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Brownie Updates
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Glacier Day 1 - July 6th

I was so excited to go to Glacier National Park. I had never been and I could not wait! I had been told that it was the place to see bears, along with beautiful lakes and mountains. All three proved to be true for us on our trip. On the 6th we spent the majority of the day driving. That was long but it had to be done. Hannah was a champion driver. I was spoiled and got to be a passenger most of the trip. that was a nice change for me. We started our glacier excursion at a KOA in Whitefish, Montana. When we got to camp we set it up and then headed to the national park.

It was late by the time we got to the park so we just oriented ourselves with our available options, visited lake McDonald, and went for a little walk.

At lake mcdonald we needed to check out the famous colored rocks.
 They were very pretty
It was really hot and hazy so the mountains were not very clear in my pictured. That was a bummer. There are some amazing peaks that surround the lake.
We walked on the road just to get some exercise. It was beautiful.
 The famous tour buses were parked on the route we walked so we stopped to get a picture.

The sky showed off for us that evening on the way back to our campsite. We learned that Montana sunsets are amazing and that it stays light a lot later in Montana.
Back at camp we sat in the hot tub and then went to bed.

Yellowstone Day 2 - July 5th

We were not in a hurry in the mornings which was really nice. We slept until we woke up and then got ready. We usually kind of planned our day the night before right before bed. It was a great system and worked good for us. We only had one full day in Yellowstone so we wanted to make the best of it.

We started with the artist paint spots
 Just a short little walk to get our legs moving. Very similar to what we saw at Old Faithful but it was good to move a little.
 Next we stopped at the visitor center by the grand canyon of Yellowstone. Here we learned how to use bear spray from Sally and she told us what road to take that would most likely allow us to see a bear. We also asked some questions about various hikes.

We settled on hiking the south rim of yellowstones grand canyon so we could do Uncle Toms stairs. The rim trail was nice and easy and the stairs added a little cardio to our day.
 So Pretty.
 On Uncle Tom's Trail we so an awesome rainbow.

The bottom of Uncle Toms trail. Totally worth it.
After we finished the hike we headed to tower falls via Dunraven pass. This pass is where Sally we would be most likely to spot a bear.

We stopped and hiked Tower Falls. It was a shot hike to waterfall and then to the river. The view down by the river was amazing.

 After we finished the hike we headed towards mammoth hot springs. Between Tower falls and Mammoth we saw our bear. It was a black bear cub and it was adorable. We spent a long time watching him play in the grass through binoculars. My phone camera couldn't get a very good picture but it was so cool. Also third time is a charm at Yellowstone for me.....I finally got to see a bear!

The drive to Mammoth was gorgeous.
 Yellowstone is so diverse and such a beautiful place.
 Mammoth was a little disappointing for me. I had been in 2009 and there was water in the springs and my pictures are so beautiful. No such luck this year.
 2009 versus this year....the same exact tree
There was very little water coming out of the springs.
 We saw a fun little waterfall after Mammoth and stopped to take a picture.
We were leaving Yellowstone as the sun was going down and the evening was amazing.
 Our last stop in the park was Gibbon Falls.
 Well and then a stop at the Yellowstone sign.
 Yellowstone was good to us we saw: elk, antelope, deer, bison, black bear, coyote, and lots of birds and mosquitoes. With all of our little hikes we hiked over ten miles so despite lots and lots of driving we also got to get in a little exercise as well.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yellowstone Day 1

July 4th after the freedom run Hannah and I loaded up her car and headed on an Epic journey. We traveled to two national parks in the United States and two National parks in Canada. It was a long trip but so much fun. We headed to West Yellowstone where we would be sleeping in the KOA there for two nights. We quickly set up camp and the headed into Yellowstone National Park to start our adventures. We decided to start at Old Faithful.

We saw some elk right as we came into the park. Our first animals.
We got to Old Faithful and we had a 45 minute wait before it was going to blow so we walked around and enjoyed the sunset and the scenery. Except for the mosquitoes it was a beautiful evening. It felt so great to be out of the car!
 It was fun to stroll around the area and check out all the different hot pots. It truly is a beautiful place.
 The evening was a perfect introduction to a week of animal spotting, hiking, and sunset watching.


Summer is so busy! The end of June and beginning of July started off with a bang for me.

I got to swim with these two cuties.
 And then they helped me set up my new tent.
 Later that evening I joined their family at their Mom's orchestra concert. What a great day.
 Moki had a horrible ear infection and that cost me an arm and a leg. Boo! She was a little depressed the day we went to the vet. Too much poking and prodding. Poor thing.
Then a few days later Moki decided to chase a baby skunk. Of course she got sprayed. Luckily it wasn't too much. It was still really stinky and we had to remedy  it with a bath in peroxide, baking powder and dawn dish soap. She was not thrilled.
 I got to host My dads mom and his three siblings for a night. They were headed to Kansas for a family reunion. It was so fun to get to have them all stay at my house. Love these people so much!
 July 3rd Sam and Amanda and kids came and spent the night. We stayed up too late making smores and visiting.
 July 4th my co-worker Hannah and I did the Provo Freedom 5k. It was my first time participating and it was great. Moki loved it too!
 Amber and I biked out to Payson one day. That day I got 53 miles in. It was great. I had a couple of really good biking weeks at the end of June.

Monday, June 26, 2017


I do believe that it is very hip to set your hammock up anywhere and anytime you can these days. It just so happens that Anthony and I both have two hammocks and so we have tried to take advantage of it this summer. Hammocks are so comfortable. And it really is fun to to lay in them and just relax, especially if it is Sunday.

Our first trip was up Hobble Creek Canyon to the Rotary Park. This was actually on a Saturday. We headed up in the evening and just kind of chilled in our hammocks until dark.
 We tried a double stack. I almost died getting up there but I made it.
 It was a fun evening.
 Last night we went up to Payson Lakes. We got up there a little after 8 and just enjoyed watching the sunset. Anthony took lots of pictures. I just sat and laid in the hammock.
 The water on the lake was so calm.
 Me posing for Anthony:)
 We started at this spot and then moved across the lake so we could watch the sunset.
 I was actually out over the lake in my hammock. it was a little sketchy.
 The view from Anthony's hammock.
It really was so beautiful last night. We stayed up there until 10pm. It was 55 degrees. It was so fun to watch the starts a[[ear in the skies. I think I may have found my favorite Sunday activity.

Glacier Day 1 - July 6th

I was so excited to go to Glacier National Park. I had never been and I could not wait! I had been told that it was the place to see bears, ...