Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, June 12, 2011


It is always nice to come home! I wasn't sure I was going to make it this summer but I did and I am glad. #1 reason to come home is to dote on this cutie . . .

I mean I was super pumped to come home because Caleb graduated from high school and who does not love to attend high school graduations? But seriously he did it he really did it!

And we did it we sat through the entire thing and clapped when appropriate.

Aaron and Caleb both graduated this week. Aaron from the poilce academy and Caleb from Las Plumas High School.

So in honor of the graduates we went to Charlie's to celebrate . . . because let's be honest that is what you do in Oroville go to Charlie's.

Nancy came out as well which was nice because otherwise I would not have made the trip. So FUN!

The fruit in California is amazing right now. I love it!

My Dads garden is in full bloom. This is a flower on the top of an onion. I was practicing my blurring skills.

And seriously is it not the best thing ever when a baby will cuddle with you. It didn't last too long but I loved it while it did.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


SCHOOLS OUT! Now that is what I am talking about. Last week Jana taught me a very important life skill. How to make duct tape bows. The timing of this lesson could not have been better because the next day was yearbook signing day at school so I had a little free time to practice my skills. I have worn one every day since. Here I am sporting two that I made.

Super cute and fun! I had a bunch of students trying to buy them off of me.

I even wore one to church today. I debated because that seems a little sassy but I decided to do it anyways.

Last night I did something I have never done. I invited my basketball team over for homemade ice cream. I was a little anxious, mainly because my house is really little. Seven girls and two moms came. We had a blast. We ate, chatted, I taught them how to make duct tape bows, and I sent them on their way by giving them each a pair of my old shorts. Awesome right? I have now given away 12 pair of shorts from my many. It is pretty awesome.

Here the girls are sporting their shorts and bows. I stayed up until midnight. That is late for me.

I just can't say enough how much I love these girls. They are so good and so fun. I think the thing I respect about them the most is they helped teach me how to be myself but also be a coach and a teacher. That is something I always struggle with. You want to have fun and let kids see that side of you but you also have to make sure they respect you and follow the rules. These girls helped me more than anyone else to find that balance and it made my year. I have never laughed so much while working. I think I am often afraid to open up. It is scary! But they dragged it out of me because they just have such fun personalities. Watch out world Ms. Brown has changed!

Now off to summer. I need to plan that out. Any suggestions? The only thing for sure is that this girl will be going to Kansas, most likely more than once.


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