Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
this is the life

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know there are so many people concerned about me when I don't update my blog so here is what I have been up to:
  • attending all ward activities, long story not for the blog, but I have committed to doing so. No more excuses as I tell my basketball players. Obviously getting to church was never an issue but since grad school I have not gotten back in the habit of going to everything else. Well the past three weeks I have gone. Even if I am EXHAUSTED, which is everyday, I still go.
  • Track . . . I only ask myself why am I coaching about three times a day. Just kidding. It is time consuming and stressful at times but I do enjoy the interaction with the kids. It keeps me feeling young:)
  • Basketball. I open my gym a couple times a week and play on a team so I am still playing plenty of ball. I love to get exercise that way as opposed to running. It does help me get through the extra long Utah winter.
  • Friday night soccer. I just love to play sports. I wish it was not Friday nights but it is usually really fun and I get to see Jana so that is a bonus as well.
  • I made a scripture journal as suggested here or here. It is so cute. I am pretty sure my scripture study will be AMAZING now. I wanted to post a picture but I don't have my camera cord with me here at work. Sometime maybe I will but just know it is very cute.
  • Being the best PE teacher ever. Just kidding. But I really do love my job and I really do spend a lot of energy trying to be a good teacher.
What I am looking forward to:
  • This week being over. We had teacher meetings until 4:30 Monday. Track meet until 7 yesterday. Parent teacher conferences until 7 today and Thursday. I am not cut out for 12 hour days. I am seriously tempted to take Friday off of work but I probably won't.
  • Spring break in two weeks. Can't believe it is almost here and I can't wait to go somewhere warm. I think Vegas and San Diego are on the hit list for this year.
  • Warm weather. We have had a couple nice days but I am ready for lots of nice days:)
  • Taking my kayaks out. I didn't really get them out last year after the car denting incident, but now that my car is paid off I figure what the heck we will give it another go.
  • SUMMER- is it ok to say that already. The school year has gone so fast. Can you believe there are only 9 weeks to go?
  • General Conference. I seriously love general conference. I am pretty sure I love the messages the most but the food at Aunt Nancy's is a really close second.
  • Riding my pink bike with the awesome zebra striped handle bar tape I recently had put on it. It is very cool.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life is crazy!! I can't wait for spring break, really I can't wait for summer but spring break is the next holiday so we will go with that. Yesterday was the first track meet of the season. CRAZY TIMES! Of course people were turning in the required physicals and bus fees up until we left. I seriously did not have the heart to tell them they could not go to the meet even though they were a day late. So annoying. Turn your junk in on time. So I am pretty thankful I didn't kill anyone yesterday. We are talking probably 60 kids turned their stuff in yesterday. In case you were thinking about coaching track hold off if there are 200 junior high kids on your team. Overall the meet was great once we were there, minus the snow! I swear it snows every track meet. Six hours in the freezing cold. I still shiver just thinking about it.

On a happier note . . . the cougars. Seriously they played so great on Saturday. I am kicking myself for not buying tickets and going to Denver. What was I thinking??? I just hope they can keep playing well. I have definitely caught the craze. It is so fun to have BYU doing so well.

Other then that I stay busy playing basketball and soccer. I will be happy when the weather changes and I can get some sun. I feel so pale in the winter. So pale that I am embarrassed to wear white shorts (I don't want to scare anyone).

Monday, March 14, 2011

While I Have Been Living It Up . . . .

I didn't really have time to blog. Ok, I have been busy but I have not really been living it up, but wouldn't it be awesome if I had been. Although I have done some blog worthy things the past couple of weeks.

Basketball is officially over. The banquet is done! And I have jumped into track with both feet. Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into. I don't even know. My bball banquet turned out really nice and it was fun to talk about each of my players because they were all so great.

One of the things the school did for our team was purchased championship t-shirts because they were 14-0 in league. A group of them asked if they could come watch one of my basketball games and I told them only if we made it to the championship. Well we made it and we won. I made their day because I airballed a shot and missed a lay-up. HILARIOUS! That made their night. Here we all are sporting our champion gear.

Jana was on the team this year which was way fun. It was great for me because after work I would just come chill at her house and she would cook me dinner and then we would go play ball. That was SWEET! Thanks Jana and Ben. You can still have me over for dinner once a week if you want:)

On Friday I took the day off work and headed to Vegas to cheer on the Cougars. We tried to scalp tickets for Friday night but no such luck. The tickets were going for $125-400. As much as I wanted to cheer on BYU I could not afford that price. We ended up going to Red Robin and chilling there for the entire game. Which was also really fun and much more affordable. BYU played awesome that night and got into the championship which was really important because we had tickets for that.

We got there early, here we all are ready for the game. I loved the seats at the Thomas and Mack Center. Every seat has a back and every seat is padded. That was good planning.

The place was packed. No empty seats. It was crazy. It was also fun, but unfortunately the fun ended soon after the game started because BYU had a rough go that night. Let's just say us cougas fans did not have much to cheer about.

Vegas was awesome it was 80 degrees. I bought a swimsuit down there because I was like I am hot I want to swim. It felt so great to be in the sun and just enjoy some nice weather.

An added bonus was that I did not have to work today. I was able to sleep in, go to the temple, run errands, clean my house, work out, and . . . . .

pay my car off! That is right no more payments for me. Seriously the lady at the bank was very unenthusiastic about me paying off my car. Obviously she did not realize how much money I have put into that thing. It was not as exciting as I anticipated but I am seriously pumped. I hate having a car payment. Hopefully this car will continue to be awesome and I won't have a payment for a long long time.


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