Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, October 10, 2015


The school asked if I wanted to go on an overnight trip to Clear Creek with some students. I don't know why I got to go but I said yes! It was so fun. The district owns some cabins in the mountains up by Schoffield and we went up there for one night. I had a great time with the students and the other teachers. It was seriously so fun. It was also very beautiful.
 Fall is coming finally.

We took the kids fishing on the way back to the school. They caught 24 fish. So fun! I got to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
 The kids had a great time fishing.
 The weather cooperated and it was just a great day.
 We went on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday were parent teacher conferences and then Thursday I also work at the temple. It was a pretty crazy week.

This morning Moki and I ran in the family fun run put on by the community where I teach. It is an annual run and very fun. I think I have only missed one year since it started. It is for the Make A Wish foundation. Such a great cause. Moki is in heaven when we run in 5K's, most don't allow dogs so this is a favorite. It was a beautiful morning for a run.
People kept asking me is Moki was tired. People are funny. No the dog is not tired but I sure am. She wasn't even breathing hard. DOGS!

Picture catch up

September is gone and October is here and going fast. Does life ever slow down? It has been a crazy start to the school year but I am having a great year. I love love love my job. There are days when I am stressed or annoyed but my theme this year has been I love this job, I love these kids. I am not a perfect teacher but I am trying to be better everyday. I am blessed to work at a great school with great faculty and students. Outside of school I have been busy with family, trying to exercise, my calling, and my temple shift. There really is a lot going on.

My brothers came in and woke me up one Saturday night super late. Anthony was living here at the time. Moki was thrilled to see them, me not so much.
 I made a quilt for Emerson. I was happy with how it turned out.
 Dinner with my brothers usually means that I have to censor the conversations and refrain from laughing at their inappropriate comments and jokes. Why don't boys ever grow up?????
 Emerson is so stinking cute. He is interacting more and more. Just love his sweet face.
 I spent a small fortune and printed off lots of pictures for my house and school. Guys I have done some awesome stuff the past few years. It is easy to forget everything I have done. I love having the pictures up to remind me.
I changed the rocks in my fish tank and I love the contrast with blue rocks.
 I watched general conference like this because Anthony had a serious gas problem. Dude go use the bathroom. General conference was awesome the smell I dealt with not so much.
Halloween is coming up. Look at these cuties. They melt my heart.
 This costume is so soft. I seriously just wanted to snuggle Andrew the entire time he was wearing it.
 And Emerson is just cute as ever.
 I love the idea of themed costumes. These two siblings are adorable.
 Look at the saddest face ever. Sam put him in his car seat to come over for conference breakfast and this was the face he got. What??? I was like that is too bad get over here we are starving.
 I got to watch Emerson and Andrew last night because it was Sam and Amanda's wedding anniversary. Don't let this smile fool you he had a good 20 minutes of screaming. Let's just say I tried to watch a youtube video to tie the moby on me because he loves it, I still can't figure it out but it was enough to calm him down but I still had to to support him with both hands.
 Two is way harder than one. Andrew checking out my fish. He better check them out he is the reason I got the stupid things.
 Love snuggling this boy!

Zion's Narrows

My aunt Janice and uncle Lou are retired school teachers and they travel with their other retired school teacher friends every fall. This year they came to Utah and toured the National Parks. It seems like they have a great time and I hope to be as cool as them some day. My aunt Virginia is also retired and she and her son Cody joined them this year. Cody likes to hike and so we applied for permits to hike the Narrows in July and actually got permits.

Dan was nice enough to go with me:) We were able to bond while driving, especially on the way home while we listened to the relief society broadcast.
The Tuesday before we were supposed to hike a 200 ton boulder fell onto the road and was blocking highway 9. The highway that runs through the park. The highway we needed to use to get to the trailhead. Why does everything have to be so complicated???? The alternate routes would take 3 and 1/2 hours to get to the trailhead, instead of the 1 and 1/2 we were planning on. We had made the decision to not do the hike because we didn't want my aunt to drive 7 hours just for us to hike so we went to rent shoes and had decided we would just hike from the bottom up and turn around. We were bummed but what do you do.

While we were renting shoes we ran into a couple that said there was one shuttle company willing to take hikers the long route to the trailhead if they could fill their van. We called and were put on the list. Luckily they filled the van and for $70 a piece we had a way to the trailhead. It was worth it but it was a little pricey.

So we got to go our hike. I had to document the awesome rental shoes.
They made a big difference and I was so glad my shoes were not in water all day. We hiked super fast because everyone said the hike takes 9-12 hours. We didn't get to the trailhead until 9:30 and we didn't have headlamos so we were a little nervous. We were hiking fast even for me and I usually like fast. We finished the first 6 miles in under 2 hours, luckily it's flat! It really is beautiful.

We hiked 17 miles in 7 and 1/2 hours. Here we are waiting for the shuttle with the couple that we hiked with. It was a crazy day but lots of fun. My feet, that are still sore from all my summer hiking, were killing. I was so happy to be done.

Cody and I got back to Virginia's hotel and I showered and the Dan and I headed back to Provo. It was a really quick trip but it is something I have been wanting to do for years. So glad I was able to get it in.


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