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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Super Busy

 This week seemed super busy but I seriously feel like every week is busy. I have started playing basketball on Mondays again which I love. But it is just another thing to do that takes up 2-3 hours by the time I get there a little early and stay and lock up.

Erica and Than were in town. I didn't take any pictures but I did make it up to see them one night this week. Wednesday I believe. We ate yummy cafe rio, homemade ice cream, and visited until Erica fell asleep on the couch (it had been a long night and day). It is so fun catching up with them and I miss all the free meals Erica used to cook for me....oh and the company!

Thursday was 9th grade night. I showed up to present the PE awards and athletic team awards. That is always fun. I rocked my birthday dress and my boots and let's just say I got some calls as I walked up to the microphone. It is always interesting to see the students reaction when they see me in "normal clothes" and awkward in that situation, howling from the audience is so not necessary. I actually love to dress up for things like that it feels great not to be in PE clothes and to have my hair down.

Friday night I treated Dan to Texas Roadhouse because I won a gift certificate for teacher appreciation week. I never win drawings so that was pretty sweet. It was my pre-race meal before my triathlon on Saturday. Oh and then I finally watched Captain America, it was alright.

Saturday I did this triathlon:

The triathlon was awesome. It was a sprint distance. That is the only distance I have ever competed in but it has been 7 years so I wasn't sure how it would go especially with my hamstrings but it was great. I loved that it was all women. I think that makes it less threatening for so many women and it is so inspirational to see women of all ages, we are talking teens to their 70's participating in an event together. 

I learned some things. Like pool swims are not my favorite, that was my first one and I didn't like it. It was self paced and I placed myself a little slower than what I had been swimming just to be safe but obviously most people did the opposite. It was the slowest swim ever! But it made up for my bike and run which went really really well. The run even better than I could have anticipated. I think I may have to sign-up for an Olympic distance this year. Oh the other annoying thing is that triathlons are EXPENSIVE! $70 for less than an hour and a half of exercise. I am not quite sure how I feel about that. But I will say that the shirt is super cute and the food at the end of this event was awesome.
 I missed having my Mom there. She has been at all my other triathlons and she always helped me in the transition area (which wasn't allowed here) and took pictures. It is always fun to have a super fan. So Mom if I do an Olympic distance I need you to come to Utah:)

This morning I walked to the Provo Temple. It was a super Sunday walk. Like 7 miles super. I love walking on Sundays I just think and ponder and really enjoy the beauty in the world. I have been wanting to take some pictures of the Provo temple so that is what I did.
 I am not in love with the results. I want a picture that I have taken to hang in my house. I actually took an amazing one when I was in the MTC on a snowy day but that was with a film camera and those negatives could be anywhere.

If you were wondering where all the pink roses in the world are, look no further they are at the Provo Temple.
8 days of school left. I can't believe it. Until then life will be really crazy but then it will all slow down. I can't wait!


Parley and Katie Call said...

Can we plan a visit this summer?? Maybe we could meet at the cabin when our lives are less 'busy'...ha! I really want to see you.

Christina Updike said...

I was so excited to see you at the race! I hope that you will participate in another tri. Way to go!!!

Caleb Brown said...

I would love to be there for your next triathlon. You are my biggest fan. this is mom. love you.

Nancy Webb said...

I really missed when I didn't show up at your triathlon. Sorry, I will do better next time especially if your mom is here to help me remember. I love you!

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