Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Moab with the Hancocks

Earlier in the month Erica mentioned to me that they might go hiking after Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure I invited myself but they were so nice to let me come along. It was an awesome way to spend two days after Thanksgiving. I couldn't leave town when they did so I didn't get to ride in the motor home, which was a total bummer, but  I still got to sleep in it:)

I met them at Dead Horse Point early on Saturday morning. I invited Cierra to come with me because I didn't want to do the long drive alone and I haven't spent time with her in a long time. It was so fun and I am so glad her parents let her come. This was my first time at Dead Horse Point and it was pretty cool!
Somehow I don't have any picture with Erica, which is totally LAME!!!

Then we headed to Canyonlands National Park and did some short hikes there. We started with the famous Mesa Arch.
 And did Whale Rock, this was a new one for me.
We did a couple other short hikes as well but I didn't take any pictures. It was a fun day hiking and Than and Erica's kids were hiking champs. I was super impressed.

Saturday we headed out to Corona Arch.
 I love this hike, mainly because it is dog friendly. It was pretty crowded this Saturday so that was a bummer. I have to document this picture of Pacen because the only other time I have hiked with him was right after Camry was born. He was two years old and I carried him on my back and Erica carried Camry. He screamed the entire hike to Silver Lake. It was hilarious.....kind of. He is so old now and he is a champion hiker so this hiking excursion was much easier on the ears!
After this hike the Hancocks headed back to Provo and Cierra and I headed to Arches National Park because she needed to hike delicate Arch. I didn't even take a picture at Delicate Arch because I had done the hike a couple weeks ago and the sun was in the wrong place for a good picture. We had a good time though.

Then we hiked to the Delicate Arch overlook. Definitely not as good as hiking to the Arch but it is a much shorter hike and you can still see the arch in the distance.
 On our way out of the Park we stopped at an overlook and had to take some jumping selfies. Obviously it was the right choice!!!
It took a little practice to get it just right.
 Cierra was definitely better at these.
It was a great way to end our trip
 And sometimes the camera catches you landing and you look super dorky!

The Hancocks were so generous to let us join them and I loved getting some one on one time with Cierra. Thanksgiving break was so nice. It was super hard to jump back into real life yesterday.


Basketball started on the first Monday in November. It is a busy time of year. It has been great to be back coaching. I spend a ton of time preparing and a lot more time at the school but so far it has been great. I am really tired, like really really tired, and really really busy but it has been good.

Sometimes on Saturdays I am just lazy because I can be. One Saturday I finished a book I borrowed from Erica Hancock, A Million Miles, In A Thousand Years. It is a really good book. It has allowed me to reflect on how I really want o live my life.
I wish I had some pictures of Aaron and Jacklyn when they were in town for Thanksgiving. We got to hang out with them a little bit on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. They brought my mom with them so it was fun to see everyone. Tuesday we went to Nancy's to make dinner and visit but I didn't take any pictures. Wednesday I had early morning basketball practice and then we went to lunch before Aaron and Jacklyn left to spend time with her family. Always great to have some family time.

Wednesday evening I got my house all cleaned and decorated for Christmas. I wanted to get it done so I could leave town for the weekend.
 I just love having my house decorated at Christmas.
 It makes me so happy.
 Thanksgiving Moki and I hiked the Y. It was quite chilly but it was nice to get a little hike in before I ate all day.
 Some of the Thanksgiving crew got the flannel memo. I just love flannel shirts. Best invention ever.
 We were so lucky to have my mom in town.
 My mom has been a caretaker for my dad the past year and she has had no breaks. My dads sister Virginia took over for a couple of days so my mom could come to Utah. What a blessing!!!! Both these women amaze me with the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for my dad. It was so great to see my mom. Obviously we missed my Dad like crazy. Holidays are so hard when someone is sick. I really tried not to dwell on that because it makes me so sad. Life used to seem so much simpler, but this is reality now and it is hard but that is ok too. My Aunt Loralie hosted us all for Thanksgiving and it was a great afternoon.

Lastly I wanted to post a picture with the completed deck. Aaron did an amazing job. It looks so good!!!

A few more pictures

I took a lot of pictures when I was in Moab with Anthony. I decided I needed one more post to document a few of them, so they get printed with my blog book!
 Corona Arch!

 Delicate Arch. We lucked out and had some great cloud cover for the afternoon.

  Landscape Arch in Devil Gardens.
This is the North or South window, can't remember which one:)
 Watching the Sunset from the Balance Rock parking lot.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Moab with Anthony

Anthony and I went to Moab at the beginning of November. I was supposed to run a half marathon. Because I started lifting weights I have not been running like I should, so I bailed on the half, did a 5k with Moki and tons of hiking with Anthony. It was fun to hang out with him so much.
So excited to be getting out of Provo. It was the weekend before basketball tryouts so I knew I needed a break.
We started the morning off by hiking Corona Arch. It's a dog friendly trail, which is so nice. I ran with Moki before and then we did this three mile hike and she was content to just hang out and rest the rest of the day. That was nice because we headed to Arches National Park after and dogs aren't allowed on the trails there.
Delicate arch is a beauty. Another relatively easy three mile hike!
Then we drove to Devils Garden and hiked to a few arches on that trail.

 Anthony was in a great mood considering the fact that we were doing lots of hiking.
The wether was overcast and quite lovely. After devils garden we hit up the windows section in Arches national park. I did a couple short hikes by myself so I could get some more miles.

Such a beautiful park!!!

We went to Balance rock for pictures at sunset to finish off the day.

 It was a short but busy weekend. So glad Anthony was willing to join me!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Birthdays and Halloween

Two of my favorite people have birthdays in October: Olivia and Andrew. Olivia turned seven and Andrew turned four. I was in California on Andrews actual birthday but Sam sent me this AMAZING picture. I am in love with it. 
I really struggled with what to get Olivia for her birthday this year. I had in my mind what I wanted to get her but I couldn't find it in my price range. In the end I got her a hoodie that she loved and the Simon says game I used to love as a kid.
We celebrated Andrews birthday after fall break. The same night we also went to Amanda's orchestra concert. It was Halloween themed and the little kids wore costumes.
There was a real cute darth Vader.

On Fridays me and the boys PE teacher wear crazy socks. Leading up to Halloween I wore these gems.
Jana and I did our traditional hand out candy at her house while Ben trick or treats. I love that tradition. I am also trying to learn a new dance every year to teach my class in Halloween. Since I was a ghostbusters this year that was the song we danced to!
I bought a massive pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Andrew helped me carve it. He fell in love with it so he ended up taking it home. It was a cute pumpkin.
We loved our pumpkin!!!! You can see the excitement in his face.

Fall Break

Fall break came at a great time. I was so ready for a break from school. I love my job but breaks are always nice. This year Nancy, Katie and I traveled to California. It was a short trip but I am glad we were able to go.
My dad is finally home and it was nice to see how my mom and him are doing everything. They have a system down that seems to be working. It is not an easy thing, being a caregiver. But he is so appreciative of everything anyone does to help him. It's hard to see my dad needing so much help but I am grateful he has so many people that love him and are willing to sacrifice to help him. It really is a village of people offering support.
Aaron, Jacklynn, her dad Matt and I all hiked feather falls. I did the nine mile route. It was great. I love that hike.
This was my first time doing this route and it was really nice.

We played games. I got to see Angelee and Mikila. We did a little yard work and just hung out. The highlight was going to Lodi for Olivia's soccer game.
 Ben is the coach. He did a great job!
Olivia was soooo excited that Moki came to her game. Ben and Katie's kids love Moki!!!!
 After the game we all went out to eat. My parents recently got a wheelchair accessible van and so my dad was able to come to. His first outing that wasn't to a doctor appointment so that was real nice.
 I love these kids and sure wished they lived closer.
Fun at their house after
It was tons of driving but so worth it. 


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