazing women. She is very loyal to her family. She does volunteer work. She is always helping others. She thinks education is soooo important. She is an example to me.

My sister in law Katie who is just starting the journey of motherhood. Who loves and protects the cutest niece in the whole world and lets me spoil her and love her whenever I am around.

My dad's sisters Janice and Virginia are great. They have always helped our family out. They love us. They took us on trips. They open their homes for holidays and family gatherings. They are good hardworking ladies.

My Mom's sisters Loralie and Nancy. They have always made sure I have a home away from home. They can laugh with me and cry with me. They include me in all they do. And seriously I love when the peppermint patties are all together. It makes me sad I don't have sisters.

I would post pictures of all my friends that are moms but that would take up way too much space (I mean I have a lot of friends). I love watching you take care of your children. I love that you all parent differently but that it works and that it is good. I love that you try to be the best Moms you can be! I love when you let me help. I know the role of a mother is the most sacred role for women in the world. It is something I long to be and at times yearn for. I have faith that I too will have an opportunity at this sacred calling. I only hope I can be the influence for good in the lives of my kids that you are for yours. Moms are the best!


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