Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life Can Be Sweet . . . .

Especially when you eat lots of them.

Since I posted last I have been busy but not really doing anything significant. My hamstring has finally started to feel better. I took some more time off and also tried using a rub recommended to me by one of my basketball players. The deep blue oil and lotion by doterra. Not cheap but they did a decent job. The combination with a little rest has relieved some of the pain. I am still going to follow through and go to my doctor appointment on February 4th. But at least I am back to playing basketball and soccer.

I started practicing basketball with my team everyday. I even try to do all the drills and occasionally I will condition with them. I am attempting to motivate them. Practices are definitely more intense when I play with them. However, I am not in good enough shape to condition with them everyday. We still are not winning many games but I do love the girls and they are getting better!

Last weekend I helped Amber lay her hard wood floor. It was similar to when I layed my own. I was super sore the next day. Manual labor is so not for me. It was a reminder that I actually do enjoy doing those kinds of things. It is so rewarding to do something with your hands and to do it on your own.

I have a student teacher. She is just getting ready to take over most of my classes. Friday was so nice because I actually had time to clean my office while she taught.

Attempted to snow shoe. It was more of a hike but it still felt great to get out in the fresh air.

I have been making it to the gym most mornings. I think that is because of the mild weather. It is so much easier to leave the house when it is dark when the temperatures are not in the teens.

I have been reading lots!

I have to give a talk tomorrow. I have read and thought about it all week but inspiration was non-existent. This morning I cleaned, napped, washed my car, did basically everything but write my talk. Finally I went to the temple and my thoughts finally seemed to make sense. THANKFULLY! We will see how it goes tomorrow.

I got the best sugar cookie recipe ever from one of my players. Her mom made me these cookies and they are delicious. Not healthy, at all, but seriously so yummy! So I made a bunch for lots of different people now I just need to deliver them.

Went to this movie with Dan and Katie:

It was really really good.

Have enjoyed trying a new Thai restaurant: The Spicey Thai and dinner at the Cracker Barrel (with Shaanta and Emily).

Life has been busy but sweet.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Life Right Now


I am not complaining ............ just saying!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Luv'n' the weekend!

Yesterday was so great. I woke up and ran on my treadmill. Went to the Salt Lake Temple, which was awesome. Saturdays are usually filled with errands and cleaning but it was just what I needed to take a break from that. Last week was crazy. Just getting back into the swing of everything proved rather difficult. I am anticipating this week will be much better. Do you ever feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed but you can't figure out why you feel a little off? This was me a couple days last week. So yeah the temple was awesome. And so was the snow. And it was so nice to not think about teaching or coaching for an entire day. Tried to go the whole weekend but alas while I was on my Sunday walk basketball crept into my thoughts.

Last night ended with hanging out with family. Girls night out. We made quesadillas and played this:

I played this over Christmas break with the Hancocks and I definitely am amazing at it so I had to buy it. Ok truth be told I can't draw but I have never laughed so much in one night. And I must say last night my sister-in-law Amanda was sitting next to me and she did a most excellent job of interpreting my pictures. She definitely boosted my confidence.

I am just grateful tonight for the temple and family. It is so great to escape the chaos of life and just laugh and relax. Back to the real world tomorrow but while time stood still this weekend it was simply wonderful.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 RESOLUTIONS....well the ones I am sharing

  1. Write down things I learn while studying the gospel. I have been decent about writing down three things I am grateful for each day I would like to also add something new I learned about the gospel. Probably won't do everyday but at least a couple of times a week.
  2. Pay a little extra on my mortgage each month.
  3. Rehabilitate my hamstring. I want to leave the pain in 2012. It may mean sitting out a few sports seasons which will be difficult but in the end worth it.
  4. Live the abundant life as suggested by President Monson in this months Ensign: Have a positive attitude, be believing in myself, others and gospel principles, and have the courage to live decently. Not quite sure how to measure this one but at least think about it.
  5. Study the Book of Mormon more, not just read it

That is plenty to keep my busy for the year. As I finished the Book of Mormon last month I loved a few versus in Mormon 9. Especially Mormon 9:17-21. Here Moroni is explaining that miracles can still take place in we have faith. I love that! And that if we ask with nothing doubting it will be granted unto us...what a promise.

Elder Holland spoke at the BYU Hawaii commencement ceremony and exerts from his talk were posted on I really like some things he said:

“Don't go to your first job or first neighborhood or first staff meeting and just begin to act like everybody else. Be strong. Be true. …Teach—rather than being taught. You can't control everyone's morals, but you can control your own. You can't control everyone's language, but you can control your own. You can't control everyone's personal standards, but you can control yours. And thus the light of the gospel—the figurative lighthouse of Laie—can shine in all the world to which you go. Don't give up and don’t give in. Be strong if you are the only Latter-day Saint for a hundred miles in any direction. Stand straight and true and firm.”

“It is incumbent upon us as students, as Latter-day Saints, and as children of God to see the divine potential in ourselves, to believe in ourselves, and to know that with God’s help there is quite literally nothing in righteousness that we cannot become,” Elder Holland said.

Elder Holland began the first lesson by frankly stating, “For Latter-day Saints in general and BYU—Hawaii students in particular, there should be no ‘blur in the vision of what is humanly possible.’ We of all people should not be guilty of ‘living under our moral capacity’ or, as Brigham Young regularly phrased it, ‘living beneath our privilege.’ I’m saying, in short, that if you lack confidence or always sound apologetic or feel you have an inferiority complex, get over it.”

Everyone starts humbly and with feelings of inadequacy, Elder Holland said. We all have our fears and insecurities. But like the visions seen by the prophets in the eras before us, Elder Holland said, remember that God always needs us to elevate our views.

Elder Holland counseled graduates not to dwell on what they might see as personal disadvantages, but to focus on the wonderful blessings they have had and the wonderful world of possibilities before them. And though some students may apologize for not studying hard enough, they should never apologize for the lack of opportunity, lack of possibility, lack of divine love to guide them, or lack of dreams to make them better than they ever thought they could be—because, Elder Holland said, those are gifts for the taking if they are wanted.

This year I want to be better, live better, represent the Savior better. That is difficult and I know I will mess up but I want to wake up each day with the desire to be better and not apologize or feel bad for who I am and what I believe. I don't want to blend into the background I want to be different!

So there you are.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wrapping up 2011

It is crazy how fast a year goes. I can't really remember what I was feeling last year at the end of 2010. Time is so weird. The last week of 2011 was great. I coached some basketball, did lots of cleaning, did some resting, did the dentist (2 days in a row), some reading, lots of de-junking and went to the zoo lights.

I am in love with the animal hats. Not so much for me but I think they are super cute on kids. Zoo lights was fun but a little chilly for me. If I am going to be outside in the winter I need sunshine or exercise. I do not like the cold.

This year really was great. I know for sure there were some things I never would have anticipated at the start of the New Year. But that is the great thing about life it is full of surprises and if we are living the way we are supposed to be we will be blessed. At the end of everyday this year I fell asleep feeling so grateful for my home, my family, my friends, my job, the gospel and my car. It may seem crazy but I do think of those things every night as I fall asleep. I truly have been blessed. One of my major goals for last year was to pay off my car, and I did it!!! I also said I wanted to track my money better each month, that was a FAIL!

I knew at the start of the year there would be some changes for me and there really were. One I anticipated was moving to the family ward. I knew my ward would not kick me out but I felt that the timing was right, even at the start of the year before my 31st birthday. I can honestly say the first couple of weeks in the family ward were a little intimidating, I thought what was I thinking. But you know you suck it up and I did and after about two weeks I really started to feel comfortable and began to enjoy the ward. I am really happy there. And again that is a great thing about the gospel it didn't change the way I worship and I still feel the spirit so we are good. I never in a million years anticipated that at 31 I would be going to a family ward single but here I am doing it. That is another great thing about life we can't predict everything. It is not what I would chose but as I look at my life and the blessings I have received there is no way I cannot be grateful. Sad at times but then I feel bad for being sad because I am so blessed. It is a really weird cycle of emotions.

I have loved my job. It gets better every year. This year started off rough and it has not been perfect but it has been good. A few months ago I started looking into other graduate programs. A counseling program and with the prompting of many co-workers an administrative program. I don't know what I will do. I may not even go to school but I do love to learn. I am thinking maybe I will apply to both and then decide. One is through USU and one is through BYU. I don't know it is interesting but so great that I live in a place with so many options as far as education is concerned.

And so now with a clean house that has all the baseboards washed. (I seriously LOVE having a clean house). I am ready to embark on a new year. I am sure it will also be adventurous. I am sure there will be lots of happiness and some sorrow but it will be great. Unfortunately there will be 1pm church, BOO! I am still finalizing my resolutions but they will be complete before I head back to school.


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