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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wrapping up 2011

It is crazy how fast a year goes. I can't really remember what I was feeling last year at the end of 2010. Time is so weird. The last week of 2011 was great. I coached some basketball, did lots of cleaning, did some resting, did the dentist (2 days in a row), some reading, lots of de-junking and went to the zoo lights.

I am in love with the animal hats. Not so much for me but I think they are super cute on kids. Zoo lights was fun but a little chilly for me. If I am going to be outside in the winter I need sunshine or exercise. I do not like the cold.

This year really was great. I know for sure there were some things I never would have anticipated at the start of the New Year. But that is the great thing about life it is full of surprises and if we are living the way we are supposed to be we will be blessed. At the end of everyday this year I fell asleep feeling so grateful for my home, my family, my friends, my job, the gospel and my car. It may seem crazy but I do think of those things every night as I fall asleep. I truly have been blessed. One of my major goals for last year was to pay off my car, and I did it!!! I also said I wanted to track my money better each month, that was a FAIL!

I knew at the start of the year there would be some changes for me and there really were. One I anticipated was moving to the family ward. I knew my ward would not kick me out but I felt that the timing was right, even at the start of the year before my 31st birthday. I can honestly say the first couple of weeks in the family ward were a little intimidating, I thought what was I thinking. But you know you suck it up and I did and after about two weeks I really started to feel comfortable and began to enjoy the ward. I am really happy there. And again that is a great thing about the gospel it didn't change the way I worship and I still feel the spirit so we are good. I never in a million years anticipated that at 31 I would be going to a family ward single but here I am doing it. That is another great thing about life we can't predict everything. It is not what I would chose but as I look at my life and the blessings I have received there is no way I cannot be grateful. Sad at times but then I feel bad for being sad because I am so blessed. It is a really weird cycle of emotions.

I have loved my job. It gets better every year. This year started off rough and it has not been perfect but it has been good. A few months ago I started looking into other graduate programs. A counseling program and with the prompting of many co-workers an administrative program. I don't know what I will do. I may not even go to school but I do love to learn. I am thinking maybe I will apply to both and then decide. One is through USU and one is through BYU. I don't know it is interesting but so great that I live in a place with so many options as far as education is concerned.

And so now with a clean house that has all the baseboards washed. (I seriously LOVE having a clean house). I am ready to embark on a new year. I am sure it will also be adventurous. I am sure there will be lots of happiness and some sorrow but it will be great. Unfortunately there will be 1pm church, BOO! I am still finalizing my resolutions but they will be complete before I head back to school.

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sariah + brett said...

great pics - i just have to say that you are one of those rare people who just get more and more beautiful the older you get. not fair, but good for you. ;)

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