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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, December 1, 2013


 I can't believe it is already December. Time flies. I have been living out of my car these days. I really hate it, but it is the norm during basketball season.
Four pair of shoes, a book, my mail, and lots of other junk in the front seat. Everyday I thought I should take my shoes in but I never did. By the time I get home I just don't want to do anything else, not even carry shoes inside.

I played with the girls at practice a couple Saturdays ago and took an elbow to the face. I forgot how much that hurts. My nose bled for almost two hours. Not constant bleeding but just enough that I could not take out the toilet paper. It was sore for a week and a half. Like really sore.
 On the basketball front JV and Varsity won their first games. It was really fun to finally watch the girls play. They are great kids and good athletes. It was so relaxing to coach older girls. Not nearly as stressful as coaching 9th grade where you have to talk them through every. single. thing. they do!

My parents came out here for Thanksgiving. YAY! Aaron drove out with them. They were here a whole week. They stayed with me this time. That was a first but I loved being able to host them. We got together with all the family most days. Cooked dinner, played games, and hung out. Good and relaxing fun.

Of course Andrew was the entertainment. Love this kid.
 These two boys are something else. So glad they are in my family but they are something else (as are all my brothers)!
 I signed up to run a 10k on Thanksgiving day. Sam and I have done it the past three years with whoever else wants to run. This year I was so tired I opted to sleep in at the last moment. However, I still took Moki for a 6 mile run. She was wiped out. We usually stick to under 4 miles.
 I tried to get Anthony to run. He declined. Instead he laid around and watched TV. I keep my house pretty cool because I am never home. I came home from running to this. If he had opted to come running he would not have been cold.
 We gamed it up and ate way too much.
 Moki felt very neglected when she had to be outside while we ate. Unfortunately the window was open and she whined the entire time. Like really annoying whining. However she does look really cute.
 Andrew was super tired so we took selfies. He is always entertained by his own face looking back at him.
 Andrew loves to knock things over. If you build it he will gladly destroy it. Him and my Dad had some good times.

 Pure joy!
 He also makes the funniest faces. Love this little kid.
Loralie was kind enough to host us a number of evenings. It was great to have a big area to hang out in. She also hosted for Thanksgiving. We sure missed not seeing her kids, they were all at their in-laws.

This last week my heart has been full for the love the Savior has for each of us and that he plays a role in each of our lives that no one else can. Last Saturday after basketball I opened Facebook to a post that read Liam is with Jesus now. My heart sank. I felt physically sick. Liam is my cousin's son and he has been fighting brain cancer since earlier this year. While that may seem like not such a shock that he died. It was. He had been doing great. He was cancer free. He had been sick with an infection but he was doing well. The last post had indicated that he was moving out of ICU. There were no goodbyes. His heart just stopped. His family is heartbroken. I am heartbroken for them and this beautiful little boy who's story I have been closely following since diagnosis.
 My heart is broken for their sweet family. I have reflected on the pain they are feeling, the despair, all the while realizing I can not even comprehend what they are going through, it has been humbling to realize that we as humans can not comfort in some situations. Words and expressions are inadequate.  Even if I could give them all my money, buy them whatever they need, send flowers and cards, it can't ease the pain they feel. Only the Savior can heal this wound. Only He truly knows how they feel. He has felt it before and he suffered for their pain already. They have been in my thoughts and prayers since he was diagnosed with cancer and will continue to be as they face life without being able to see him. I am embarrassed that it took an event like this too really remind me of the power of the atonement and the important role it can play in each of our lives. I have felt it before while going through different trials in my own life but this past week I have reflected on it every single day. I am so grateful for the knowledge that the Savior lives, he loves us, only he can give us true and lasting peace. I am grateful that I have been able to feel that so powerfully this week of Thanksgiving. This week when we start to prepare for Christmas. The holiday that celebrates the birth of our Savior and Redeemer.

I had the chance to clean my house and set up Christmas yesterday. I love decorating my tree. I love love love setting up my nativity and just thinking about the role that each piece played in the real nativity. It is great to reflect and be reminded of the things that matter most (which are not Christmas trees and nativity sets).

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