Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, February 5, 2017


Utah didn't see a lot of snow in December but we made up for it in January. Holy cow we had a ton of snow. I loved it and it made for a warmer January.
Andrew and I went sledding one night. We had so much fun. It was actually on a really cold night so we didn't last too long. I also realized I am a scaredy cat in my old age!
I love when it snows because Moki LOVES the snow. We snowshoed a ton in January and have loved every minute of it.
Amber and I went up the Provo River Trail. It was actually disappointing because we didn't realize that they plow the trail for runners in the winter. So we just walked on the slippery trail for a few miles.
Than, Erica and I went up to Tibblefork early one Saturday morning. Really early for me on a Saturday.
It was a beautiful day.
We chose a really steep trail up so coming down was an adventure.
So fun.
The moon was still up when we started. It was a good time.

Amber and I hiked the Alpine Loop on Human Rights Day. There was so much snow up there.
We went a little late and so the sun was down the whole four miles back to the car. We were freezing!
The Share the Road sign was completely buried. It was a beautiful day.
Another snow storm came and went and Amber and I hiked the loop up by big springs. There was so much snow. It was amazing.
We broke trail most the hike. 
Good times.

Amber and I also did the Y one Saturday. There wasn't any new snow and we had less time so we stayed close to home.
There was a ton of snow on the Y.
My co worker Hannah and I did the big sprig loop one Wednesday after work but it was dark and so I didn't document the trip. I snowshoed every Saturday in January, which was awesome.

I have been working out in a class three times a week. It's similar to crossfit but different. It has been really good for me. Anthony joined me in November and we have a good time.  
After workouts sometimes I cool off with snow angels in the road.
The class kicks my butt every time but I keep going back for more. I have gotten a lot stronger which is awesome.

I watched Emerson and Andrew one Thursday night while their parents went to Mary Poppins at BYU. We had a good time.
And they destroyed my house!
We built a sweet rocket fort.
It was a fun night.

At school I am playing badminton with my ninth graders. It's the first time I have ever taught it and it is so fun. The girls love it and I have loved it. 
We can set up eight courts at one time and so we can get lots of people playing at one time.

I have been coaching basketball again. It has been fun to be back. Man coaching takes up so much time and energy!

We only won one game but these girls improved so much. I had a few girls that had never even played before. Seeing them improve is always the best.

After living in my house for eight years I finally hung pictures and curtains in my bedroom.  I also got some winter bedding to switch up the look. It's been a fun change!
January flew by. I am excited for a couple weeks off from after school commitments before track starts.


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