Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

 We have taken advantage of the Pizza Pie Cafe coupons a couple of times. I love that place. I don't love how much I eat but I love how it tastes.
Little Andrew sleeping on my shoulder. It didn't last long but he is so precious. This was two weeks ago. We saw him last night and he has changed so much. Loves to smile and interact. So fun!
 Christmas was great. We drove on the wrong days (snow and super icy roads), but other than that it was super fun. Moki did awesome in the car which was a relief. She chilled on someone's lap for the most part. Oh and as you can see in the picture below comforted the driver when needed.
Home is just always so great. It is a little crazy when we are all in my parents house but it is fun.
 All my Dad wanted for Christmas were some Lego's. All his dreams came true!
 My Mom after opening presents on Christmas day. Now it's time to go cook the meal.
 We has tri-tip, loaded mashed potatoes, salad, and a jello salad for Christmas dinner. It was delicious. The boys provided the drinks.

 Good food and good company. It was nice because we were not cooking all day long. I hate that. We also used paper utensils which I am a big fan of.

After dinner we went to watch Les Miserables.
 I loved it. It was so good. We went with the Hemstalks, well Mikila and Nancy, but there were lots of Oroville Mormons in attendance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

The Hemstalks came over and we shared our Christmas desserts. It was really fun to visit and catch up.
I didn't take any pictures at the Brown family Christmas party but it was so fun. That is the get together with all the Brown aunts, uncles, and cousins. We have used the church building the last two years and it has been awesome. We play music, visit, eat, play games, and have a book white elephant. It is nice to be able to see everyone and catch up.

It is always nice to be in Oroville at the same time as others. A highlight this year was being home for the Stutznegger Wassail party. I have not been to that in years and it was so fun to visit and catch up with people I have not seen in a long time (and Angelee came:). All the Cherry boys were at church. I can't remember the last time I had seen Brian, so that was fun. Carrie Hughes and Emily Taylor as well.

Mikila and I visited Katie on Christmas Eve. It was fun to chat and catch up. Just like the good ole days back in college.
After our visit with Katie we stopped and saw Erica. Well we had to wake her up because it was so late. But she was nice enough to come visit and I am so glad she did because it was my only chance to see her.

Being back in Provo has not been bad. I have had basketball practice, played in a soccer game, snowshoed with Moki (2X), taken naps, did laundry, and cleaned. Tomorrow I will take down Christmas. I am kind of sad about that. I love all the decorations I have and they are up for such a short time.

Moki LOVES the snow. That is great.
It is also a good way to wear her out. if we put in 3 miles she sleeps the rest of the day. It is awesome and hilarious. We will see how she does when I go back to school. She will have a lot of alone time, which will be sad. Hopefully I can still keep her active and busy.

I spent yesterday super sick. I was really tired Saturday but I had done a lot so I didn't think much about it. Sunday morning I kept debating if I was going to actually go to church. I felt off but not terrible. I was supposed to teach a class so I went. Then I came right home and felt worse and worse as the night went. After throwing up twice and taking a really hot shower I finally felt a little better. Headed to bed at 8 but still felt sick enough that I could not sleep. I think around 10 I fell asleep and slept great until my alarm went off at 6:30 for basketball. I have felt fine today. I have a cold but the flu like symptoms are gone. YUCK!!!! I hate being sick. 2012 has been a good year. I only have a couple of hours to come up with some New Years resolutions.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Made It!

 It is finally here.....Christmas break. December is sooo busy. I am so grateful for the two week break. If only basketball could take a two week break.

Life has been busy. Hanging out with family, shopping, coaching, teaching, playing sports, making cookies for lots of people, buying a dog, trying to work out. You get the picture.

I love to see Andrew and his parents. What a sweetie.
He is trying to perfect his smile.

My puppy visited last weekend. She was awesome. Her name is Moki. I love her. She is so fun, so soft, and so happy.
 She loves the snow but it tuckered her out.

A week later and Andrew has the smile down.
 He has yet to smile for me but he does for mom and dad.

I picked up Moki last night. I am so excited to have her. We will see when the excitement wears off how I feel.
She is a double doodle. I did tons of research on dogs and looked at lots of breeds but I feel like this one fits my life style best. Friendly, good for long slow runs (slower than 7mph), love the water, like to hike, don't shed. It has been really fun. She is 11 weeks old. Not quite potty trained. So I have my work cut out for me.

I am so excited to head to California tomorrow. To sleep in, play games, laugh. Now there are some presents I must go wrap. Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recipe for perfection

 Today was just a great day! I always love Sundays but today was just so good. I listened to Christmas music this morning. Went for a lovely walk. Was able to enjoy my clean house and decorated house. I love having it decorated for Christmas.

In relief society they talked about traditions a little bit. Since I am single I don't have a lot of traditions but as I was thinking I thought my favorite thing about getting ready for Christmas is setting up my nativity. I love it. I reflect on each piece as I place it on the shelf and contemplate their sacred roles at that time in the world. I love that I have a simple Nativity (I wish it meant that it had been cheap). It has taken me four years of buying pieces to have the set I have now. It is not 100% complete but I am happy with it. They always add extra pieces but I love mine the way that it is and it has all the major parts.
 One other tradition is that I have read this book the last two years. I love love love this book. It is a great reminder of what the Christmas season is all about and helps me reflect on the Savior as well as the purpose for the season.
 Don't die of shock but I bore my testimony in church today. I almost get up every month but then I don't. It is ridiculous. I never say anything profound but my heart has been so full. One thing I have been contemplating the last few months was my setting apart as a temple worker. In the blessing the worker said that not only would I be blessed for my service but my family would be as well. I have seen this come to pass. I have the opportunity each week to pray, ponder, and place names on the temple prayer roll. I can testify that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers and is very aware of what is in my heart. I am so grateful for that. Every immediate family member and many of my friends have been in my thoughts and my prayers. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I love them. I want them to be happy and blessed!

After church Sam, Amanda, and Nancy joined Dan, Caleb, Katie and I for dinner. After dinner we watched the Christmas devotional. I feel like it isn't really Christmas until the devotional each year. That really starts the season for me.

My tree all decked out.
This is the first year that I really wished my tree was more full. The only problem is that I don't have storage space for a much bigger tree. But I think next year I just may do it. It has been a good one but it may be time to move on. I have impressed myself with my self control, I didn't just run out and buy a new one. It has been very tempting. I love my new ornaments. I also put poinsettia flowers in the tree like my mom does and I love the red that it adds. It just makes me happy each morning and evening as I am coming and going.

All posts are better if I post a picture of a niece or nephew. This little stinker would not let me hold him tonight until Amanda put him to sleep.
 He then slept on my for quite awhile, so I forgave him. Such a cutie. I can't believe he is already six weeks old. Love him.

So recipe for a perfect Sunday: Music, Walks, Church, The Spirit, Family, Dessert (obviously), Wholesome movie (ELF), and Devotionals.


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