Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Mom was in town!!

My mom spent a week in Utah. I got home from Colorado and her time in Utah was winding down. We made the most of our time. We kept Andrew for two nights and played games, went to the play Tarzan at the Hale, went swimming, went hiking, had dinner with my moms siblings, had dinner with my siblings two nights in a row. It was a busy few days. I love spending time with family.

Watching Tarzan. Andrew really enjoyed the show and stayed focused the entire time.
The sunset from my uncle Mike's house in Saratoga Springs. So pretty!
 We hiked Stewart Falls. This is a 4 mile hike and the longest hike Andrew had ever attempted. He did so good on the way to the waterfall.

He was so excited to be there. Unfortunately it was a Saturday and so it was really crowded. Moki was with us too!
Once he realized he had to walk all the way back he started to have a meltdown. He was sooooo tired. He cried for his mom for about 15 minutes but he kept hiking so we just trudged along. Finally I carried him a little ways to help him feel better.
We did that off and on while hiking back to the car. It was a successful hike in my books. I was really proud of him and thought he did great.

He was all tuckered out on the way home.
 One of the nights my family was over for dinner we celebrated Amanda's birthday. Emerson sure enjoyed the ice cream. He was kind of grumpy this day but that is ok!

 We busted out some window markers. They were a hit.
 This last picture is to document how awesome my mom is. She always makes meals and cleans when she visits. I had laundry in and the next thing I knew she had hung it up for me. Man I am lucky to have such a great mom. I love when she visits.

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