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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

The temple gets it's own post because . . . . well I love it. My siblings and I toured the temple on February 6th and that very same day I got a call to serve at the temple every Sunday in February for the bridal tours. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve along side so many people and to get to be in the temple every Sunday. It is a marvelous building.
One of the really cool things about this temple is that it used to serve as a tabernacle, which was destroyed by a fire, and rebuilt as a temple!

The tour was super crowded but we were still smiling at the end.
 I just really love how beautiful the grounds are.
 Sister Turley in my ward called me to serve as her assistant. She and her husband were called to be in charge of the Sunday tours. After two weeks it was just so busy she said she felt prompted to ask me to serve. It was such a blessing for me to be at the temple all Sunday. We would go to Sacrament meeting at 9, leave church as soon as the prayer was over, and be at the temple until 9pm.
 I feel like our purpose was to ensure that young women felt the spirit as they came to see the temple. We had the opportunity to lead them through the temple on the path they will walk the day they get married. The unique thing about this is that once the temple is dedicated young women can't enter until they are much older. The tour was for girls 8 and up.

The next two pictures are ones on of my co-workers took that I love.
I can tell you my feet hurt so bad by the end of the night and I was exhausted but I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. I really had some special promptings while I was serving. One impression came on my last Sunday there. We had so many people and my feet were hurting, we were short staffed so we didn't have breaks. I was in the bridal hallway by my absolute favorite painting ushering girls in. I was uncomfortable and the impression came that what we had done every Sunday would be worth it if one girl chose to be married in the temple because of this tour. I can't tell you, nor do I fully understand, the time and resources spent to make this tour experience happen, but I truly feel that it would be worth it if only one girl were to marry in the temple because of it.

So many of my students came through on the tour as well. I loved seeing them in their Sunday best with their moms just enjoying the beautiful temple. Then we would talk at school and they told me how much they loved the experience.
I also watched the time and effort that countless leaders put in to making the bridal tours and regular open house tours happen. We went down one Saturday night and the same men that were there all day Sunday were there all day Saturday. I then learned that there are a number of brethren who are there 12-15 hours every. single. day. I am so impressed by their stamina and it really strengthened my testimony of doing all in our power to remain in good health so we can serve the Lord the way he needs us to.

It was a busy month and I was tired but I loved this opportunity and I know it blessed my life.
 I am sure at some point you will see other pictures of this temple on my blog.
 I can't wait for the dedication and then for the temple grounds to be open!
 And to end a few I took last spring.
 The details are amazing.
 We are so blessed to have another temple.

The Zoo

I was really busy on Sundays in February and so I didn't get to see my family as much. I really missed seeing my two favorite dudes. I had to make some time on Saturdays because I was definitely having withdrawls. The weather turned really really nice the last part of February and so I asked Amanda if she felt like hitting up the zoo with me. Andrew was a little bummed she was invited but he let her and Emerson tag along. It was a gorgeous day and so fun.

If you haven't seen this kids lower lip you are missing out.
 All the animals were out and active. That made the day so fun and worth the $12 for a 3 year old....are you kidding me.
 Katie met us there as well. We all wanted to check out the baby giraffe Willow. She is adorable, but I didn't take a picture.
 First stop was the train per Andrews request.
 Emerson did great as long as we were pushing the stroller. And his eyes are AMAZING!
 I love having Amanda along and if I am being honest Andrew is mush more fun when she is nearby. He tends to be a litle more reserved when I take him places without his mama.
 I love grizzly bears. I have read a lot of books about them and they fascinate me.
 One more of the Sea Lions. They were very active for us.
It was a great Saturday morning unjoying the nice weather and family.

My Birthday

My birthday was GREAT!!!!! Thanks to so many awesome people. Obviously I took the day off work. And the bonus was that it was a Friday. I started the day off by hiking up Millcreek Canyon with Moki. The great thing about it was that we were having an awful inversion in the city and getting above all the gunk was the perfect way to start my day!
 Blue skies for days!!!!
 Then I took a quick shower at Katie and Nancy's and headed to grab Andrew and hit up the aquarium. Dan couldn't resist the chance to go to the aquarium so he hijacked my birthday date.
 It was lots of fun and Andrew did really well.
 He loved the bridge and just running around being the center of attention.
It was a fun couple of hours. After the aquarium we went back to Nancy's and watched The Good Dinosaur. Emerson joined us for the movie so their parents could have some time to themselves.
 He fell asleep for me. Nothing like snuggling cute little babies.
 I also got to Facetime with my dad for a few minutes which was nice. He is still in the hospital so it is always good to see and talk to him.

After my time in Salt Lake I headed to Jana's and her and Ben took me out to dinner. Those two are the best!!!! They always make sure I feel spoiled on my birthday and it is just so fun to live close to them. I feel so blessed to have so many good people and things in my life.

Catching up the past month and a half

Oh boy!!!!!! Where does time go. This post will be the random happenings the last month and a half and then I will do a couple of other posts with more specific stuff. Yikes. I have got to make blogging a little more of a priority, mainly because it is my journal.

I finished two baby quilts. One was way over due and one was for my new niece Katelyn Mae.

 She is adorable. Man I wish I lived closer. I haven't had the chance to pounce on her yet but spring break can't come soon enough.
 Caleb cut his hair. he looks so nice, should have done that for Aaron's wedding.....just saying.
 Emerson is adorable.

 January And the beginning of February produced some great snow. I snowshoed with different co-workers and Amber. So much fun.
 Moki loves the snow. This was when we were up Sothfork one day right after a sow storm and we got to break trail the entire time. So awesome.
 This was up Rock Canyon. It was absolutely beautiful with all the snow.
Moki sometimes has to sprint back to me and make sure I am still coming because I am so much slower than her.
 Alpine loop.

 I have enjoyed taking baths in Epsom Salt. I may or may not be obsessed.
 This year I actually remembered to get my bike tuned up in February when the tune-ups are half off at Mad Dog Cycles......go me.
 Rachelle and I went Rock Canyon to the campground on a day off from school. The view and sun was amazing.

 I love my students health goal for the month. I am going to try and balance my water and it.
I also did class evaluations that are required and it was so fun to see what the kids think about my class. One of my favorite free responses was - If I am being perfectly honest there is not one single thing I like about this class. Well thank you very much for your honesty. It really was a great experience. The kids were honest and it was a chance for me to see the things they like and the things they wish were different. The good news is some of the changes they suggested are easy and can happen. I really do love my job. There are hard days but the kids are so fun and I just adore them....most of the time:)

And I never sit down when I am teaching. I really really try not too because let's be honest all the girls want to do is sit down. I was so behind on my grading that I graded stuff while they were playing tournament games. I have never done this before, in 11 years of teaching, and wouldn't you know it's the day a co-worker comes in. Not only does she come in she takes a picture. Man I am lame.....


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