Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Friday, March 2, 2012


I now go to Physical Therapy 2x a week. I have some pretty crazy exercises I do everyday for my shoulder and my hamstrings. The first week I was so sore I could not really do anything else. My hamstrings initially hurt more than they ever have. Now that I have gotten used to the different activities my body has adjusted and I am not sore. They do seem to be working so I will continue to spend $25 a session and see if it continues to make a difference. These super bands were introduced to me at physical therapy and they are awesome.

So awesome that I bought 6 to use for track (yes I am coaching track again, call me sucker of the year). There might have been a slingshot incident where a student slammed into a wall but now that I understand how powerful they are I think we are good.

These are my boots. Aren't they cute. I love wearing them with dresses and skirts but I may need to get some pants to wear them with as well.

Dan got me an Amazon gift card thinking I would buy books for my Kindle but instead I was able to use the money to help pay for the boots:)

Last night was the basketball banquet.

It is completely over. That is a relief. Only one parent would not talk to me or look at me. Kind of awkward but that's how it goes sometimes. High school sports are hard and it is hard when your kid does not play as much as you think they should.

And can I say one thing I actually hate doing: giving constructive criticism to adults. It is just hard and awkward. And I hate doing it. But I am in a multiple positions that force me to do it on a regular basis. LAME!

On another good note the PG womens basketball team I play on won the championship. Yo-yeah! They give out sweatshirts so it is extra exciting. I still love to play basketball.

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