Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Interesting Family Vacation

In theory this was going to be a great vacation. And it started out great. All the Browns in town for a family vacation. We all went to Oroville 1st ward for Fathers Day (except Aaron he was home puking) and came home and had a great dinner before we headed to the coast Monday morning.

Camp was set-up in record time. Ben and Katie were in charge of dinner so some of us headed to the beach!

Monday night we hung out at the campfire. We laughed and reminisced and planned for the week. So fun and everyone was in a great mood.

To get the whole story you need to know Ben was sick a few days before, and then Aaron was sick right before. Well Tuesday morning came around and Dan, Nancy, Sam, and Amanda were all very sick. We are talking don't leave the tent unless they are running to the restroom sick.

This is what Dan looked at the entire day and he didn't even tell one joke the whole time.

Wednesday came and some were feeling better but now Caleb was also sick. Those of us feeling better went and played. My uncle Lou took me, my Dad, and Aaron fishing on the ocean. Pretty fun but short lived because Aaron and my Dad did not handle the motion too well. (more puking) And here starts my dads problems.

Wednesday night people are feeling much better and camp is much cheerier and a few of us even sneak away for ice cream.

Wednesday night we again had a lively campfire. Here are Katie and I. The two of us along with my Mom never got sick, and Olivia thankfully.

Thursday morning we packed up but my Dad was now quite sick. We jump in the car and head home. About an hour and a half into the ride my Dad tells Aaron to pull over because he needs to stretch. Aaron pulls over and my Dad throws up all blood and passes out. Poor Aaron (as my Mom put it was all alone in the truck with my Dad) acted quick and called 911.

Four day later, an ambulance ride later, a blood transfusion later, 4 units of plasma later, lots of games in the hospital later, lots of biking in willits later, lots of prayers and worry later my Mom, dad, and I made it back to Oroville. We teased my dad that he just wanted more attention but it was another reminder of how fragile his health is. When he gets sick he gets really sick! It was a long week and I am glad it is over.

I must say that the highlight of the entire trip was Olivia. She is just so cute and was the center of attention. Can't get enough of that cute face!

Now I am in Oroville until July 11th. What am I going to do? Call me if you are around that is a long time:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

More South Dakota

South Dakota had all these little towns that were basically just there for tourism. We walked through two of them Hill City and Keystone.

Here is one more short of Harney Peak.

A front view of the Presidents

Independence Rock is also out there in the Wyoming vastness. It is now a rest area. It was nice to stretch the legs and read a little about the pioneers.

And I have never stood next to a covered wagon but this thing is huge. It was easy to see why people were killed if they got caught under the wheel.

And here I am in Wamsutter, Wyoming. My Dad owns some land there. He bought it way back before he was married. It was an investment. The only problem was that the town has not changed since he bought it way back when.

South Dakota was a gold rush state so there were also lots of little ghost towns and really old buildings. Always interesting to check out.

South Dakota

Amber and I went to South Dakota for a few days. We did lots of driving, some hiking, some biking, and some sight seeing.

This is us in Muddy Gap, Wyoming. One thing we learned about Wyoming is that they don't like to pave any of the roads off of the highway. Just a little annoying.

Martin's cove is in the middle of Wyoming so we stopped because I had never been there. It was a somber place but you could really feel the spirit of those early pioneers. All the sacrifices they made are really hard to comprehend.

In Custer, South Dakota there is a Flinstones campground and theme park. I could not drive by without singing the Flinstones theme song. I know I must have been annoying but seriously how can you drive by this sign and not start singing.

Then there is of course the more obvious reason to visit South Dakota: Mount Rushmore.

We hiked Harney's Peak which is the highest peak in South Dakota. We took the path less traveled and it almost killed us.

After we got back to the main road and still had 7 miles to go to our car we hitched a ride with a family from Utah. It was really quite funny. I was wearing a backpack that had a Utah slogan on it and this girl yells out of the window asking if I am from Utah. I tell her yes and Amber asks if they have room for us. They didn't but they made room. We had already hiked a little over 13 miles so we were very grateful we didn't have to walk 7 more miles to the car.

South Dakota really was beautiful. I am not sure what I was expecting but it was so green and there were tons of little lakes. We went on a beautiful bike ride before heading back on Wednesday morning.

More pictures to come in a later post!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blast From The Past

I love jump roping. The passion I have for it began in elementary school. First it was just a single rope but by the time I finished 6th grade I loved to double dutch as well. I remember jumping at home with my Mom. We usually had to tie one rope to something because we could never get one of the boys to turn. Then when I was in high school I jump roped almost every night during the basketball off season because I was sure it would help me jump higher.

I still love jump rope. I love teaching it in school and I still love to do it. Especially double dutch. Last weekend there was a barbecue at my Aunt Loralie's house. All her grand kids were going to be there and so I brought two long ropes hoping we would have time to do a little jumping.

The kids LOVED it. By the end of the night they could all double dutch! But this activity was not limited to just the kids. The adults wanted in on the action as well. In fact eventually we gave the kids jump roping time outs so the adults could jump.




Amanda: Look at how high she is!

Me: Soccer jersey and moon boots, an awesome combination

We had so much fun. We jumped until it was dark and I must admit my calves were a little sore the next day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


280- That is how many miles I biked last week. YEA for biking!! The crazy thing is that when I do RAGBRAI in July I will be biking almost double that in a week. WOW!

The culmination of my crazy riding week was the 100 mile Little Red Riding Hood Ride.

This ride is so great and the weather was perfect yesterday. Only a little wind after lunch, temperatures in the 70's. All great for biking lots of miles. It was up in Cache Valley, which is just so pretty. I love biking somewhere new.

The great thing about this ride is it is all women. 3000 women biking. It is inspiring to be biking along and just see women for miles ahead of you as well as miles behind you. AWESOME! Cyndee joined me for the ride as well (no picture because we both had nasty helmet hair and I decided I did not want that available for all to see.).

Here is my self-portrait at mile 87. Almost done. I was excited.

It really was a great ride yesterday. I thought I would have a hard time doing 100 miles because I had already biked so many miles throughout the week. But after the first 30 miles my legs warmed up and I was good to go.


Amber and I decided we needed a weekend away. We debated for awhile on where to go. In the end Moab was a great option for us. I could bring...