Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Saturday, November 28, 2009


My Grandparents Francis and Annis Webb had a tradition of making chocolates at Christmas time. My great grandma Webb taught them how and they carried on the tradition. My Grandma would always make tons of them and then give them as Christmas gifts. Even though we lived in California she would send us a few boxes of chocolates each year at Christmas. A treasured gift that we always looked forward to. With 50+ grandchildren it is not logical to provide gifts but those chocolates sure made is feel loved and thought about. My favorite was always the peanut butter cups. YUM!

Well this year my Aunts Nancy and Loralie taught a few Webb cousins the art of chocolate making. We did not come close to mastering the art of chocolate making but it was tons of fun and though they didn't look great they sure did taste amazing.

My Aunt Nancy made the filling before hand so we spent today dipping everything. We dipped orange, lemon, mint, penuche, caramel, and rasberry filling.

Like I said they didn't look as good as my grandma's used to, but she had way more practice:)

Nancy taught us how to dip and then let us have at it. I am not sure why we say dipped because there really was no dipping.

Katie and Sharee trying trying their hand at the newly learned skill.

Me and Amanda. Amanda, Sam's wife, joined us as well. We were so glad.

While we were work'n' the chocolate we also took turns holding the cute babies. This is Sharee's daughter Maddie.

I did't get Murial's daughter but that is ok because she wearing a Utah outfit. I was bitter but since BYU won I am totally over it.

We also made Peacan Rolls.

We laughed a ton. Mostly at how awful they looked. It was so fun. We all wondered what Grandma would say of the mess we were making.

Loralie also taught us some tricks. Like how to keep the chocolate from dripping on the wax paper. I was not very good at that trick.

Murial came from Pocatello to make chocloates with us. Notice how hard we are concentrating when working.

Heather was quickly put in charge of labeling the each chocolate piece with a letter on top so they could be identified. She got this job because her chocolate letters were the most legible.

Three sisters hard at work.

Sharee rolling out some filling before we started to dip.

Liz came from Washington to learn the family trade.
Giving chocolate high fives. We deserved those on our second try at dipping because they looked much better.

And of corse we did tons of tasting.

Thanks for the memorable day ladies. I had a blast.

So Much Thanks!

November is so great because it is always a time to reflect on all the blessings in our lives. I am so grateful for so many things. Family, Friends, Employment, Health, Gospel, House, Car, Books, Sports, Done with grad school, Coaching . . . . and many more things. I really am so blessed. It is overwhelming at times to think about how much the Lord has blessed my life.

This Thanksgiving I was able to travel home and spend time with my family. Always fun. We went to Charlie's (of course), Sam's reception, visited with extended family, and played games. This year the favorite games were hearts and the dice game (wipe-out). My basketball team also won their first game while I was in California by two points. I must say I actually missed my team. I really have a fun group this year.

My Mom and Aunt Nancy made an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. Sam and Amanda made some sweet pies and all in all it was a great day. To bad I didn't take a single picture.

But don't worry I took like 200 picture's of my niece Olivia. Love her. So adorable.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Life Revolves Around


I am not complaining I am just saying. I have been at school before 7 and have not left until after 6:30 everyday for the past two weeks. If you never appreciated your coaches before now, appreciate them, it is so time consuming. And then I come back to play two nights a week. That is not a complaint, just a statement. I love playing basketball. The one thing I hate about being the head coach is that I can't play with the team as much as I would like. I have to supervise, BORING!

I am excited for this season. I think the team will be fun. We are very short but we have some girls that can shoot and drive. It will be good. Sometimes I wish I did not have my own gym everyday for practice because then I would be forced to end practice at a certain time. Oh well. I hope the time pays off.

It has been really nice not being in grad school as well. I am less stressed. No early morning practices. No late nights doing homework. So if my life seems boring it is because I never see the sun and I am at school 12 hours a day.

And I think I get worse coach of the year award because I am missing our first game to go to Sam and Amanda's California wedding reception. What do you do?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving: Practice Round

Dan wanted to bbq a turkey so we had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday just as a practice round.

We had all of the fix'ns'. Amanda made rolls, Katie made stuffing, Loralie made peas, I made loaded red mashed potatoes. MMMM so good.

My personal favorite was Nancy's homemade fruit cocktail. I seriously am in love with this stuff. So yummy. It was a tradition in my Mom's family to have homemade fruit cocktail at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Some people (Sam) preferred to taste all their food at the same time and so they loaded everything we had onto a roll and ate it that way.

After the delicious food we watched this:

I just love this movie it is so cute.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And comment of the day goes to:

We are playing our Lacrosse tournament today in all of my classes and it has gotten quite competitive. This has been surprising but also fun to watch. My favorite comment was a girl screaming FREAK'N' HOLY SHIZ! She yelled that phrase when she was frustrated because the ball was taken from her.

I was laughing so hard. Only in Utah. Only in girls PE. Gotta love it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am not sure what is more pathetic:

That I have not done laundry in over two weeks
That I never did run out of clothes to wear

I ran in a 5k this morning and can I just say my calves are still sore from last weekends run. That is a little ridiculous, but man they are so tight. I feel so silly but all that downhill did a number on my calves.


Amber and I decided we needed a weekend away. We debated for awhile on where to go. In the end Moab was a great option for us. I could bring...