Brownie Updates

Brownie Updates
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Zoo

I was really busy on Sundays in February and so I didn't get to see my family as much. I really missed seeing my two favorite dudes. I had to make some time on Saturdays because I was definitely having withdrawls. The weather turned really really nice the last part of February and so I asked Amanda if she felt like hitting up the zoo with me. Andrew was a little bummed she was invited but he let her and Emerson tag along. It was a gorgeous day and so fun.

If you haven't seen this kids lower lip you are missing out.
 All the animals were out and active. That made the day so fun and worth the $12 for a 3 year old....are you kidding me.
 Katie met us there as well. We all wanted to check out the baby giraffe Willow. She is adorable, but I didn't take a picture.
 First stop was the train per Andrews request.
 Emerson did great as long as we were pushing the stroller. And his eyes are AMAZING!
 I love having Amanda along and if I am being honest Andrew is mush more fun when she is nearby. He tends to be a litle more reserved when I take him places without his mama.
 I love grizzly bears. I have read a lot of books about them and they fascinate me.
 One more of the Sea Lions. They were very active for us.
It was a great Saturday morning unjoying the nice weather and family.

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