Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

got out the big guy

 I finally got out my nice camera on a Sunday when Andrew was around. It has been way too long. Phones are so convenient but the pictures with a nice camera are so much better!

My favorite from the day.
 The rest are in no particular order. I just love all his cute expressions. Such a handsome little guy.


 And Moki is getting so big. Her fur measures at about 5 inches. She is just looking huge these days. She is still super fun. I am working on training her to walk well on the leash and come when she is called. Let's just say we still need some work on those two. She is very good at sitting, laying down, and jumping up, all on command. I have been taking her to track and she LOVES it. Loves the kids, love the weather, the atmosphere. It really is fun to watch her there.

 I am also doing a little crate training. Right now she only goes in for a treat.
I got the 24 hour flu Sunday night. It was awful. I have not had a night like that in a really long time. Looking back I was definitely coming down with something because I was so tired on Saturday and Sunday. I took three different naps Saturday. I felt ok but was just so exhausted. Sunday was the same. It took a lot of effort to do the little things. I went to bed feeling ok but at 1am the craziness began.

 I took the Monday off work to recover. Laid on the coach all day. Moki was fun to have around because she just laid right beside me most of the day. The only bad part was that she loves to have her butt in my face. So NASTY!!!!
I will say there were two really gross moments. 1. When I kind of missed the toilet and was then cleaning up throw-up. Don't mind me while I sit her puking might as well clean the outside of the toilet. l. Where do you throw up? Is there a better place? 2. I got out of bed Monday to go do sub plans and there was throw up all down my clothes, it was splattered but still so gross. Not by best moment. Let's just say I did some laundry as soon as I could stand without feeling queasy.
I did get the majority of my chores done over the weekend and I will say it was nice to be sick in a clean house. I even opened the blinds and put some flowers on the table to bring in the spring weather, on Saturday before I was sick.
  It must have worked because the weather was amazing today. Track has started and it is just so much more enjoyable when the weather is nice!


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