Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Birthday and more

February has been great! I have had the chance to see many friends. The weather in Utah has been extremely mild. I had a birthday. I have two student teachers. It is state basketball. There is a Monday holiday. It is a great month!

The sunrises have been phenomenal as I have been getting to work in the morning. Makes for a good start to the day.
 One more . . . . Mt Timpanogos is my favorite.
This little meme so describes me. I have issues being cheery in the morning, especially when I wake up to an alarm.
 I consumed so much CRAP on my birthday. I have two student teachers and they went all out. I am surrounded by great people and they really made my birthday fun, even for a girl who would prefer to not make a big deal on her birthday. I tried to eat a couple vegtables for every bite of a treat.
Erica was in town this weekend and it was fun to see her and Jana on my birthday. I don't have any pictures but it is always a treat to see my high school friends.

I usually take a personal day on my birthday but this year it was on a Thursday. I decided to work on my birthday and take Friday off. Since the following Monday was presidents day I had a long weekend and so I headed to Vegas to see Katie.
 We ate dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.
The waiter was very concerned about us eating too much. It was obnoxiously funny!

 The weather in Vegas was soooo nice. I was able to bike. Wear shorts. Feel the sun on my face. It was perfect. We ate out at a little bakery and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
 A nice lady volunteered to take our picture after she saw me taking the picture above.
 It was Valentines day so they had heart balloons out. So sweet.
We hit up all our favorite stores on Saturday. I love shopping in Vegas. We also went to get eyebrows threaded. Mine were long overdue. It feels so great to have my eyebrows touched up!
Sunday we went to church and Parley made us some delicious food. He is a great cook. It was very yummy!
 Beets with goat cheese.
 Chicken, steak, muti colored carrots, and brussel sprouts. So Delicious.
I was in love with the carrots. I did not know they came in so many colors. I bought some when I got home.

They were nice enough to let me bring Moki. Moki did great. She gives their house a nice look:)
She stayed in her little area the whole weekend. Monday morning I headed home early because I had work the next day. It was hard to come back to real life. I loved the warm weather and the lack of responsibility!

I bought my own carrots. I am in love with them. They taste very similar except I think the yellow ones are a little more sweet.
 They are so pretty though.
 My cousins daughter Abbie had to do a job shadow. She came to work with me for the day. It was fun to have her around. I made her workout with me one period. It was good times. I loved having her around for a day.
This week was the girls state basketball tournament. I had so much fun watching most of the games. They stream them live so I could watch them at home and at work. I went up to Salt Lake twice to watch Mt. View play. They lost in the semifinals again this year. They had a great season but it always so hard to end on a loss. I love watching these girls play. I can't believe they are seniors. Weren't they just in my 7th grade PE class?
The atmosphere at the state tournament is so fun. It was so fun to support them from the sidelines.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well January happened......rather quickly. I am not a fan of January. It is so dark and cold and you have to get back on schedule after the holiday break. It is rough.

I did some sewing this month. I finished a quilt for my dad and almost finished my t-shirt quilt. This one has been in the works for years. Now I just need to get the border done. Moki always likes to lay right on my sewing projects. It's a little annoying.
 We started the New Year off right by hiking the Y. Utah got a lot of snow over Christmas break so it was great to hike in it. Moki loves the snow.
Unfortunately it has not snowed since. I enjoy the snow in the winter and I love to snowshoe but the weather hasn't helped much.We also hike the Y a couple times a week after work.
There is a one week difference in these two pictures. You can see the inversion starting to set in. Until it snows or rains it just keeps getting worse. YUCK!
Andrew is always a highlight of Sunday dinner. He brings so much joy!
I have been working on getting a picture of a temple in every room. It finally happened. I am enjoying them all over my house.
 This week when I got to work I was greeted by this amazing sunrise. I had to take a picture. So pretty.
 On the Monday holiday we hiked the Alpine Loop. There is quite a bit of snow up there and the air is actually clean. A win win. I wish it was a little closer.
Moki got groomed yesterday. She is so white and fluffy. Her hair is so long. It is seriously crazy. I put her Valentine's day handkerchief on to add to her cuteness.
 I guess there was a thing called the super bowl today???? I didn't watch it. Dan had a little shindig and so I went and played with my nephew during the first half. He is way more fun than any game.
 I can't believe it already February. I am hoping I can finally get back into a good routine. I really struggles in January. I have just felt so tired and I think I only woke up early to exercise 2 times. I usually get a minimum of four times a week. Like I said it was rough. But hey a new month can bring new beginnings!


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