Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Decor

Right after I bought my house I bought this cute little shelf. Well it sat on the stairs for over a year because I just could not decide on where to hang it. Finally with Katie's help I hung the shelf. I love it. And I love the picture of President Monson that sits on top of it. I just think it is the cutest picture. It makes me happy.

At the begging of the summer I bought another shelf. Yep, I bought another shelf before the first one was even hung. In June I was feeling crafty so I got this shelf with a %50 off coupon at Roberts and then painted it to match my bay window. Then I bought plain wood frames and added scrapbook paper to them so they would match my living room. This shelf was not easy to hang. Let's just say I will be filling up some big holes before I sell this house. But it is worth it because they are cute and they make me smile.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Let me start by saying I have been thinking about attempting a half marathon for sometime. Why, I am not sure, but I have been thinking about it and even talked to a few people about it. So Tuesday I signed up for this:

I then printed an online running plan. I had to start on wee 4 because time is short. But it's all good because my only goal is to finish. At least that is what I am going for. So far I have stuck to my scheduled runs this week. Only two more runs to go. The 8 miles on Saturday will be interesting. I am not so sure I am ready for those kind of miles but hey I have no choice, right?

So I need help because it is on Halloween and there are prizes for the best costume. I know I won't be good enough to get a prize based on my time but hey maybe if I had a SWEET costume I could win that way. So give me some ideas and remember I have to run 13.1 miles in whatever I decide on.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunscreen & Sweat

The school year is well under way and I can attest that I return home each afternoon reaking of sunscreen and sweat. I try to bike to work most days and then I teach outside all day and so I have not discovered a remedy for this terrible smell. I now have a student teacher and the weather has been much cooler so I think the smelly days are close to done. Thankgoodness.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ben Lomand

For Labor Day Amber and I hiked Ben Lomand. It is the peak overlooking Ogden. It is just under 10,000ft. Not super high but the hike was actually 16.4 miles. It was relatively easy compared to some other hikes we have done but it was nice to be outside enjoying the great weather. We did it in just under 6 hours.

And what would a hike be without a self portrait.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Start'n' it off Right

This weekend is the kick-off for the college football season. The only real way to start the season off is to have a bbq. Luckily for me and Sam, Dan and his buddies planned a great bbq. Dan was the chef so it was amazing, of course. We had chicken, shrimp, steak, and sliders (mini burgers). I ate more meat at this little party then I ate all of last week combined but it was sure good. I brought a watermelon just to mix things up a bit. I will say the bbq shrimp was AWESOME. I also had a great time annoying Dan. That is done by picking at the food he has cooked before it is actually time to eat. What can I say I am a grazer and I love to annoy him:)
Sam and I ditched the party after the food so we could watch the game at my house. I cleaned during the game. I just have a hard time watching the whole game because I am nervous for BYU and I get so frustrated when they mess up. Lame I know. In an effort to control my anger I do other things while watching the game.
BYU thankfully pulled this one out. We are off to a good start. I must say I was dissapointed that no one in my ward mentioned the game in Sacrament meeting today. (not really dissapointed but totally suprised.) Provo was crazy last night while students lined the streets and let the world know the BYU pulled out the upset. Here's to a great start on the football season!!


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