Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well last week went flying by and I didn't even post. My family was here and we had fun playing games, shopping, and visiting. My Aunt Virginia came as well. That was a real treat! It was tons of fun, but I didn't take one single picture.

Yesterday I defended my thesis. It went suprisingly well. I have some changes to make and hope to have this thing behind me by the end of the week. In all honestly it will probably not be completely done until next week.

Meanwhile Caleb stayed in Utah while my parents headed home. Poor boy had to go to my defense yesterday. It took three hours. I think he was a little BORED.

I wanted to make it up to him today and so we hiked the Y.

He made it to the top. He only said "what the freak" and "holy crap" a few times. The Y is straight uphill. It is a short but vigorous hike. Caleb did great!!

We set a record pace for getting back to the car. I had to run down the entire way to keep up with the kid. We had a good time. He sweat so much I almost didn't let him back in my car, but I am getting over the new car thing so I didn't make him walk home.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


200 . . . . that is how many miles I biked this week. And yes that is way more miles than I drove.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour de Temples . . . . . almost

I had no plans today and so I thought it would be SUPER FUN (touch of sarcasm) to see how many temples I could bike to in one day.

Provo Temple 3.3 Miles

Mt. Timpanogos Temple 18.4 miles

Draper Temple 27 miles
So the almost is up there in the title because my goal was to get a picture at the gate of each temple. Well I didn't actually get to the gate of the Draper temple. Made a couple of wrong turns and headed down the 10% grade and didn't want to bike back up. Lame I know but I went over traverse mountain. My first time ever. I wasn't mentally or physically prepared for it's steepness. It took me an hour to bike 4 miles, it was all 8% and 10 % grades. Here's the sign for remebrance purposes.
Jordan River Temple 43.5 miles
Oquirrh Mountain Temple 47.3 miles

I ended at my Aunt Lorlie's house at 51.2 miles. Now is where I must confess that I didn't bike home. I was tired. There was the threat of rain. I have all kinds of excuses but my cousin Melissa offered to drive me home and I couldn't resist. I feel kind of pathetic but what do you do. My legs will feel much better tomorrow because of that decision.
If there is a next time I will not bike over traverse mountain. Too steep.
Here are my stats, more for me than anyone else I realize:
Miles: 51.2
Time: 4:01.22 that is really slow but someone decided to put all the temples on a hill
Average Heart Rate 145
Time in heart rate zone: 2:17 was out of the zone the rest of the time because of the hills

Sunday, June 14, 2009

rain, rain, GO AWAY!

This picture explains all of last week!!

I biked 70 miles on Monday. I stopped at a gas station to buy some food and the lady said, "I just heard thunder are you gonna make it home before the storm." I replied that I hoped I would. Reality: NOPE!! Got poured on for 30 minutes. At one point before the rain I wondered how safe it is to be biking when you could see lightning.

That sums up the week. Lots of unpredicatable weather that really didn't allow me to do much. On a happier note I slept a ton and finally today I woke up and didn't feel sick. First time in like 10 days. I haven't felt horrible just lethargic accompanied with a sore throat.

And I must publicly thank Erica for rescuing me from biking in the rain, she deserves the thanks because it meant she was 20 minutes later to stand in line for KELLY then she would have otherwise been.

This week the weather guy predicts more sunshine. YIPEE!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Break

This week was packed with lots of various activities. I did the following:
  • Went to BYU mutiple times to work on some final details of my thesis
  • Went to the temple.
  • Had a hitch put on my car.
  • Biked 100 miles in three days.
  • Hiked the Y.
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Learned to make a new craft and then went wild because they are cute. I will post pictures once I decide where to put them.
  • Went to institute (don't die of shock).
  • Last but not least spent Friday and Saturday at Arches National Park.

Amber had Friday off and thought it would be fun to go to Arches. I agreed. We left Provo at 6:30am Friday and headed to Moab. We hiked aroun seven and a half miles each day. We hiked every hike in the park except three. We went wild. I am now worn-out. This is why I love summer. You can accomplish so much in one short week. Here is a little but of what we saw at Arches.

Amber taking a picture of Delicate arch through a no name arch

Me overlooking the valley

And some of the beautiful sites.

Fun week. Thankgoodness that tomorrow is the sabbath and I can rest. I hope next week is just as much fun!


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