Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

LaNell in Real Life

This week was soooo long. I was sick. Really sick on Tuesday and Wednesday and of course it was the last week of the term. I could not take school off. I probably should have but then that makes posting your final grades tricky because I teach junior high and students wait until the last possible second to make up their work.

Of course there were a few bumps along the road. Not so happy parents. Students trying to come in after the deadline. You know the usual lovely stuff you get to deal with at the end of the term. I won't lie I had one of my most frustrating moments ever at work this week. Probably in the top three of most frustrating moments but it all worked out in the end, it always does.

Good news everyone of my students passed. You are probably thinking they should it is PE. But we actually have a lot of requirements and if I had been gone they would not have all made it. I am so happy. First term is typically the best grades of the year for all students so we will see if I can keep them on track for 2nd term.

Yesterday was maybe the most productive day ever. I ran errands, I deep cleaned my house, I worked out, did some online shopping, and even had time to have an enjoyable evening with friends. YEAH! There is only one week left until basketball starts and I think I am anxious about my time and so I was super productive and I finally felt better. This week I must carry on: dentist appointment, car appointment, should do a hair appointment, fix a couple of things in the house, have open gym, celebrate some birthdays. WOW, I will be busy. Oh and I need to start going to the gym in the morning. Why is that so hard?

And a small disclaimer before you read about all the things I bought recently. I saved $100 in gas by biking to work the past two months. That is how I am justifying these purchases which, by the way, do not add up to the total amount of money saved. So I bought this lace shirt.

I have seen lots of people wear this shirt but I was not sure I could wear it. You know classic that is super cute but it is definitely not screaming my name. And lets be honest I have never ever in all my life owned something with this much lace. I wore it today and loved it. So I am pretty pumped about that.

I guess the super news is that I have been wanting a black pea coat for a few years. I decided this year I am going to find the perfect coat. Well I have now purchased three. Two that have gone back to the store and one that is coming via snail mail.

I found the perfect coat for me at Target yesterday, well actually I first saw it in California with Angelee and Mikila, but they didn't have black. Utah also did not have black. Online did have black. I screamed for joy I was that excited. I love it and I love the price. It is a win win.

Oh and then there are these rain boots. Which are super super good news!

Something else I have wanted for a couple of years but have not found a pair I love. Well I found them. I am not ashamed to say that I first saw them on a student. I asked her where she got them. then my entire world changed. Go to and look at all their rain boots. You will buy a pair. There are so many and they are so cute. I used self-control and only bought one pair. I dare you go look!

I was given a calling in my ward today. I am really excited but a little nervous as well. They called me as the ward camp director. Utah girls camp is different then California so I will have to learn the system. However, I am pumped. I think it will be way fun. I am nervous though because I always thought camp was so fun and I think of the ladies that ran camp when I was in young women's and I think I am not like those ladies. They were amazing and I loved camp and now I have to try to help these girls love it too. I am most nervous because I do not know one single young women in my ward, not one. I was thinking as I was being sustained the poor young women were probably like who is that chic, because I am sure that is what I would have thought when I was in young women's. I guess I have got eight months. In the meantime check out the rain boots.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I heart fall break

I should be in bed. It is late. I am sick! My body is really good at getting sick when I have a break from school. Dear body, I have sooooo many sick days. Try getting sick when I could actually use them. Much appreciated, LaNell.

But even though I was not feeling top notch fall break was awesome. I actually wasn't terrible. Yesterday and today were bad but luckily I had time to sleep extra long both days.

My parents were mentioning that they didn't have any toys for Olivia. I suggested they find a wheel barrow . Their yard is great for one. My Dad found one and here are the results. Good for rides. Olivia is not so great at pushing it yet, needs some more arm strength, but she was really good at filling it with tomatoes, then dumping them out, and then giving you the I am so cute how did those get on the ground look. . . . and then repeat.

too stink'n' cute

I would say my Dad has the world's largest pumpkins but that would be a lie. The world's biggest weigh like 1700 pounds and his only way 300 pounds. But they are HUGE! He has assured us all that they will be bigger next year. People even stop and ask to buy them.

I am a mountain man and I want a pumpkin to carve. One of the smaller ones because Anthony could actually lift it.

I spent a lot of time with family. On Thursday we met up with my Grandma Brown, Aunt Jan, and Uncle Lou in Williams. We visited and saw my Grandpa. He is in an Alzheimer's unit there. And then we went to lunch. Then on Saturday my Aunt Virginia and cousin Cody and wife Jen came over for lunch. So fun to see extended family. And awesome to see all of my California family as well. Somehow Ben, Katie, and Aaron never found themselves in front of my camera.

I also saw Angelee and Mikila. The pictures are not attractive but it was way late. The latest I have stayed up since girls conference a couple of years ago and anyone there knows I was not looking to great by the end of that night:) We solved all the economic problems the US is facing over some yummy Chinese food. Angelee did you get your phone?

On Saturday we wore our BYU gear and watched the game via the internet. I got Olivia her first BYU shirt. Start them early!

I just wanted a picture of her with her BYU shirt. She is just so funny.

Can I say I have two brothers that are very fond of hugs: Aaron and Anthony. I am sure lots of girls appreciate this. Watch out student ward. (I think Ben is that way too?)

This little girl has so many people that love her.

These two are scary. I could write a novel about my brothers but we will just let you all imagine what I would say.

So fall break was a success. It is always nice to be back home, weird that I call Utah home, something about your own bed but I sure love seeing my family and friends that are in California.

I have a few new people coming to play basketball on Mondays. That is very exciting news. They are really good and in really good shape. So it has been fun to start playing again. We will see how well I am moving in the morning, right now I am very stiff. Here is to kicking this cold ASAP!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cascade Saddle and Windy Pass

Did you know the leaves have already changed in the Provo Canyon? I didn't. I mean you can see some fall colors on the mountains but it does not do the canyon justice. It is AMAZING! I swore up and down on my life I would leave Utah when I finished school but here I am and you know one of my favorite things is that we have all the seasons. I love fall. It is so beautiful.

Amber and I have wanted to do this little hike up the Provo canyon for three years at least. Today we finally did it. It was not really little. It was 9.5 miles and we had to drive for like 2 hours just to start because you drop off a car at the end of the hike beforehand. Slightly obnoxious. I was actually very annoyed while driving 5 miles on the dirt road until I really started to check out all the fall leaves. That put me in a better mood.

(My Robert Frost picture: "Two roads diverged in the woods and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
Our hike was 5 miles straight uphill. It was a little intense. But at least we know we got a good workout. The view from the top was amazing so it was definitely worth it. Too many self portraits, sorry.

We hiked up to the Cascade Saddle and then around Lightning Peak and down Windy Pass. Very windy. They got the name right on that one as well. I was reminded of why I really don't like Rock Canyon, it is so rocky. Very annoying while hiking. We only did 3.5 miles on the rock canyon side.

As always so happy to see the car!

Amber didn't know I was taking this picture I think she is putting something in her backpack but I really wanted to remember the beautiful leaves.

I should have taken my actual camera and not tried to rely on my phone. Stink'n' new iPhone has a way better camera. Oh well that is how technology rolls.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Fun

Saturdays seem so busy now that school is back in session. I feel like I spend the entire day doing chores. Clean the house, run errands, and laundry. If I am lucky I actually work out and hang out with friends. Saturday while running errands I was offered two football tickets. I was excited because I had not been to a game yet this year. It was late and it was cold but I convinced Dan to break his 7 year streak and come with me. Really he came just to see his promos on the big screen but whatever. We had fun! It was nice to have something to cheer about even though we were playing a not so great team.

The weather has finally cooled down a little bit. I am really excited about that. Didn't so much love all the rain last week but I love being able to wear some of my warmer clothes.

(I love wearing my pretend Uggs with shorts. So comfy. And it really bugs Dan that I wear cut off jeans, someone tell them they are soo in style this year.)
This school year has been crazy so far. I finally realized one of the things is that in 6 of my 7 classes I have 10 more students then I did last year. I go home at the end of the day and I just feel like I harped on kids all day. It is a little annoying and I feel bad but there is a big difference between 38 and 48. So yeah I am a teaching beast. It is LAME! But really there is not much I can do and it is not going to change in the near future so I guess I just have to embrace my huge classes.

Have I mentioned that Dan lives with Katie and I now. So far it has not been bad. We had to try and find a place for everything but other than that it has been great. I even allow him to have weekend Halo Parties, I know I am too nice.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference

Conference weekend has become a time for good food and getting together as a family. I love it!

I watched the Saturday morning session at home and screamed for joy when they announced that Provo is getting a new temple.

So exciting and so needed. I waited in the chapel for almost 45 minutes last week just to get into a session in the evening. It is one busy temple. It was so crazy. I thought President Monson was going to announce that it would be rebuilt, which it is, but as a temple. So cool. That was definitely exciting news. I was also really excited to hear about the new fund to donate money to help people get to the temple. What an amazing idea? Inspiration is GREAT!

After the morning session I headed up to Nancy's and we watched the afternoon session together with my sister in law Amanda.

In the evening we (Nancy, Amanda, and I) met up with my cousin Katie and her mom Loralie and went to this movie:

Love this movie. I have seen it three times. That is a record for me but it is so cute and I always go with really fun people so I can't say no. My favorite movie lines . . . well close to, I am sure I am miss quoting them.
  1. "Honey no husband wants to come home to a wife with that on her face"
  2. "Your eggs are dying," said to Skeeter by her mother at age 23
  3. "Ain't no boy gonna marry you from Jackson so you run your butt to New York, not walk."
  4. "I can't remember my name but there are two things I can't seem to forget: One my own daughter put me in a nursing home and two you ate Minnie's poop."
There are so many more but that will do for now. I love the movie and it was super fun to have a girls night out.

Today we made ableskeevers for breakfast. Ableskeevers with cream cheese in the middle, they are to die for. I mean cream cheese really only makes food better, in my opinion.

and a bunch of fall food for lunch/dinner. Oh and peach/raspberry ice cream for a snack. All the food was awesome.

And it looked very nice.

Lots of comfort food. The soul gets comfort from general conference and our bodies get comfort from all the yummy food.

I did love General Conference. I felt like the Book of Mormon was the theme of the conference. There were lots of talks about it. I know this book is true. I love it and have seen its' power in my own life and in the lives of others.

There were also a couple of talks on trails and tribulations. We all have them. And that Heavenly Father is aware of us as individuals and he wants to bless us. I always feel good after talks like that and there were a couple of them and I really appreciated them.

And seriously am I the only one that was not aware that I Am A Child of God has a beautiful 4th verse. The tabernacle choir did an awesome job with that song. I loved it.

I really feel like I need another day off before I head back to work.


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