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Brownie Updates
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Sunday, April 3, 2011


This was the scene in Aunt Nancy's front yard this morning. Gotta love Utah and the spring weather we have every year. You can tell I was SUPER excited about the snow. However general Conference was awesome snow or no snow. And really I guess it is a good day to snow since I was inside all day anyways.

Dan, Sam, Amanda and I always go to Nancy's for conference weekend. I have been going to Nancy's for conference since I first came out to BYU. It is a tradition. Amanda has added to the tradition and now we have aebleskivers for breakfast.

They are Danish pancakes shaped like a sphere and they are delicious. We consumed quite a few of those while watching conference.

And conference was so much better with my new scripture journal. I decided to take notes it even though it is supposed to be used to study the gospel by topics. Whatever! Don't mind that I have not finished binding it yet.

In between conference yesterday and during Priesthood session Amanda and I did a little shopping. It was good times. Then last night we all went to Sam and Amanda's and used their apartments hot tub. So nice. But for some reason I felt the need to keep jumping in the pool and then getting back in the hot tub. I think I was trying to impress my brothers so I hope it worked. The hot tub just feel so much better after you are freezing cold.

I love that I have family out here in Utah. I wanted to post my favorite picute ever of me Dan and Sam but it is not scanned so this one will do.

These boys were my playmates all growing up and it is funny how they still are. I love that we are good friends. There is no denying that we had our moments but they are so fun and so good to me. Families are the best. That was definitely a take home point from general conference!


Nancy Webb said...

LaNell it was so fun to have you guys up. I hope this tradition lasts forever!!

Farfegnugen said...

Ahhhhh. That was sweet. What a cute picture.

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