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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Solstice

 Longest day of the year!!!! Actually it is past midnight but you get the point. I love how light it is in the morning and I love that it stays light so late. It is my favorite time of year for oh so many reasons.

Do you ever have those days where you are just antsy and bored? That was me last Sunday. I was going to eat everything in my house if I didn't get out of there. So Moki and I biked to the Provo River Trail and enjoyed a beautiful Sunday evening. She ran and played and I followed slowly on my bike.
It is seriously so beautiful in Utah right now. I am loving it everyday.
 I have been busy biking everyday so I try to take Moki on my errands if it isn't too hot. She makes me laugh.
 I biked around 140 miles this week. Not too bad. I went on a different route everyday and just enjoyed all the beauty in Utah county.
 We had a little snow episode mid week here. Crazy weather. It was freezing. I biked on Wednesday after the storm. It was clear and gorgeous but still really cold. I wore sweats the rest of the day when I got home.
 I finally finished my patriotic wreath. My ward made these last year. I paid to participate and then didn't make it. They gave me all the materials and they have been sitting in my closet for a year. I finally decided to just take the time and make the wreath. It's super cute and I really like it.
 Jana and Michelle were having a lake day and they were nice enough to invite me. It was fun to hang out. All our crazy dogs loved it. I love that Moki has been exhausted but man she wreaks like dead fish. Super gross. It was kind of like a dog park.
 The kids just played and played. This is Jana's mini me. This girls is so cute.
I asked the kids to sit and pose. Ben and Jana were taking care of the jet skiis and all these kids were just hanging out in the parking lot. Dirty, sun burned, and tired.
 I told them to act homeless so I could take a picture. Benji was super concerned about why he should do that. I told him I needed to post about it on social media. That was enough to get him to be in the picture:) I wanted to put a kids for sale sign or something.

Yes they are all sitting on gravel. So funny. These pictures make me smile.
Not much else to report. I am trying to do a little housework everyday, a little reading, visit the temple once a week, one outside activity a day with Moki, and bike lots. This week I also got to help a co-worker move and play in two soccer games. It really is the best time of year!

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Big Mama said...

140 miles in one week? You are my inspiration! I went on a 12 mile bike ride the other day and thought I was doing good. I'll have to talk to you about bikes sometimes. Because I want to get one, just not sure what type. Anyway, I love Moki! Hes so cute! And your wreath is beautiful! How did you make it?

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