Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Erica reminded me of our little hike last summer to Silver Lake (there is no way I had forgotten). I had not forgotten but I didn't post it previously because the picutures were in a different folder and I didn't want to look. Anyways Erica and I set out up the American Fork Canyon for a little 5 mile hike in the wilderness with Pacen and Camry. Let's just say that I am really good at tuning out screaming kids. Pacen cried the first little while because he had to be on my back. I know such a disapointment but his cries were soft compared to Camry screaming in Erica's hear the whole way there. We had a great time once we got there and the hike back was much better. Camry was on my back and Pacen on Ericas and I think Camry was tired enough she slept most of the way. Over all it was still really fun, the weather was beautiful and the lake was so clear. Too bad Erica is pregnant this year I will have to find someone else to hike it with. It was great to have kids on our back it made it a much better workout.

What the heck

Yea those were the exact words I screamed as I walked outside this morning to the fresh 4 inches of snow. Picture me in a cute shorter summer skirt, t-shirt, no tights, all ready for church and that is what greeted me at the door. That was a really rough way to start the sabbath. I am happy to report that I went the way I was dressed and the meetings were great even though the weather was horrible. It snowed until around 4 pm. I love the snow in the winter but as Erica said two months ago enough is enough. My roomates were still in bed because they were going to a different ward. Apparently they thought my reaction was hilarious because they had already looked out the window. Hopefully it melts soon because it is supposed to be biking season.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hiking in the Summer

I am so ready for winter to be over and for the nice spring and summer weather to come in. Mainly because I love to hike and bike in Utah. So as I sit in my house and dream here are a few pictures of the different places I hiked last summer. Last summer was one of the best biking and hiking summers I have ever had. So bring on the GOOD WEATHER!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


On Friday my students were doing some stations and one of the stations was sit-ups, well I did not get the mats out and so they were doing them on the floor. I know I am so mean. Anyways they complain no matter what and so I figure it doesn't really matter. But these two girls were really complaining about their backs hurting and I said then don't do sit-ups do crotches, I mean crunches. OOPS that was a little akward but also very funny. Once in a while when I am teaching things just come out wrong and this was a good example.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


So yesterday the day started out beautifully, it was 60 degrees and so I decided I needed to ride my bike. Well I didn't have anything else really important to do all day, besides homework, and so I decided it would be really fun to go on a long ride. So I put on my warm gear and headed off to Sandy. Well it was a great ride there and I probably saw 30 other bikers while I biked because it was so gorgeous out. I biked to my aunts (aunt Nancy) and rested, stretched, and ate for about 45 minutes and then headed back to Provo. Well who knew a storm was blowing in? Next thing I knew it was so windy I could barely stay on my bike. I was scared of crashing and afraid of all the tumble weed flying all over the place. It was crazy and I was just silently praying that I could get home without crashing and before it started to snow. I did make it home safely before the snow but it had dropped 20 degrees by the time I got home. (Apparently other bikers got the storm memo because no one else was biking in the afternoon as I headed home.) All in all it was a good adventure and a great 67 mile bike ride. I LOVE BIKING SEASON!!! Being outside reminded me of how grateful I am for the beautiful world we live in and especially for being healthy enough to do the things I love. And in case you were wondering it did snow. LAME!


Amber and I decided we needed a weekend away. We debated for awhile on where to go. In the end Moab was a great option for us. I could bring...