Hypothetically Speaking

If you were to get a dog that looked like this what would you name HER?


That is not hypothetical!!!!! You're getting a dog!!!!!! Erica is a good name I think. I would name her Izzy.
kim watts said…
Awe she is cute. I like Molly!
Olivia said "Steffy".
cant wait to meet her.
jana said…
Twinkle is a good name. I can't believe you are getting a dog! Now I'm never going to see you.
What?????? The animal hater??? :) JK I know you love dogs.
sariah tolley said…
First of all, awesome! Your dog is going to love you!!
What a sweet looking dog. Is it a girl then? Hmmm... I have lots of good boy names, but no girl ones.

I would name her Muffy.

Can't wait to meet her!

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