Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


If you follow my blog at all you know that I have been taking a statistics class that was way over my head. It was very difficult and occupied all of my time last semester.

This posts has two purposes. One is to talk about following my Bishops counsel. At the start of the semester I bought a house and moved into a new ward. My first Sunday the Bishop talked about making covenants with the Lord. I have heard a lot about making covenants at baptism and in the temple but he suggested we could make covenants with things we really need help with in our lives. I pondered and prayed over the idea for about three weeks. Covenants are serious and I wanted to make sure mine was appropriate. Finally I made the covenant that I would go to the temple every week, even after basketball started, if I could receive help with my stats class. I went to the temple each week and it not only blessed me with my statistics but in all areas of my life.

The second purpose of this post is to share with you all what I saw posted on my grades this morning. I am very excited and can assure that this grade was accomplished with the help of a great professor, lots of hard work and tears (I know probably should not admit that but there were tears involved), and most importantly the help of the Lord. Now all I have left is my thesis, no more classes. YEA!! Oh and here is what I saw, I am still a little afraid to believe it.

Fall Semester 2008
EDLF 641 001 Quant Reasoning 2 3.00 A-

Friday, December 19, 2008

Did I Mention. . . . . . . . . . ?

  • That I turned in my stats final on Wednesday!!! Yea, I only had to take two days off of work in order to have enough time to get it down. Now I am just waiting to see my grade in hopes that I passed.
  • That it snowed a ton this week and finally last night I was able to go snowshoeing with Jenni and Julianne. We had a great time and got a great workout because we broke trail the entire way. It was AWESOME! Although I am tired today because I didn't get to bed until midnight

  • That snowshoeing could very well be my favorite outdoor activity, it is close between that and biking. Nothing beats snowshoeing in the Utah powder. I just love being able to be outside and enjoy the beautiful world Heavenly Father has created for us.
  • I am going home on Saturday. I have not been home since June. I am PUMPED!!
  • That I love how my house is decorated.
  • That I love when my house is clean, that is a great feeling.
  • And last but not least that Christmas Break starts today at 3pm. I have decided that Christmas break was designed so that teachers do not commit murder before the year is over.
  • Oh and one more thing . . . . That I have not eaten sweets since Thanksgiving (I made a $50 bet with my cousin Melissa) and it actually has not been horrible. I feel great and this little bet has been a testament of how much junk I was eating.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Come What May and Love It

Elder Wirthlins conference talk Come What May and Love it was one of my favorite talks and I re-read it last week when I had learned of his passing. Today I took his advice and laughed when everything seemed to be going wrong.

It was a game day and I had to tape an ankle get my team ready and get dressed myself. It is crazy busy and I go in the gym in my sweats and nothing for our game is set up. I was frustrated and I called the office and they send the janitors down.

Plan A was to take a shower do my hair and look nice for the game. Plan B happened and it went like this. Put my clean skirt and jacket in the sink and hop in the shower, get out of the shower and my skirt and jacket are completely drenched. We are talking soaking wet. Debate about coaching in my sweats. but I really don't want to. Blow dry my skirt instead of my hair. Throw hair in a bun. open bag and realize I have no church shoes. (This is where I thought about come what may and love it and started laughing.) Throw on wet skirt. Call a teacher and ask her to dry my jean jacket. Debate about wearing tennis shoes to coach in. Jamie Pratt (she is helping me coach) comes in to see what is wrong and I ask her to go get one of the players with big feet. I borrow her shoes. Put on my black hoodie with my blue skirt and brown shoes and go coach. At half time my jacket is dry and I am good to go.

It was a whirlwind but I am thankful for the advice come what may and love it. Because the whole situation is really funny. Me coaching in a soaking wet skirt and a black hoodie and brown shoes. How can you not laugh about that? The only other option is to cry and that would have been awkward for everyone involved and besides despite are ugly play in the first half we won.

The take home message: I will now have an extra outfit and shoes in my car at all times.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Christmas Tree

My Christmas trees is so cute I love it very much. This year I decorated my house the day after Thanksgiving and it was so much fun to have my own house and be able to decorate the way I choose. I am very particular about my tree. Mikila learned this the hard way when she requested to hang a BYU ornament on my Christmas tree. Um, I am sorry did I say I was picky, I like BYU but that will not match my decor. I like the ornaments on my tree which were given to me by my Aunt Nancy they are all white and gold and I think the tree looks really classy.

I also was able to pick up some cute little crafty things to decorate my house with. I like the little sayings and I love this time of year when I can reflect on the Savior and the true meaning of Christmas. I really loved the Christmas devotional tonight it helped put me in the Christmas spirit. It reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas and the wonderful opportunities we can have to serve others at this time of year.

I am so blessed in my life. All of my needs are met and I feel the Saviors love in my life on a regular basis. Honestly the best Christmas present for me this year will be spending time with my family. I really don't want anything for Christmas becasue I feel like I have been given so much. Oh, and yesterday I finally found the picture of the Savior I have been wanting at an affordable price and I love the spirit that it brings into my home everytime I look at it and imagine the story of the women at the well.

I am so grateful for the Savior and his atoning sacrifice. I am thankful for the gift that has already been given and this time of year we have to reflect more regularly on that gift. I am thankful for the gospel in my life. For living prohets that lead and guide us. I am grateful for friends and family. I am so blessed!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Forgotten Carols

Last night Mikila was able to get Katie and I tickets to The Forgotten Carols at the UVU McKay events center. The show was really good and I really loved the music. It was fun and really helped put me in the Christmas spirit. If you get the chance you should go sometime because it was awesome but be prepared for a little cheesyness after the play is finished. Maybe it was becasue I was tired or maybe I was being a scrooge but no matter what the cost I was not going to link arms and sing "we can be together forever someday" over and over while swaying. All in all a fun night and thank you to Mikila for the tickets.


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