Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bake Sale

As I returned to school this year I learned that one of my former students had been diagnosed with Leukemia. She is only 16. A great student and a great athlete. She also comes from a great family and the whole situation just really breaks your heart. Well tomorrow they are having a bake sale for her in Orem so me, some aunts (Loralie and Nancy), cousins (Melissa and Heather), and family (Sam and Amanda) all got together and made some treats for the bake sale. It was a fun evening and seriously there are so many treats in my house right now.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

cupcakes made by the less talented

yummy peanut butter brownies and lemon bars

strawberry cupcakes made by someone a little more talented (Heather)

And some really cute cupcakes also made by Heather.

Also some banana bread not pictured

All the treats went through Sam Brown quality assurance testing and the tests came back with excellent results. He took his self assigned job very seriously. So if you live in the area make your way over to the bake sale tomorrow I am sure there will be lots of yummy treats (800 South Geneva Rd at an LDS chapel).

Here is her blog if you want to learn more about her. And thanks to all of my family who helped I really appreciate it.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have not done much this past week. So I have nothing to report on the blogging front. I have been looking through old pictures and here are some shots from a ghost town in Wyoming that I liked. I took them last summer.

And some pictures of my cousin Heather's daughters. The are so cute. As I was looking at older pictures I was shocked at how much they have changed in a years time.

And really why are skinny jeans back in style. They do look cute on little skinny girls but they are definitely not my favorite.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

did you know . . . . .

They make computers that are all inside the screen. I didn't until today. Went to Best Buy to look at laptops came home with this

first glance you think what a nice computer screen, but don't worry the computers built somewhere inside. And it is a touch screen. It is pretty much the coolest thing ever. My only requirements for a new computer were that it could hold lots of photos and music. I really wanted a netbook that I could hook up to my TV when I wanted to use photoshop, so it would be nice and big. But I took Dan shopping (never agood thing when it involves computers) and he convinced me that my life is so boring I don't even need a mobile computer, which is true. And then I saw the screen computers and I just love it because it does not take up any space, no tower needed. I really really love that about it. So yea that is the most exciting thing that happened in my life this week.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

This weekend was just really nice and pretty relaxing. It is always AWESOME when you know you don't have to work on Monday. Mikila and the Than & Erica Hancock family were in town. It was fun to spend the first part of the weekend hanging out with friends from Oroville. Dinner at Sam and Amanda's was also a highlight.

I was supposed to hike Timp on Saturday but my sprained ankle was still too huge so I had to postpone until Monday. It was a great day to hike. The weather was nice and cool, actually it was pretty chilly until the last two hours of the hike, and it was not crowded. I have hiked Timp on Labor Day a few times and it is always crazy but yesterday it really wasn't.

We stayed on top long enough to sign the book and snap this picture it was too cold.

Now it is back to the grind and no more three day weekends until UEA. Bummer!


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