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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break

Where did the week go? I am having a small mini depression just thinking about going back to work. So sad!

On a happier note the week was great. It is always so fun to go to Vegas and visit Katie.

It was so relaxing and just fun to catch up on everything. (Katie email me pictures I didn't take any!) Even though she just had surgery we did all of our usual things, which was great. I also had my eyebrows threaded which was AWESOME! I recommend it.

I spent the mornings reading and looking through old pictures. All I have to say is all Orovillians beware. Katie has so many pictures and so many of them are the opposite of cute. Stay on this girls good side. But it was so fun to just think back on all the good times.

We hung out with Katie Ritchie as well. So fun to just catch up and chill.

I traveled down to Vegas with Amber. So we got together on Thursday and did some hiking. The funny thing about this was that we are both usually over prepared and cautious but not so much on this day, we will get to that in a minute.

The red rock is so pretty.

Neither of us had eaten much and on a whim Amber stopped at the visitors center and bought a sprite. By the time we got to our "long" hike we had half a bottle of sprite between the two of us. Seriously could you plan any worse?

Amber is laughing about it here because we aren't thirsty, hungry, and tired yet!

So I have not used my nice camera in forever and I may have forgotten to change the light settings, hence every picture is too bright. Me pointing to our destination.

This may be the only time Amber and I have ever hiked where we didn't reach our destination (unless there was an injury or safety concern). We were not prepared and thus turned around a little short of the top. LAME! But the right choice. Here we are at the end. Again my camera was giving me fits. After 5 attempts there was a picture I actually made it in even though I look like a dork.

Overall a very fun trip. I got to bike and hike, do a little shopping, visit with friends, see the sun . . . what more could you ask for during spring break.

And Katie seriously send me some pictures so I can add them to my blog!

1 comment:

Parley and Katie Call said...

Hm, and the pictures you do have of us are grrreat...

I love that with only one measley bottle of sprite, you were still worried about getting a good photo. I was seriously worried I would get a call from the cops or see you getting rescued off the mountain by helicopter when a crazy wind storm caught you by surprise! (not too far fetched for Vegas)

Don't worry, I can't think of anyone who is even on my 'bad' y'all are safe. But someday when you get married I am going to have a heyday....:) ha ha ha ha

And, by the way, I had a great time even tho I felt like crap. I think once that got better, it was one of our most fun visits! Next time I will get threaded with you too, I was scared to have something so close to my face. :)

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