Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I woke up this morning with the prompting that my drivers license had expired. I laid in bed and thought oh it probably does expire at the end of the month. WRONG! It expired on my birthday. Are you kidding me? Who looks at when their license expires. Obviously not me. I am sure they sent something to an address where I lived at one time, but I didn't get anything at my house. Now I am nervous to drive. But obviously I am not biking to work in the snow. Oh man, hopefully I have time to deal with that tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

President's Day

Gotta Love dead presidents! I do when their birthdays give me holidays. This weekend I headed up to Island Park with Katie, Cyndee, and Todd. Cyndee and Todd have a family cabin there. It was a really relaxing weekend filled with lots of good food (and junk food, but that is good in my book as well.)

In order to balance all the food I ate we did cross country ski and snowshoe. Both activities were tons of fun. There was about 4 and 1/2 feet of snow so plenty of snow for our needs. This is a random picture of some random cabin I took while snowshoeing just so you can see all the snow.

Hopefully I will post some pictures of our activities soon, but I didn't take any so we will see.

So on a side note I have been counting my calories. Totally sucky. I now see why I exercise everyday. I have an app on my ipod touch and I scheduled myself to lose a pound a week. Not bad and it is working but seriously I think I am starving myself. It has been very interesting to see how many calories I eat. I will be honest I did not track over the long weekend, too many snacks, but on normal days I count everything I eat. So yea we will see if there are any long term results because of this (results besides me feeling hungry:).

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I get to go home at 3:35 today. Can you believe it? I can't. It has been so long. Basketball is over. The season was great. I had a great team that was super fun. Our record was 24 wins and 3 losses. We lost last night in the championship game. Bummer! The other team just played better, but my girls are so great. They shed lots of tears but by the time we got to Wend's they were all smiles the rest of the evening. I have never had so much fun with junior high students. They seriously crack me up.

The sun is out if I am super motivated I may just go ride my bike after work. It just got out of the shop and it now has zebra handle bars. My team said it looks hot! I couldn't agree more.

And here is a couple of the family pictures we had taken. We had not had professional pictures done since before Caleb was born. (He must have been weird looking or something). So it was way overdue. Enjoy!

Apparently I need to drop some pounds because these boys had a hard time holding me up.

And the last one just melts my heart. My parents adore Olivia, well we all do. But I seriously just love love love this picture.

Katie had a lady from her old ward in Paradise do the pictures, Wendy Mayo. It was so nice because she has a traveling studio and totally came to us. It was really fast and efficient and we like the results.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday Weekend

My birthday dragged out all weekend which was kind of fun. It started off Friday night when Samanda came to stay the night. We were all tired so we just ate left over donuts and watched a movie that night.

Saturday they bought me lunch and hung out all day. We met up with Dan in the afternoon and went bowling. Not WII bowling but actual bowling. It has been a long time but we all had fun. And they "let me win both games since it was my birthday." Yeah right no one in our family just let's someone win. But it was lots of fun and none of us really had very respectable scores. My fingers were a little sore afterwards, not use to all that work.

Saturday night Dan made grilled chicken tacos which are always very tasty. We ate too much and then had ice cream to top it all off. But no calorie counting on your birthday so I didn't even think twice about what I ate.

Then yesterday Nancy made a yummy dinner at her house. The table was beautifully set and the food was delicious.

We ate and watched Secretariat. A good movie where the horse actually lives at the end. YEAH!! All in all it was a fun weekend. Now back to the real world. But only three days left of basketball I can hardly believe it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top 10 (How things went down)

This top 10 list is in no special order (that requires to much calculating). There are some pictures attached but not 10 pictures. The pictures will somewhat determine the order because I don't have the patience to reorder them. So enjoy!

10. Driving all night. I have not done that since college and I am always so hesitant to do so. We planned on stopping but we felt good and drove the whole way. I think we were really excited to see Anthony and I will be honest I had a huge adrenalin rush from coaching that day because my team played AWESOME!

9. The Peppermint Patties: Friday morning these three ladies were all putting on some oils at my parents and the entire house smelt like peppermint. Peppermint helps with headaches. How do you not have a headache after driving all night? And so Dan coined the term the peppermint patties. I love this nickname. They tried to tell us that they nicknamed themselves the sister uglies a long time ago, but peppermint patties may be a keeper.

8. Scales. You know when you do a survey and they ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate this. Dan is the scale man but he does not just use easy scales he makes you think. An example: Someone says I love chocolate Dan then says, "On a scale from 1 to 346.78 how much would you say you love chocolate right now." They were catchy and funny and there were lots of them this trip. Eventually I taught everyone the secret of dealing with Dan when he is being ridiculous you must also be ridiculous so to the above scale an appropriate response would be 378 (Anything off of his scale would be appropriate).

7. Excitement and pure joy. There is nothing better then having a missionary return home and this was no exception. Caleb was so excited. I mean we were all excited but according to Caleb it is so hard to be the only child at home and he thinks Anthony will stick around for a little while to alleviate his pain.

6. Playing games and hanging out. Like most people I love my family and I love hanging out with everyone. It can be crazy and sometimes a little out of control but overall a very enjoyable time.

5. Ben and Katie allowing us to stay in their show apartment. It was so nice that everyone was able to have a bed.

Dear Ben and Katie, we are sorry that some things got broken (we won't mention what) but we are grateful we had a place to lay are weary heads. Please forgive us and let us stay again.
Brown Siblings

It was way fun to have all the kids staying in Chico together. late nights and laughs.

4. Seeing Alicia's ring in real life. Aaron is engaged and we (the Utah people) had not seen the bling yet.

3. Family Pictures. This experience was so fun. Who knew you could laugh so hard and have so much fun taking family pictures. I will post some when we get them back. Hopefully they turn out well.

2. Eating good food. You have to eat good when the family is together. Now I need to fast for a week but it tasted great. Hula's, Woodhouse Pizza, and Dan's chicken tacos. YUM, YUM, and YUM!

1. Attending Anthony's report to the high council. It was so great to actually hear about his mission and to hear him bear testimony. I am so glad we stayed in town a little longer for this.

Monday, February 7, 2011

ShORt BuT sWeEt

Anthony is home! The trip was way too short but seriously so fun. The trip started off right because my team played an awesome game on Thursday. I was seriously so pumped I don't think I slept the whole way home. That is good and bad. Good because I kept the driver awake, bad because we drove all night and I was way tired the rest of the weekend.

On our way to the airport we saw Anthony's plane fly in and we knew we were going to miss him because, let's be honest, not many planes fly in to the Chico airport. That was LAME. We were 12 minutes early but that ended up being 10 minutes late. But here is Anthony looking good.

Caleb wins the award for most excited that Anthony is home. That guy has been counting down for a while now. Here he is wearing Anthony's sunglasses. The funny thing about Caleb is that every time a missionary has come home in our family there is a picture of him wearing something they brought home at the airport. With Aaron it was a cowboy hat with me it was a hat as well.

Do you notice anything different about the two family pictures? I only got two photos and Olivia is not looking in one but some other people were having a little too much fun in the one she is actually looking in.

The peppermint patties. More on that later, but these three ladies are always a hoot when they are together. And I must apologize openly for saying two of them were worthless, it was a joke!

Me and my cute niece. I love that Olivia will just chill with anyone. It is so nice that she will hang out with those of us who live far away and don't see her very often.

And some more cute pictures.

I got to give her a bath, I must be funny because that is a good little smile.

All ready for family pictures.

I will post more pictures later and possibly a top 10 list (in honor of Michelle) from the trip. Although it will be hard to narrow the list to ten things. I am so grateful we were able to be together as a family, hang out, and have fun.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally Feeling Better

Wow I feel like my life is boring but the truth is I have not done anything too exciting the past three weeks because I have been sick. It has been crazy. I would sleep 12 hours a night on the weekends and start to feel better but then Monday would come and I would just wear myself out and by Friday I felt awful. We are talking terrible. Last Friday I was almost convinced I had a real sickness I felt so terrible. When Monday rolled around I felt better but only getting 8 hours of sleep just started the day bad and I was feeling sick again. I finally broke down, took the day off work and went to the doctor. That was a waste of $25, I suspected it would be, turns out it is just a virus and I need sleep and rest. So I slept most the day Monday and I do feel much better.

I finally feel like I am getting over it. So much that I actually jogged on my treadmill last night and it felt good. Well until I was done and I learned the hard way that qeuso and chips are not the best pre-workout meal. Who knew? I mean it has tons of calories.

Oh wait there is one new thing an addiction to this:

Made the mistake of downloading it while I was at the doctor's. If they had any good magazines that would not have happened. So stupid!! I just play it every night and I tell myself when you beat this level you can go to bed and then I don't. So hopefully I can get it out of my system while traveling this weekend and be done with it.

I am headed home tonight. Can you believe this guy is coming home tomorrow?

I can't but I am totally excited. I have only been home when one brother got off the plane (Aaron) and seriously it was one of the most fun days of my life. Way more fun then when I got off my mission, that was weird. But it was like one big party. And everyone will be there. I can't wait.


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