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Brownie Updates
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Signs of Spring

The weather in Utah this time of year is crazy. For example it may snow one day and then be 75 degrees the next day. I am not convinced the crazy weather is done but we have had several nice days in a row. It is magical. I love this time of year. Warm weather, stays light later, lots of yummy fruit available, and countdown for school to be over. (yes I ate all those cherries in two days!)
I am in survival mode at school. I take a nap almost every day after school. This week I didn't on two days and I was very proud of myself. Moki usually naps with me.
Last weekend Moki got to run in her first official 5K. She was in heaven!  There were lots of people and lots of dogs. Two of her favorite things. She got good exercise and tons of attention. It was a lot of fun. We had to document the milestone when we got home.
 Dan had a birthday. Dan, Anthony, and I all went to PF Changs. Other than the price it was really good. I don't eat there very often and I was reminded why. That place is expensive!
 Moki has done so much better in the dog trailer. A co-worker suggested I take her somewhere fun every time we go in it until she likes it. Then she will associate it with the good times. On Wednesday I had to force her in the thing. I biked to the Provo River Trail and then let her run for 3 miles. Then we stopped so she could swim. She was crazy in the water.
 On the way home she got to ride in the trailer with the sun roof open. That is a privilege. She did awesome on this tip and seemed to enjoy it.
 We got a lot of funny looks. It turns out people aren't expecting to see a dog in a trailer. It was pretty funny.

We had family dinner on Sunday. I love getting to see one of my favorite little guys. We went to the park and played. He loves being outside, loves balls, and loves Moki. He is just so fun!
Then he came to town again on Thursday. My lucky week. He hung out with just me for a little while. We discovered that he loves watermelon. He is just so cute.
 With the warmer weather I have been able to bike to work the last three weeks. That is a great way to start my day and a great way to save money. Why is gas so expensive right now? Seriously so lame! Other activities I want to document but didn't take pictures of: 1st bike ride ever with Jana, we enjoyed the Murdock trail Friday evening. It was perfect weather for biking. Today I biked with Rachelle up the canyon pulling Moki. We stopped and hiked to the top of bridal veil falls. The canyon is amazing right now. Then Amber and I hiked up Rock Canyon. It was a very active Saturday. Just how I like them. Moki came on both adventures and has been asleep all evening. She is worn out. I ordered a few more decorations for my bike themed room. They are adorable. Love them. I am anxiously awaiting the start of summer break. This teacher is TIRED!

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