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Brownie Updates
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Last full week of summer . . . . tell me it isn't so

I have had a great summer. A good balance of being home and being on trips. I do wish all the home hadn't all been at once and all the trips all at once, but what do you do. I feel rejuvenated. Ready to be around these middle school kids all day that really do make me laugh. I am excited for a new school year. My last full week of summer went out with a bang!

Monday: I really did nothing all day. I was recovering from the 66 miler the week before. I cleaned, ran errands, but mostly rested.

Tuesday: Woke up to my alarm and biked 28 miles. Then met Amanda, Andrew, and Emerson at Battle Creek Falls trailhead to hike.

 I kept Andrew for a sleepover. We hung out with Jana and Erica and all their kids all afternoon. We headed back to my house and had some dinner and then Dan came over and we played two rounds of Skipbo.
 Andrew won both! His face says it all.

 I wore Andrew out and actually got him into bed on time. Sleepover miracle right there. I went to bed early too!

Wednesday: Hang out with Andrew. We ran some errands, made lunch and then went swimming. He loves the Provo Rec Center so we went there. He did the big indoor slide on repeat for an hour and a half straight. He would get so excited every time he got off of the slide.
After I returned him to his parents Anthony, Moki and I hiked Silver Lake. We hiked in a crazy thunder and lightning storm. We were drenched by the time we got to the lake. The weather cleared up before we reached the top and was beautiful the way back to the car. We ran out of daylight so we were pretty cold when we finally finished. First time Anthony has agreed to hike with me in years so that is a win.

 Thursday: Woke up to an early alarm. Boo! I biked to Erica's house and then we biked together. So fun! And then I biked home. That was a little over 47 miles so I was really tired after that. I rested and did some home chores the rest of the afternoon.

Thursday evening we went to Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at the outdoor theater at Sundance. Thanks to Than and Erica for getting tickets. That was the first time I had seen the show. I liked it. The music was fun and the company was great. We didn't even let a little rain stop us from having fun.
Friday: Woke up to an early alarm again. What the heck summer??? Jana and I hiked Mt. Timpanogos. I loved hiking it with Jana. We visited the whole time, except when we were too out of breath near the top. It was a gorgeous day. We did the American Fork side in seven and a half hours, 16ish miles. It was a tiring but fun day.
 It is so fun for me that I live pretty close to some of my friends I have known and loved the longest. I really am grateful that I get to spend time with them. I love that Jana and I can still try to play on sports teams together as well as go on fun adventures. Here's to trying to stay young forever.
Moki loves hiking Timp!
After I went home and rested Hannah and I met up for yogurt. That was a great way to end a long hiking day.

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