Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mostly for the pictures

Here is a post dedicated to pictures I want printed in my blog book. It did snow once so far this year. Here is the proof. It didn't stop us from hiking the Y!
 I did my hair curly one day...doing my hair is a good reason to document.
 An early Saturday morning at the temple. Love this place.
 Moki and I chilling after work. I could get use to this view.
The weather has still been so amazing. We have had lots of great evening hikes.
 One day I left Moki out tied to the banister while I went to work. She chewed through the leash and I came home to this....
 I am only putting up pictures of two of the five places she left a mark.
Back in the crate while I am at work for her. PUNK!

Me and Moki like to match sometimes.
Sunday dinners are always fun with these people.
Is this little guy not the cutest thing you have ever seen?
 Moki is obsessed with the train when it is moving.
 Magformers are always a favorite. Look at that concentration.
I really enjoy this view.
 The picture above shows the amazing quilt my Aunt Virginia made me. The picture below shows the wall hanging my grandma Brown made me. I am seriously loving both of them.
 I hosted a Wassail party for the Relief Society. Seriously so fun. We had lots of chocolate options.
 Some cookies and mandarins. I never got a picture of the wassail, I didn't make it but it was delicious.
 Monday night me and some co-workers went and visited another co-worker who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Seriously so crappy.
It was a great visit but last week was full of rough news. A 30 year old dad in my ward was diagnosed with colon cancer. Then my co-worker age 35, 3 kids, with stage 4 brain cancer. It really starts to put life into perspective. My thoughts and prayers have been with their families.

Tonight Moki and I got out on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. We ran down and then turned around and got to look at the most amazing sunset our jog back to the car.
 So Beautiful
 Moki has a billion stickers as we I type because she wasn't on the trail much at all.
 Look how obedient she is sometimes.
I am loving this warm weather!

A Little Sewing

I got my sewing machine out and sewed a couple of things. I have a long list of things I need to finish. It is pathetic really. I had to make Moki a stocking. Luckily I already had some dog material. They are little Scotties but it works.
I ordered this fun bike material to make pillows for bike room. It has been sitting in a closet for a really long time. I finally broke down and made the pillows. It was a pattern off pinterest and it was super easy.
They are a little wild but they match the room and spark it up so they are fine for now. I still have a bunch of partially finished projects all over my guest room. Hoping to make a dent in them over the next Holiday break!


It was my first time traveling home for Thanksgiving since Sam and Amanda got married! I was able to go because I am not coaching basketball. It was a fun little trip, but man I have not recovered. Today was the first day I actually didn't feel exhausted. I must be getting old!

Traveling is my least favorite. And then I have a crazy dog that thinks she needs to be on a lap!
 Some people just slept most of he way. Wish I could do that.
One of the highlights of being in California was seeing Ben and Katie and family. Now that they live so close to my parents they are so much more accessible. We saw them everyday with them doing most of the traveling. They took one for the team in that department. But I took their kids to the park everyday so that sort of makes up for it:)

My parents old school pogo stick was a big hit. I am too heavy for it but it is still so fun!
 The kids could not quite do it on their own, but they loved trying.
 I just love her hair in this last picture.
The weather was great. Normally that would be a major highlight but the weather has been so mild in Utah this fall/winter it really wasn't much different.

Bubba is getting so big. He is at such a fun age. Love him so much!
 Olivia is getting a lot more coordinated. She is a master at the scooter.
Thanksgiving morning my cousin Cody and I hiked Feather Falls. I really like that hike. I made the mistake of letting Moki run off the leash. She picked up a bunch of ticks even though she had medicine on. None of them bit her but ticks like really creep me out!!!!!
I thought it looked very much like Fall. It was a great way to start the day.

We played at the park and ate delicious food. The evening ended playing games.
It was a beautiful dinner and great company.

I declared that I was not going to shop on black Friday and I stuck to it. Friday we went to Ben and Katie's. We met them at the Sacramento Zoo on the way down. Then ate lunch at their house and finished the evening off playing at the park. It was another fun filled day.

Bubba being a stinker.
 Olivia is getting old enough for games and so that is really fun. Frustrating at times but mostly just fun.
It was a fun trip. I was exhausted afterwards but it is always worth it!
 Moki pondering if she should escape while the door is open.
 A couple more shots from the park.
 Man I love this sassy pants!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not skipping Thanksgiving

I did it, I set up for Christmas really early. Probably too early, but I have loved having my house decorated. I looked at the calendar last week and realized Thanksgiving is so late. I am leaving town. The weekend before I will be getting ready to leave town. So last weekend I decided to decorate. It has been so fun to sit and read or check social media by the tree lights.
 The thing that takes so long about setting up Christmas is that I like to clean as I go.

My aunt Virgina made me this adorable quilt and Target provided the adorable pillow.
I totally bought a train for around my tree because I knew Andrew would love it. YES, I KNOW I HAVE's fine!!!! Moki is not so sure about the train.
Andrew loved it though.
He kept telling me thank you over and over. He is so sweet.
I seriously am in love with this boy. Then we went to Dan's for dinner. After Andrew, Amanda, and I decorated a gingerbread house. Thank you Costco.
 Andrew was not allowed to eat the hard candy but I let him lick all the pieces. So funny.
He might be a little young for this activity but it gave us something to do since it gets dark so early.

Moki and I have enjoyed quiet time in the living room every night.
Yes we are bundled up because I don't turn up the heat.

Even though my house is all ready for Christmas I am not one to skip Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and the opportunities to reflect on blessings....oh and eating all that yummy food. I am just relieved I can more fully enjoy the holiday season now.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Weather Has Been Amazing!!!!!!

I have never had such an amazing fall in Utah. The weather has been sooooooo perfect. I will probably need a reminder of that come January and February but seriously I am loving it. This week I was able to get out and enjoy the sun everyday after work with Moki. I am took a few pictures to document the wonderful days.

I started trying to hike above the Y. It takes me a little under 30 minutes to get to the top of the Y so for some reason this week I thought I should just hike up an hour and see how far I could get. I did that two times. On Monday we hit some snow.
 I just like this shot of Moki. I went in the crawl space and she is always curious when I do that. I love how her hair is finally getting a little longer again.
 On Wednesday we went up above the Y again. This time we got even further than Monday. It really is a gorgeous time of day to be out.
 Thursday we switched it up and went up Rock Canyon. Moki was thirsty because she had been in her crate all day. Good thing I taught her how to drink out of a fountain. She thinks she is human sometimes.
It was seriously a beautiful night in the canyon.
 Hiking up above the Y during the week made me realize I wanted to see where the trail actually goes. Amber, Moki and I hiked it on Saturday. It was a steep climb to the very top of Y mountain. You access the mountain from a little canyon that eventually takes you up the back face.

There was one little spot before the top that allowed us to see squaw peak and Mt Timpanogos. We were higher than squaw peak. That was surprising to me. 
Power posing on a rock. That is how I roll now days!
 The view from the top was amazing.
 It ook us 4 hours so I am guessing it was between 8-9 miles. It was really steep. I was super tired the rest of the day and a little tight today after sitting in church.
It has been so nice to get outside and enjoy fall.

This week I also voted. That was a bust. I realized I had not studied up enough on the issues. There were several things I left blank because I was ignorant. I was so proud of myself for voting and then when I left I was dissappointed in myself for not studying all the issues. Lesson learned, I need to do better. Even though it was a bust I was able to reflect on the amazing priviledge it is to be able to vote. I love the freedoms we enjoy and I need to be better at not taking them for granted.

I also had the opportunity to attend relief society training. It was so good. It helped me better understand my role in my calling and how I can be better. It was just great to have some guidance. The sister that taught the training touched on a few things my presidency has been talking about. I am excited to try and apply the principles.

I went to Deseret Book yesterday. I am purchased this:
Instead of buying the book I got the book on cd so I could listen to it in the car. I am on chapter 5 and it is really good. The author is the one that reads the book and it is just fun and so many good things. I hate not having the book because I like to reference things but I love being able to listen to it whenever I am in the car.

As you can see this last week was great. I am excited for this week because there is still good weather in the forecast and much to be accomplished!