Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arranging and Rearranging

My bedroom is officially put together, I think. I have rearranged the room three times and hopefully it will stay this way. It is easy enough to reaarange minus one heavy and huge bookshelf. The problem I have been struggling with is that the ideal place for my bed is on top of the airconitioning vent. Lots of people have said I should not cover that up, even though it is so tempting. So last night was hopefully the last of the reaaranging of my bedroom at least for a little while. I need to move on to other rooms in the house.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Bed

I finally bought a new bed, but this post is not about that bed. Mikila is moving in with me and she needs a bed. Well I was going to buy a twin bed to put in that room anyways so we set out to find one. After the first store she expressed her desire to have a bed bigger than a twin and I explain that I can't afford to buy a bigger one and she says that is fine she will work it out. This same Saturday I bought my bed and when we pulled around to the back of the store we realized that there are a bunch of old mattresses waiting to be thrown out. So we did what any desperate person would do and waited until after store hours and went and took one of those dumpster mattresses. Ghetto, OF COURSE!!

Mikila was laughing so hard she was really of no help and Dan and I had to do the dirty work. We loaded it and hauled it up all the stairs to her room. Meanwhile Mikila has not been around Dan in a long time and is laughing at everything he says and is making herself sick while Dan and I haul the worlds heaviest mattress.

After all of that she decided it was to big for her room anyways and is now sleeping on an air mattress. Last night in the dark, so no one could see, Mikila and I hauled the dumb mattress to the dumpster and shoved it in, because we don't need it. This story probably does not seem very funny on the blog but in real life the whole situation was hysterical!!

We made it!!

This time we made it to the top of Mt. Timpanogos. We hiked on the Timpanooke trail. I had never hiked that side and it was really nice to switch it up. Timpanooke trail is not as steep as the Aspen Grove side so it was a little bit easier on the knees. Overall it was a fun day. Poor Mikila came to town and I told her I would be hiking timp and she apparently did not realize it takes 8 hours. Luckily Jana and Bem are around and she could hang out with them all afternoon. Saturday was crazy because I had a ton to do even after I hiked so when I finally went to bed I was out.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Furniture

I am done with school for the semester!!!! Yep, turned in the 20 page paper, the introduction for another paper, took a final at 7:45 am, and did a class presentation at 11 am. I am so excited to be done. A weight has been lifted. I plan on being lazy the rest of the day, except I will go on a bike ride, of course.

I bought some furniture last week. Dan was kind enough to accompany me while shopping. We went to every furniture store in Orem and Provo. I learned that I shop until I find exactly what I want. We shopped for quite a while. But this is what the search turned up: The sweetest couch ever. I love this coach. I love the colors and it is so comfortable. It also has plenty of cushions. I was so excited when I bought the couch I told Dan it felt like my birthday because it was exactly what I wanted. Needless to say after about five high fives he refused to give me anymore high fives and the excitement had worn off for him (probably because we still had to find a table).

I also learned that I am decent at bargaining. I had to bargain for this chair but I got them to take $70 off of their asking price. I was really pumped it is very comfortable as well. Both the couches look good in my living room and when I sit in it I think I really like this room. I will add that the only thing that has not stressed me out in the past week has been my house. School was so stressful last week, I am so grateful that it is over.

And the most depressing news of all is that teacher meetings start tomorrow. I want to cry. But I won't I will suck it up. It just feels like summer has been ripped away. SOOOOOO SAD!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My new house

This is my new house. It is an end unit townhome. I believe it is 1300 square feet. Three bedrooms and two baths. One full bath and one half bath. This week was crazy. I signed my life away on Monday, got the keys on Tuesday, carpet on Wednesday and Thursday and did hardwood floors on Saturday. All of that along with biking, class, three day PE conference, and moving. Needless to say my week was slightly crazy. I learned I can still function on a little bit of sleep when it is absolutely essential.

Below is a picture of my bathroom. The only room in the entire house that is put together. I will post pictures slowly as I finish decorating each room. There is no hurry and it will probably take the entire month to get moved in completely.

Saturday my cousin Melissa's husband was kind enough to come down to Provo and teach me/ help me put in my flooring. It was one long day and I woke up today more sore then I have been in years. I was not expecting that but it has been slow going all day. Don't worry I ended up buying two different floors because I couldn't decide which one I liked the best. For those of you who have never bought laminate flooring that is a lot of loading and unloading of heavy awkward boxes. That alone was a workout not to mention the actual putting in of the floor. We had lots of help and it went really well until around 9:30pm and my brain would not function anymore I messed up two boards before I decided I was done using the saws for the night. Ryan was great and I really, really appreciate his help. Some of my roomates, my cousin Katie, and Dan all helped as well. Below is a collage of the project.

And below is the final project. One of the floors I bought was actually made in Oroville, California. That was crazy but I ended up liking the other floor better. We have not put the edges in yet but I really love the floor and I am sure it will look much better when I actually clean it.

Just for fun I thought you all might enjoy a good laugh. At the PE conference I went to we went mountain biking on the last day. Don't worry I crashed 4 times. I was wearing my clip in peddles and that was pretty much the death of me. I have some sweet bruises on my legs but they are hard to see becasue of my summer tan. I fugure the crashes are good in the sense that it is how you learn. I am obviously a slow learner. Even after all of those crashes I was not as sore as I was after putting in that darn floor.


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