Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Made It!

 It is finally here.....Christmas break. December is sooo busy. I am so grateful for the two week break. If only basketball could take a two week break.

Life has been busy. Hanging out with family, shopping, coaching, teaching, playing sports, making cookies for lots of people, buying a dog, trying to work out. You get the picture.

I love to see Andrew and his parents. What a sweetie.
He is trying to perfect his smile.

My puppy visited last weekend. She was awesome. Her name is Moki. I love her. She is so fun, so soft, and so happy.
 She loves the snow but it tuckered her out.

A week later and Andrew has the smile down.
 He has yet to smile for me but he does for mom and dad.

I picked up Moki last night. I am so excited to have her. We will see when the excitement wears off how I feel.
She is a double doodle. I did tons of research on dogs and looked at lots of breeds but I feel like this one fits my life style best. Friendly, good for long slow runs (slower than 7mph), love the water, like to hike, don't shed. It has been really fun. She is 11 weeks old. Not quite potty trained. So I have my work cut out for me.

I am so excited to head to California tomorrow. To sleep in, play games, laugh. Now there are some presents I must go wrap. Merry Christmas to all.


Parley and Katie Call said...

Call me when you get here! :)

Cameron and Katie said...

Moki looks so snugly, it makes me want to take a nap on her, so cute! Good luck house training her!

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