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Brownie Updates
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas happened. It's amazing how life just continues to move forward even though you want it to just go back to how it used to be. One of the blessings with having a few children in our family is that Christmas must go on, even if it is just for them.

 Sam and Amanda have started the tradition with their family that they open all their presents on Christmas Eve. Since they were at my parents house we did their traditions. It was really fun to gather and open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.

Christmas was hard for me. It was really hard in 2015 as well. I just didn't feel like celebrating. That was one of the hardest days for me personally while we were in California. I loved that it was on a Sunday. Oroville first and third ward had a lovely Christmas program and it was nice to spend a couple hours focused on the Savior on Christmas.

After church we made a yummy dinner. Ben and Katie and family came to Oroville. We spent the day hanging out and playing games. It was a really nice day.

Monday we went to my Aunt Virginia's in Redding for a couple of hours. We played games and visited with all of our extended family.
 Trying to pass time in the car.
 I feel so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. We are missing a couple of people here but these people are just so fun to be around.
 The rest of the week we hung out at my parents. We played lots of games. Tried to entertain crazy kids. We spent a day doing yard work and just enjoyed being with family.

Hi Katelyn!
 Katelyn and Andrew in their Christmas PJ's.
 Aaron and Jacklyn got exploding kittens and imploding kittens for Christmas. That made for a lot of laughs one night.

The cone of shame!!!!
 Dan really focusing.
 Jacklyn did not love the cone of shame:)
 Braxton just loves Moki so much.
 Olivia said she needed some one on one time with me. She was so tired of all the boys. We made a Walmart run and I loved spending time with just her. I can't believe how grown up she is these days.
Working in the yard was so great. It always sounds terrible but once we all got out there we were able to get so much done to help make my moms life a little easier as she will now be responsible for all that property.
 The kids got in on the action as well.
 My dad would have loved to have been a part of a day doing yard work as a family. It's like his dream come true.

I took this little monster to the store with me one day. I can't remember why I got stuck with him, but I am sure his parents enjoyed the break. He was actually really great!!!
 Katie Lowry Call opened her parents house for all the Oroville crew to come hang out. I love seeing these people when I get the chance.
 It was a nice evening of visiting with friends.
This is my Dad's brother Pete. He stopped by the house one day. We had a really nice visit. He told me a story I had never heard about my dad.
 Pete is just 11 months younger than my dad. As soon as he was old enough he enlisted in the army and was sent to Vietnam. He flew and worked on Helicopters there. When his two years were up he considered coming home but then he heard my dad was going to enlist in the marines. He then chose to re-enlist and stay in Vietnam so my dad would never have to see the war zone. They are the only two boys in the family and since he was already in Vietnam he knew that would keep my dad safe. What a sacrifice? He said my dad was so mad at him. Mainly because he did it without ever talking to my dad. I know my dad would not have wanted him to make that sacrifice for him. As my fathers daughter I am grateful to Pete for this sacrifice. I know it was not easy to be there and I am thankful for his example of sacrifices we should make for our family members.

Coming home and going back to work was hard but it has been really nice to get back into a routine. I loved celebrating my Dad. I am grateful that I will always have so many wonderful memories of him. Christmas was hard but it was also great to reflect on how precious the gift of the atonement really is in each of our lives.


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