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Brownie Updates
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Friday, February 1, 2013

checking in

 Last weekend was stressful. I had girls camp training and the temple. That pretty much accounted for my entire day. Which is fine except that I don't really have other days in the week to do things because of work and coaching. It seemed like I had no weekend, which I am not ok with.

Friday I did get to head up to Nancy's and hang out. We had pizza. Played games. Visited. Held Andrew. I left in time to get to my midnight soccer game. I am way too old for midnight soccer games.

 I was so exhausted on Saturday and grumpy that I had to wake up to an alarm. But the camp meeting was good and the temple was awesome as usual. Sunday by 8pm I was worn out.
Just thinking about this week and all I needed to do was just wearing me out. But in the end this week was actually really good.

It snowed like crazy but at least it warmed up! Sam and Amanda blessed Andrew on Tuesday night. Andrew did awesome, he is so precious. Sam gave a beautiful blessing. I was just so grateful for the priesthood and that my brothers hold the priesthood and can bless the lives of others. And seriously is this not the cutest picture ever?
 Such a cute little guy.

 I got to bed early a few times this week. Got to snowshoe. Played basketball and soccer. Coached some basketball games. My team is playing awesome right now. I have known they were good all year and that they had so much potential but they just were not playing up to it. This week they played amazing. I just kept thinking this is what I was envisioning when the season started. Now it is happening. I have definitely had better seasons but I don't think I have ever coached a more talented group. They are good and when they show up to play they are awesome. That has been really fun and I think it gave me a little extra boost this week.

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Lila Brown said...

I absolutely love the picture of Sam,Amanda,and Andrew. Please bring one to California when you come. Get some rest this week!


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