Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Routine Life

Being back in school means back to all the normal routines and stuff. I like routines, but man it is so exhausting adjusting back to the life where I can't just take an afternoon nap whenever I am tired. Pathetic I know. I have done a decent job of waking up early. I have biked almost everyday to and from school! I haven't missed an early morning weight lifting workout yet!

I got this fun map for my guest room. You can scratch off the countries you have visited. It makes me realize I really haven't been that many places.
 Seventh grade day, the first day of school, was also eclipse day. Teachers and students were outside togther watching the eclipse. Our biology teacher looked so cool with his beard I had to get a picture.
 I was playing total eclipse of the heart and looking at the eclipse. The boomerang video that Hannah took was hilarious. We were not in totality but it was really cool to see.
 I wanted to do something different this year on the first day of school. Every teacher always just does disclosure documents and the students are so bored. all. day. long. I decided to teach a fun mixer dance that our former ballroom teacher used to teach. it was really simple, obviously because I don't dance, but so fun. The girls had a great time and so did I. I need to learn a few more really simple dances.
We celebrated Anthony's birthday. I got him the best present ever, a scale:)
On August 18th when I got out of teacher meetings I learned that Angelee Acebo Petersons' dad Angelo Acebo had passed away. I was so sad and shocked. Having just recently dealt with a similar loss my heart hurt so much for Angelee and her siblings. Angelee and I have been friends since the third grade, I moved into her class that year. We were the only mormons in third grade at our elementary school and thus began a lifelong friendship. I spent lots of time at her house growing up and I was really sad to hear about the loss of her dad. I knew I wanted to try to go home for the funeral but I also knew with school just starting it would be tricky. Lucky for me the funeral fell on September 1, also labor day weekend. This made it an option for me to drive home for the funeral. I am grateful it worked out. The funeral was really nice and it was a great celebration of Angelo's life. It was so great to be able to give Angelee a big hug in person. I did not anticipate how emotionally hard the funeral would be. I felt good all morning, but as soon as I walked into the church, the same place we held my dads funeral, it was almost too much. All weekend I have had to confront a lot of emotions that I thought I was done with. I had to remind myself that it has only been 8 and 1/2 months since I did this for my dad. The emotions are still there. Even though it was hard I am so glad I went. I am also so sorry that Angelee is now dealing with the grief and sorrow of losing a parent.

After the funeral my mom went and picked up Olivia and Braxton and we hung out all weekend. It was soooooooo hot in Oroville. 110 degrees all weekend. And there are multiple fires burning near by so it was super smoky. Conditions were not the best but seeing family and friends made for a fun weekend despite the real reason I went.

My trip got off to an annoying start. I got up early and hiked the Y with Moki. When I got home I noticed her fur was laying weird in one spot on her back. I decided to investigate and pulled off a scab with loads of pus. So gross. I quickly shaved her back to get a better look. Cleaned the wound and texted a vet friend. Blah! We ended up stopping at the vet on the way out of town. My vet was in surgery and no one else was at the office so I made an executive decision to just go to California and worry about it later if it appears to get infected. Luckily it has healed up pretty nicely.
 Moki thinks she is a human. She is ridiculous!
 Kevin and Liz were out of toen most of the time I was in Oroville but they were generous enough to let us swim. I swam one day with Olivia, Braxton, and Moki.
 Olivia and I did this puzzle that you put together and then color. It was pretty fun. We didn't quite get it finished so she will have to finish it later.
 Dropping these cute kids off at home. I love spending time with them. They are so fun to be around. Man they are getting so big!
 Today was back to the grind. It is always a little rough going back to work after a short but exhausting vacation. It will probably take me all week to recover.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Last full week of summer . . . . tell me it isn't so

I have had a great summer. A good balance of being home and being on trips. I do wish all the home hadn't all been at once and all the trips all at once, but what do you do. I feel rejuvenated. Ready to be around these middle school kids all day that really do make me laugh. I am excited for a new school year. My last full week of summer went out with a bang!

Monday: I really did nothing all day. I was recovering from the 66 miler the week before. I cleaned, ran errands, but mostly rested.

Tuesday: Woke up to my alarm and biked 28 miles. Then met Amanda, Andrew, and Emerson at Battle Creek Falls trailhead to hike.

 I kept Andrew for a sleepover. We hung out with Jana and Erica and all their kids all afternoon. We headed back to my house and had some dinner and then Dan came over and we played two rounds of Skipbo.
 Andrew won both! His face says it all.

 I wore Andrew out and actually got him into bed on time. Sleepover miracle right there. I went to bed early too!

Wednesday: Hang out with Andrew. We ran some errands, made lunch and then went swimming. He loves the Provo Rec Center so we went there. He did the big indoor slide on repeat for an hour and a half straight. He would get so excited every time he got off of the slide.
After I returned him to his parents Anthony, Moki and I hiked Silver Lake. We hiked in a crazy thunder and lightning storm. We were drenched by the time we got to the lake. The weather cleared up before we reached the top and was beautiful the way back to the car. We ran out of daylight so we were pretty cold when we finally finished. First time Anthony has agreed to hike with me in years so that is a win.

 Thursday: Woke up to an early alarm. Boo! I biked to Erica's house and then we biked together. So fun! And then I biked home. That was a little over 47 miles so I was really tired after that. I rested and did some home chores the rest of the afternoon.

Thursday evening we went to Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at the outdoor theater at Sundance. Thanks to Than and Erica for getting tickets. That was the first time I had seen the show. I liked it. The music was fun and the company was great. We didn't even let a little rain stop us from having fun.
Friday: Woke up to an early alarm again. What the heck summer??? Jana and I hiked Mt. Timpanogos. I loved hiking it with Jana. We visited the whole time, except when we were too out of breath near the top. It was a gorgeous day. We did the American Fork side in seven and a half hours, 16ish miles. It was a tiring but fun day.
 It is so fun for me that I live pretty close to some of my friends I have known and loved the longest. I really am grateful that I get to spend time with them. I love that Jana and I can still try to play on sports teams together as well as go on fun adventures. Here's to trying to stay young forever.
Moki loves hiking Timp!
After I went home and rested Hannah and I met up for yogurt. That was a great way to end a long hiking day.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

66 miles . . . . . oh my!

The youth in our ward planned a 66 mile week long adventure.

They were planning on hiking a little over 50 miles, biking some of those miles, and floating the Provo river for the last of the miles. It was a pretty crazy plan. I was lucky enough to be invited. Originally I had plans to backpack at the end of the week with Ambers family but because there were no other available female leaders I stuck it out with the youth. My feet are SORE! But other than that it was an awesome week doing things I always enjoy. The best thing was that Moki could come on all the hikes. It made the trip so fun.
We met early Monday morning and started our trek in Pleasant Grove at the Battle creek Falls Trail. The cool thing about this adventure was there were tons of different activities for the kids to try along the way. The first one was repelling down the waterfall!!!

I started off by finding a spot to take pictures of the youth while they repelled. I wasn't too sure about repelling I think the last time I tried was right before my mission when I was 21. Yeah 16 years ago....what the heck how am I that old.
 After watching the youth for over an hour I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. It wasn't too terrible!

We only had one incident while we were repelling. One of the young women got her hair stuck in the rope. One of the leaders had to climb down to her and cut it out with a knife. She had long beautiful hair so that was a real bummer. She handled it like a champion, definitely not the start we wanted.

After we repelled we continued up battle creek. The hiking was very steep and very hot. After 6 long miles we made it to the camp the boys would be staying at. We set up some shelters and then had time to chill. They also set up a shooting range so the kids could shoot guns. Moki and I napped in my hammock.
The craziest thing about day one was that the boys camped at Indian Coral which was not easy to access. The girls had to ride 30 minutes on a long bumpy road to get out in the evening and then back in the next morning.

The next day we hiked from Indian Coral to Timpanooke campground. It was another six miles. These miles were easy but for some reason they took a long time.

Once we got to the camp the kids played with bubble balls and did group activities. I figured out on this day that I could bring my car and leave after the hiking. This allowed me to get some stuff done at home and get more sleep. I am not used to hiking when it is the hottest part of the day and I was exhausted.

Wednesday was our day to hike Timpanogos. We went up the Timpanooke trail and then came down the Aspen Grove trail. I was excited to do this hike as a through trail. The hike took us 12 hours, which is long, but the kids did great!

 I ended up not summit-ting. We had one girl that was struggling and didn't feel like she should push to the summit. Of all the leaders I had hiked Timpanogos the most and so I took one for the team and bypassed the summit.
The cool thing was that it allowed me to walk part of the trail from through the meadow I had never been on before. It was beautiful.

We hiked to Emerald lake and waited three hours for our group to catch up. I took a nap and we watched the herd of mountain goats that was hanging out as well.
 I was bummed to not summit with all the youth but it was still a great day.
When we finally got to Aspen Grove everyone was tired and ready to rest.

Thursday was a little bit of a recovery day. We hiked from Aspen Grove to Stewart Falls and then up above Stewart falls.
We dropped down above Sundance on a crazy road where we picked up our mountain bikes. We rode our bikes down a trail at Sundance and then on the road from Sundance to the Provo River.
 I made the mistake of letting Moki run while we mountain biked and she was soooo exhausted. We only biked a few miles but it was so hot and she worked so hard. I threw her in the truck before we biked down the road and she refused to get out again.

After we biked we caught a ride up the canyon to the dam. We ate lunch here and then the kids floated the river. Moki was done for the day so I didn't get to do the river. I ran her home instead. Poor puppy was so tired.

The kids floated the river from the dam down to Vivian Park. I went home and napped and then met them up the canyon at Provo zipline, where we all got to zipline!!! I had never ziplined before so I was pretty excited.
 It ended up being so much fun!!! This was one of the kids favorite activities. I loved it too.
The boys were camping at the zipline place and so after we finished the kids just hung out by the river. I headed home early because I was tired.

Friday we stated our hike at Vivian park. We headed down the Provo River trail until it ran into the Bonneville shoreline trail. We then hiked along that train until we hit Squaw Peak Road. We were staying at Rock Canyon campground and so after we got on the road we alternated between trails and roads to get us to camp.

 We had lunch at the Squaw Peak overlook and then headed back down the road to the rock canyon campground turn off.

 We got to camp around 4. The kids had a chance to use a slack line, shoot a bow, and jump off a bridge. I think they all jumped off the bridge. It was a long hike and it was pretty steep towards the end.

Saturday was our last day hiking! We started hiking by leaving rock canyon campground.
We hiked down rock canyon a couple miles and the youth had a chance to rock climb. It was fun to watch them and they all did awesome. Once they had all completed two or three climbs we headed back up the canyon to our turn off.
We hiked up the backside of slate canyon. It was hot and very very steep. The trail isn't used a ton so it is really overgrown. We kind of bushwhacked our way through until we ran into the slate canyon trail.
Then we just had a few miles of steep downhill. The youth did awesome on the dowhnill.
When we could finally see Provo it was a very welcome sight.
 We ended the hike by walking all the way home. Our ward boundaries is just over a mile from the trail-head. We were hot, sweaty, and the boys were super stinky. Some ward members brought Popsicles and water bottles as we finished the last leg of the hike.

The hike was a good experience for me and the youth. Moki didn't come the last two days she was just too tired. It was fun to have her when we did the kids loved it. Years ago when I was first called as camp director Sister Elaine Dalton talked to our area about the importance of young women doing hard things. She discussed how it builds confidence and prepares them for the future. Her talk really resonated with me. I feel like a lot of times the young men get to do a lot of the hard stuff and the girls are a little bit pampered, at least in wards I have been in. These young women were amazing. This was a hard week and they showed up each day and worked hard. I really was proud of them. I was lucky to get to be a very small part in this fun little journey.

The Routine Life

Being back in school means back to all the normal routines and stuff. I like routines, but man it is so exhausting adjusting back to the lif...