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Brownie Updates
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Independance Day

I don't normally spend a lot of time reflecting on how grateful I am to be an American and so it is really nice that we have some Holidays that remind me to do just that. I started the day off cleaning and listening to patriotic music and I was emotional just considering how blessed we are to live in this country. I am so grateful for that. For the freedom and beauty I enjoy on a regular basis.

I joined Sam, Amanda, and Andrew at the Provo parade.
 When the sun was behind the clouds it was actually bearable.
 I am not a lover of parades but it is a lot more fun with kids.
 Costco provided some nice flowers.
 We tried out a snow cone shack I have been wanting to try. It was delicious.
 Moki even wore her patriotic handkerchief.
After the parade and snow cones we barbequed with the Provo family. It was fun to get together. I also took a very long nap. I was still recovering from hiking Timp. I finished the night off with a very enjoyable bike ride. I had intentions of watching fireworks. I thought it would be fun to watch them from the Y. I drove up there and there were tons of people on the Y. I decided I didn't care about fireworks that much and went home and slept. It was a great Holiday filled with lots of fun activities!

Trying to get back in shape after vacation

Last week was ROUGH! I was so tired and I just felt blah. I kind of took the previous week in California off while I had Olivia and Braxton. I was feeling it my first Monday back. It was also 100 degrees everyday last week. That is unusual for Utah in July and miserable. I was super not productive. I now have a ton to do this week before I leave again. Don't worry though I got in some great hikes and bike rides!

Last Monday Moki and I did Squaw Peak. It is just over 7.5 miles and you climb 2900 ft. It's a cardio climb!
 Poor Moki was so hot. She laid down for the first time ever on a hike and this was on the way up.
 The peak offers some gorgeous views.
Monday ended with a great bike ride in the evening until I got a flat tire....LAME!
 Tuesday I wanted to hike Y mountain. But after my hike Monday and an evening bike ride we only made it about 10 minutes past the Y. It was another hot day and I just didn't have it in me.

Wednesday was a biking and swimming day. The weather was so miserable and Sam and Amanda have access to a pool so I headed their way. I love me some Andrew time.
Thursday we hiked Stewart Falls. This is a less intense hike with great views. It claims to be 4 miles but I clocked it at 3.58. You barely gain 100 feet, so nice and comfortable. The reward at the falls is worth it though.
 It was great to have water access for Moki. It allowed her to cool right off.
Friday Amber and I hike Mt. Timpanogos via the Timpanooke Trail. It is 15 miles and you gain 4600 ft in elevation. It is a great hike. The scenery is amazing. It was another hot day but I love that hike. I felt really good for the hike except for the bottoms of my feet. Something about walking 15 feet are against it at about mile 13.
 It was a beautiful day on the trail.
 You can see so far from the top of the mountain. Love it!
Me and Moki on top. We didn't stay long. It was getting too hot.
Cameras just don't do it justice. Get out and hike this mountain, you will love it!
 Moki was grateful for the random patches of snow. She was soooo HOT.
She pretty much didn't move for about 36 hours after the hike. It wasn't until Sunday that she really had energy again. Poor pup.
 Saturday evening after all the 4th of July festivities I went on a nice bike ride. I was pleasantly surprised that I was not sore from the hike the day before.

Today I hiked Y mountain. Moki and I started a little earlier. This is hiking to the top of the mountain that houses the Y in Provo. Normally I just hike the Y for a quick work out but going to the top is some great training. It's 7 miles round trip and you climb 3500 ft. My only complaint is that the trail was way overgrown. It is obvious that it hasn't been used much this year. Some plant left both my legs with a nasty rash because I was wearing shorts. That is annoying but the hike was great. Another cardio burner in the bag.

Right before the summit there is a great view of Mt. Timpanogos and Squaw Peak.
 It was a gorgeous day and the weather was about 10 degrees cooler. It made it bearable.
 Can you spot Moki? In some spots the weeds were taller than me. That was a little crazy.
Today felt so productive. After hiking I worked for 6 hours writing some new tests and then I biked 28 miles. It was a great summer day doing what I love.


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