Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's been a while

I have not started the year off as a very good blogger. I am not sure why. So I am going to try and catch up and hope I can do a little better.

I made a wreath for my house. Yes my Christmas cards are still up! I love seeing my friends faces everyday.
Since this picture I have gotten rid of the candy canes.

 Track started. In usual Utah fashion one day would be 70 degrees and then the next it would be snowing. Nothing we aren't used to in the spring.
 We have 167 kids on our team. It is a lot of organizing and managing but it is so fun to see them have success. This year the weather really was better than most years.
 I played on two basketball teams this winter. I love to still play sports. I don't love how I definitely feel my age and feel so SLOW.
Moki and I get out most mornings. She promptly comes home eats and then crashes. Crazy dog.
 I took Andrew to REI. I had to return something. We had a blast. He loved trying out all the tents.
 I have been on my bike here and there weather depending. I got my first flat of the!
Andrew is obviously very serious about biking as well.
My parents and Aaron came to Utah for conference and the first part of spring break. It was fun to have so much family time. I had Andrew while his parents went to Sam's mission reunion. We died Easter eggs and watched Tangled.
 I forgot to take off his clothes before he accidentally knocked over the blue egg coloring. OOPS! Auntie fail, I am still learning.
Games began in the morning before breakfast, no time was wasted in that department.
 We had our traditional conference breakfast. It was delicious as always.
 I added a fish tank to my house. Gotta keep this cutie entertained.
 Moki enjoys it as well.
I actually had a fish die yesterday and I was surprised how sad it made me.

For spring break I had a staycation. It was really nice. I got in some great hikes and great bike rides. I also got some quality time with this cutie. We went to the zoo one day.

He runs now!
 My cousin and her kids came too. Andrew was the center of attention so that was a win.
 We wore him out. He was being so loud and crazy on the way home and then it was silent. I think he fell asleep mid conversation.
 I woke him up for lunch.
It was a fun little day.

Tuesday Moki and I hiked squaw peak. It was a great hike until the very top and then it was super muddy.  The nice thing was that we had the trail to ourselves the entire time!
Then on Wednesday it rained all day so we didn't do much. Thursday it was nice again and we hiked. Well the rain had also brought some snow in. We ran into snow about 1.5 miles into our hike. Moki was in heaven.
 I had the wrong shoes on so it was a little annoying but we still got in a great hike.
 We have also gotten out the doggie carrier. Last Sunday we went to the Provo River Trail.
 To say Moki was in heaven would be an understatement. Those poor ducks. Apparently 60 degrees is warm enough to swim. I had one very happy dog.
 And this last picture sums up my dog. I was setting up for our track meet and she was running around. Then she found the garbage. She is crazy!


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