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I do believe that it is very hip to set your hammock up anywhere and anytime you can these days. It just so happens that Anthony and I both have two hammocks and so we have tried to take advantage of it this summer. Hammocks are so comfortable. And it really is fun to to lay in them and just relax, especially if it is Sunday.

Our first trip was up Hobble Creek Canyon to the Rotary Park. This was actually on a Saturday. We headed up in the evening and just kind of chilled in our hammocks until dark.
 We tried a double stack. I almost died getting up there but I made it.
 It was a fun evening.
 Last night we went up to Payson Lakes. We got up there a little after 8 and just enjoyed watching the sunset. Anthony took lots of pictures. I just sat and laid in the hammock.
 The water on the lake was so calm.
 Me posing for Anthony:)
 We started at this spot and then moved across the lake so we could watch the sunset.
 I was actually out over the lake in my hammock. it was a little sketchy.

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