Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday is a special day.......

Today was one of the most productive Saturdays I have had in a long time. I didn't even take a nap which is pretty much a miracle for me. I watched Andrew.

Cleaned, washed, and vacuumed my car. Had lunch with my brothers. Grocery shopped. Cleaned the downstairs. Hiked the Y with Moki, the weather has been fabulous. Biked 20 miles. Showered. Did a little reading. Went to basketball practice at 8:30pm. And now I am blogging!!!!! After this I will put in my last load of laundry:)

It felt so good to be outside and feel the sun. I forgot how much I miss that ALL. WINTER. LONG!
My last three miles were intense because some dude on a fixed gear bike was trying to pass me after I watched him draft off of me for a while. Shadows give you away every time. Should not have been a big deal but I let pride get the better of me. My heart rate went up 15 beats per minute just to keep up but it was worth it. And he was really nice, Jason on the fixed gear purple bike man. My quadriceps were burning when I got home!!!! It felt great.

We had a late night basketball practice because our state tournament game is Monday at 9:10pm. What the what??? I am going to be out way past my bed time. In case you haven't heard our varsity girls won the region. Well we co-won the region and then lost the coin toss for the state tournament.
 It was super exciting. As a coach it has been very rewarding to watch our teams on all levels be so successful. We have put in so much time. All summer, all fall, and during the season. It is so great that it has paid off. Our girls are amazing. They are great people and great athletes. It is so fun to be around them and celebrate their successes. And I seriously love teasing them:) Tonight was great because I got to play a lot of the time. I was very physically active today.

Moki is all tuckered out. She went straight to bed when we got home from basketball. She leads a very hard life. One more picture of Andrew looking super happy!

Andrew overload

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch Andrew on Saturday mornings when I don't have a basketball conflict. I love just playing with him and watching him love life. I can't help but take pictures. I have never thought it was weird that all my friends post so many pictures of their kids because who would not love taking pictures of children, especially the ones you birthed. Well I love taking pictures of all of my nieces and nephews. Every time I watch him I really try to make sure and get my camera out. So this post will be an Andrew overload, in case you didn't catch that in the title.

The first few pictures are from last Saturday when I watched Andrew.
 I love taking pictures in my upstairs tv room. The gray/blue paint in the background makes me happy.

 Andrew loves loves loves music. He really has for a long time. Now he is starting to dance.

 It's pretty much adorable!!!!
 This guy is so cute.
 The next couple are from my Sunday birthday celebration. He flexes his muscles these days.

 He loves to look out the doggie door. He has yest to be brave enough to actually crawl out the door. Moki was watching him real close on this afternoon.
 I love how he and Moki interact as well. Moki is so good with him and he gets so excited to pet her and feed her.
 He loves the Frozen soundtrack. His face lights up when one of those Disney songs comes on.
These last few are from today. We did the dishes together. This time I was smart and stripped him down at the beginning.

 This look is hilarious. He wasn't mad just eating and this is what the camera caught.
 Proof that he ate some egg!
 It wasn't all bad.
 This little man loves the being outside. He ran around chasing bubbles for a long time. He kept trying to pop them on his forehead.
 Then we took a break and went out front and he just ran back and forth on the sidewalk over and over and over. So Funny.

My heart melted a little this morning when he was so excited to see me. Love this little boy!

My Birthday

It happened . . . . . . .another birthday. It was actually a really nice day that left me extremely exhausted. I ran with Moki in the morning, went to work (I usually take the day off but I still had basketball so I just went), didn't teach because I have a student teacher, did basketball practice, took an awesome nap, skyped with Ben and Katie while these two girls were being CRAZY,
 played soccer, and went to dinner with Jana and Michelle. Soccer was great. I was so excited to play I have missed it during basketball season. My nap was amazing but too long I couldn't sleep that night. It was great to have a girls night with Jana and Michelle. So fun to just visit and chat. I was spoiled by my basketball team and co-workers. I really appreciated all the wishes through texts, calls, and Facebook that I received. I ate way too much junk. Then too top it all off Anthony brought me dinner the next night and I celebrated with all my Utah family on Sunday. I was seriously super spoiled.

And during my birthday week took the basketball team bowling for practice and it was AWESOME!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ice Castles

 In Midway, Utah there are some ice castles. They are pretty neat but in my opinion a little overpriced. However Olaf is there and he is awesome.
 Don't get me wrong they were really cool.
 Just a little small for $10 a person in my humble opinion, but I am kind of cheap.
 Why do all the princesses need to be there. Utah is crazy sometimes. Maybe that is why they charge so much.
 It is all man made. I wonder how long it takes to get it as big as it is?
 I went with Katie and four of her nieces. Kylie, Tara, Cierra, and Abby.
 One more picture with Olaf. That was my favorite part.

I need a break from real life!!!!!

Not really, but it feels that way. It is definitely the time of year when I am EXHAUSTED. I just forget how tired I am at the end of the basketball season. You go and go and go, with no rest. Somehow I always survive, I am not sure how. We are playing awesome right now and I have a student teacher so those two things make it a little bit easier.

I have had the chance to watch Andrew on a couple of Saturdays recently. His mom is taking a class at BYU and so if my schedule is not too crazy I get to hang out with this little guy. I love it!!! One Saturday he had to come to practice with me. He did AWESOME! He loved hanging out with the basketballs. He is so easy going it makes it pretty easy to hang out with him.
 I tested out Moki's valentine day decor. It passes the test.

One Monday I got to come home at 3:30. It was a dream. The weather was pretty nice so Moki and I went to hike the Y before it got dark. It was really nice except for the nasty inversion.
 The boys basketball team had Travis Hansen come and talk to them. He played at Mountain View, the BYU, and then in the NBA, and over seas. He did a really good job. He talked about balancing all things in your life, keeping your priorities straight (basketball isn't the most important), working hard, making sacrifices. It was good.
The super bowl happened. I could care less. I took Andrew to the park in the cold while everyone else watched. We had a good time. He is getting old enough to have fun at the park.
This week Dan, Anthony and I went bowling. I will say by the time Thursday came I really just wanted to lay on my couch. Leaving the house just seemed like way too much effort. I am so glad I went. Not because I won, that was an added bonus, but because it was a reminder of how much fun you can have in life. My brothers are hilarious and we laughed, ate, bowled, and laughed some more. It was really refreshing. So glad I went. The scoreboard was pretty sweet as well.

Andrew came over again this morning. We snuggled a little at first because he was so tired. We watched some you tube nursery rhymes. This little guy loves music.
We went on a walk. Tried to eat. Read his book a couple of times. And then I had him help me with the dishes. My house is kind of boring for a little guy, but playing in the bubbles (bub bub) was a hit. The kitchen was soaked and so was he but it was definitely a success! He started with all his clothes on.
Then I realized that was not the best idea. He was kind of trying to climb in the water.
 Probably should not play with the glass bottles. I will take that one thanks.

 I love the excitement on his face when he realizes his finger can fit through the hole.
 The dishes did get washed and it was a good 30 minutes of entertainment.
 So many different expressions.
  So fun to get to spend some time with Andrew.


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