Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 In preparation for basketball season I spent one Saturday cooking lots of meals to freeze. I am hoping this will keep me away from Taco Bell. It is so hard when I get home so late and I can spend $1.89 at Taco bell and be good to go. So I made some butternut squash soup. Delicious! Even better when it is garnished with pumpkin seeds. Paradise Bakery has an amazing recipe and this is close but not as tasty. However it was really healthy so I am ok with it:) It is really just vegetable broth, squash, carrots, and garlic.
Moki loved this cooking day. For one I was home all day, but more importantly she got to lick all the pans. She might be part pig, this dog loves all food.
 A co-worker had a maxi skirt party. I have never owned a maxi skirt but I bought two and they are really comfortable. I love them. Here I am just hanging out at parent teacher conferences.
Dan made dinner a couple weeks ago and it was delicious. Dan is a great cook but his food is usually a little messy. Well his bachelor pad does not have napkins or paper towels and so he had to resort to toilet paper. It was pretty much awesome.
 Moki is so cute. She has been doing great with my crazy basketball schedule.
 We have a good routine down. We get up early and run every morning and it pretty much wears her out for the day.
 One of the athletes I coach has a puppy and they let Moki come play in their yard every other day. We alternator practice times every day. One day it is scheduled in the school day and the next day it is after school. This is so nice and allows me to get home pretty early some days. On my late days she gets to play and then is exhausted at the end of the day. As long as she minds her manners it is a win win.
Basketball try-outs were so hard this year. We had 44 girls try out for 27 spots, more spots than we probably should have had. We had to cut some great girls and great basketball players. Hopefully that means our team will be good but it is so hard to tell. I LOVE being in a varsity/jv practice. It is so competitive and loud and they work so hard. The teams are set up differently in California so that has been an adjustment but it has been fun to learn how Utah does high school basketball. I also had two major coaching fails in two days but what do you do. All the drills and plays are totally different than what I have run in the past and so I am trying to learn everything with the girls. Well watching the girls. That has been tricky.

Sometimes I take selfies when I can't fall asleep for my Sunday nap.
 This puppy is so soft and cuddly right now. I love her long and flowing hair.
I taught in young women's on Sunday. I really wanted a nice picture of the temple but I don't have one I love. Two Saturdays ago I actually shopped around for one but I guess I am a little picky because I didn't find one I liked. Well as I was pondering what to use I remembered the one Erica has hanging in her house. So I made that awkward call and asked Erica if she would mind sending me the jpeg. The conversation wasn't awkward because Erica is awesome and now I have a picture of the temple that I love. Thanks Erica.

Thanks to Costco I also had some nice flowers and thanks to Amazon I now have a very cute table cloth. I don't know why but presentation is so important to me. I just like having a cute little set up. I might be crazy.
 I am so excited for Thanksgiving break. In Utah you are not allowed to have practice on Thursday, Friday. or Saturday the week of Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong we need to practice but I am pumped to have some time off. I really just want to sleep in. At the high school we practice at 7:30am on Saturdays, YUCK! It is good but I will miss sleeping in. So I am grateful that I will get to sleep in a few days. My parents are also coming to town. YAY! It is going to be a party.

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